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Jawn wrote in On Matts wall
Hey Matt - can you shoot me an email or a message on Skype when you get a chance? JWMedrano@gmail.com - I can't seem to find any of your contact infos.
5 months ago
Hey Jawn great to hear from you again, hows it going!
6 months ago
Jawn! ffs Long time mate, good to see you around again, hope all is well at your end.
Jawn updated their profile
You thought you could kill me.. You thought I was dead.. But I'm coming back. Coming back... FOR YOU. :D
Just popping in a hello to all my old buddies over here, hope you're all doing great. I guess it's time to change the Andy Carroll pic..I was rootin' for you s...
Just popping in a hello after about a year of inactivity, and then another year or so behind it. Hope all is well, site looks great and I'm happy everything i...
1 cool vote for you:)
1 year ago
What were you saying about a russian torrent file for Liverpool's 2011-2012 season review? Am I crazy or.. lol? If I'm not I'd appreciate you giving me the link...
Nice post. The only thing I'd remark on is what you mentioned about AVB and a Portuguese speaking player - I don't really think that's all too realistic. Yeah...
Don't sweat it. Just try to please remember in the future, it's much better to add a different perspective than to dismiss someone else's. Cheers.
My bad jawn
Ok when i said send him (Raheem) to 'Africa' i meant he needs to go there and eat some strong meal, i'm african we eat a lot there.. just thought i'd point it ...
Don't do that. I'm the one removing it. Have some respect, don't knowingly break the rules and try to encourage people to see it quickly..
Kickoff shortly fellas, assuming I can find a stream, I'll be in the chat looking for you folks!
...You have absolutely no idea what race I am nor what I've dealt with in my life, and you rest your case on that? Since you insist on rehashing this argument...
Aqua's agent always saying he won't be going anywhere on loan or to transfer didn't. Lol.
@Joey - You mean to say the media had plenty of quotes made after the Evra affair. Suarez did one interview discussing it and repeatedly said that he is unhappy...
I don't know if it's the same as the DVD you mention, but I have a 2 hour season review of good production - so I assume it's the same. I left a link on LVB's...
If you're torrent savvy.. http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4125103 you do need to register and confirm your email, and the site is in russian - goog...
Check your wall for goodies.
Jawn added new photos to Favorite LFC Images
3 years ago
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