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I remember screaming all last season that we should really consider buying pjanic; he is too damn good and the only real CM out there with Modric... Kroos is ...
2 days ago
Yes of cos we need messi.. we just lost morata :)
4 days ago
Hmmm.. looking at it from that angle. Idk if rodriguez is a better option for a forward. T not then go for his much experienced team mate and quality finisher f...
1 week ago
@Asasiyun The whole inconsistency you,lots keep mention is funny cos its not like di maria is as inconaiatent as benzema.. and every player in real (asides bale...
1. No one is acting like he is the backbone of the squad, but loosing di maria after that amazing season is just too pre mature.. yes he has had season which he...
@Tharius... Like I said thats my opinion. I dont even want you to agree with me because the more madrid fans that agree, then I know there might be trouble. @A...
Honestly... I might be wrong. but this to me is the biggest mistake we are making since signing injured kaka.. I have seen Rodriguez play for Monaco several ti...
If he really wanted to expand the brand in south America, then he should have signed suarez a year ago and keep di maria.. but thats the opposite.. if we are l...
Honestly, Realfan.. i just feel thesame way. the price tag is just shocking becos Rodriguez had a good world cup?? i'm just wondering if he is the same player...
We did not play well with an attacking midifielder last season.. how is going to be possible in this season then.. with the whole fuzz surrounding J.R. .. i so...
I think you got it all wrong though - this is Alonso last season, the reason we signed kroos (at least for now before he assumes pure central midfield role) -...
If we are going to sign a striker, we should rather sign a true no. 9.. i don't think real madrid need to be playing with a false 9.. like i said, it doesn't h...
@Jeroen i think you're mistaken the world madrid for barca/barcelona
2 weeks ago
Oh please somebody tell me Jese Rodriguz is now fit and ready to play... i really know he would have come handy in those final weeks of the league campaign; we...
I think the world cup is just a continuation of club tournaments. its in most cases now, easily predictable. you can always tell who could win it.. i mean had ...
@Raggatrip.. i wonder who is talking balls now.. 1. you say had falcao been present, imagine what rodriguez would have accomplished - dear stupid, falcao and ...
Honestly Asasiyun.. if we do sell Di maria, the only player i would welcome in the attacking role is Reus.. i have watched him, seen him play, i approve. it w...
It is only wise to have many players back when you are missing the key ingredent in your midfield in a world cup finals.. 10 men is too much of an exaggeration...
@Jigsawwill 1. Fan Boy; funny label... yes i was supporting Argentina for the finals. and the only reason i was doing that was just for higuain to win the Worl...
@Cjaystack yh rite, and germany struggled to get a draw against Ghana, manged only 1 goal against france that makes them s**t or even super world class?? last...
Cjayzz thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
3 months ago
Cjayzz nominated Álvaro Morata (78') for Goal of the Week
4 months ago
5 months ago
Cjayzz added new photos to Real madrid - The Men
3 years ago
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