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I think Pedro should start over Suarez cuz if he gets a yellow he won't be able to play the final. We can always bring him on if we need him afterwards. Messi a...
1 day ago
I said 40m cause he is worth more than that to Liverpool. I love Rafinha but I think he plays much better on the right. I think Coutinho has been awesome the la...
2 days ago
It doesnt bother me so much the amount of penalties they have, but they fact they are often the first goal of the game. It changes the game completely and they ...
Curious what you guys think of picking up Coutinho for 40m to take over for Iniesta? I think it would be better than lets say Hazard for 80m or Pogba for XXm.
Agree, this game was not an indication of how Messi gets treated. He was also half asleep today. Damn afternoon games.
3 days ago
I agree with everything being said but I also justify it with the pitch being awful. Neymar's form lately is a bit worrisome tho..
Bartra has been our best CB for the last 3 years in my opinion.
1 week ago
Its frustrating to watch, I don't know how Messi stays so cool and never goes down and rarely complains. So much respect to him for it.
Everytime I'm feeling crappy, I watch the 5-0 spanking on mourinho and turn it off before ramos tries to break Messi's leg
3 weeks ago
Thanks heaps Alfrodo! I love the highlights with him cuz of his excitement and great quotes. He's also extremely knowledgeable. I remember him calling Germany t...
If anyone has the highlights from yesterday with Ray Hudson commentary plz send me the link. Cheers!
I missed it too and I am also thankful to the board and Zubi for bringing them!
He wouldnt sign a 1-year contract, it makes no sense for him. He will sign for someone who offers him a multi-year deal.
Ive been saying Rafinha should b our starter on the left all year. Iniesta has lost a step but still has some magic so maybe he should still get significant tim...
4 weeks ago
He is the only english commentator I can listen to. If he's not on, I'll watch it in spanish. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Magic!
1 month ago
His 'roid rage is coming out
He did it cuz he had a bet with his friend that if he scored his friend would jump in the pool on that chilly Barca night. He posted the vid on his instagram al...
2 months ago
Beauty win! Late in the first half the crispness of our passing and movement reminded me of a few years ago, loved it. Suarez's first touches let him down a bit...
Gives you an idea of how many penalties he scores eh
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