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???? wtf dude -.-
6 years ago
Yo2borneh lebnen :D
Looks like you just found your lebanese supporter ^^
Well it looks like it's lebanon that took the win this time pal, and i'm really glad XD believe me, when you are in the buttom and you win a match, there you'l...
Can someone translate :(
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Ppl sometimes don't know how to express there frustration, so they use words like "rape", "b*itch" and that's how fruitfull conversations become rubish
And strangely, no one talked about it.... but all the world saw the video when busquets looked at the ref on the ground...
There is worse, images are better than words:
That would be great... but i don't think none opf that will be done... unfortunately
Somewhere on FootyTube
Barca shouldn't play in the EPL XD that's why we won vs chelsea, united, and arsenal in CL
Same here
What will be remembered about the clash?, it's that barca won... what do we remember about 2009 cl?? that barca won and in the last barca madrid clashes??? that...
A little b*tch??? man what are you talkng about have you ever watched a barca match??? you're making me laugh XD that's the best that i've heared so far XD inie...
Strangelely in the last 4 years, the year we lost vs man united in the semi final, no one talked about bad referee or even in the final vs man united, but vs in...
We are talking about football here not politics
About pepe i didn't explained myself right, your right, he wanted to win the ball but it was a chalenge to avoid, cause it could have had bad consequences. and ...
He is but pepe's tackle was a potencial horrible tacle, you can NEVER do that in a game, if he would have missed the ball, alves could have been ruled out of th...
That's the first reasonable comment of the day.
Welcome to the loosers club,
What can you say about mourinho's mind games?? aren't they dirty? acusing a team of cheating and doping (and it is allways false because like every other acusat...
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