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Man, falcao? Well I will definitely take him over our current no'9 but the striker i'm loving now is jovetic
2 days ago
Correction higuain was sold for 40m I was also thinking thesame; perez hasn't really flopped in transfer business though. He sells for a decent profit.. asides...
Ourbench is kinda boring looking at now.. In the past, the cameras always gave the bench alot more tv time when kaka was present but now nothing; illarramendi ...
Well, the thing also you have to put in to consideration before whoever posted that tweet 1. Kanu was never a natural forward and was mostly used versatily on ...
3 days ago
Stefan jovetic please.. Tht way we are also getting a quality versatile forward and also filling in for ronaldo when he is resting.. Falcao is getting too ol...
4 days ago
@Drogbalampard: i just had to do it man @Rajmahal: by making my defence as cheao as possible. i have invested so much in defence for the past 2 yrs and it didn...
Geez 4Ever, give up already.. at this point i think DaGaza is even getting likes just so we see how high he can get :)
@Tomikato yes united is really lacking a quality defensive midfielder, but trust any DM can feel in that position, it doesn't have to be vidal ...i actually fe...
Gigg1973.. we said the same to tottenham but see what we got in return since bale signed.. 3 out of 5 trophies now i can almost guarantee united they are gett...
You don't have to say.. we all feel thesame way ...asides the ronldo resting bit; i hear he rest while playing and scoring
I personally dtill feel di maria should stay cos he offers far too much for us right now to loose; but for that price, I think the madrid board will endure the ...
5 days ago
I just think its wise to stay way from this type of argument, but its fun reading :) btw, DaGaza, nice one; didn't think of that till you posted and suddenly r...
Http://www.thesportbible.com/pictures/di-maria-s-wife-jorgelina-cardoso-liked-these-pictures-on-instagram ok, is this a sign??
Jose Mourinho --------------------------Rafael-------------------------- ---S.Rode-----N.Subotic------Alaba*------Guilherme Siqueira---- -----------Fàbregas...
One more defender and united is scary good... i feel bad for the other BPL Teams already i hear they are also close to signing Vidal and Blind. Hummels hasn't ...
@Tharius.. i have no issue with Rodriguez as a player but, 1. i and everyone "who have two eyes" know that he is never going to justify that price tag we paid...
6 days ago
^lol... now that the falcao rumours have died down, i can only say we are screwed in the target man position. we went to monaco and signed a WC fancy boy, whe...
1 week ago
1. the most valuable team brand in sports; the link might be out of date.. but its still thesame pattern foolwed http://www.forbes.com/pictures/mlm45jemm/the-m...
Well pejvl.. now you get my point.. the biggest team means the one with the highest fan base.. i didn't say the most successful team.. i have been talking a...
Cjayzz thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
4 months ago
Cjayzz nominated Álvaro Morata (78') for Goal of the Week
5 months ago
6 months ago
Cjayzz added new photos to Real madrid - The Men
3 years ago
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