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I just read there is no room for aguero in Madrid.. I hope that is a joke. Bayern will take him over lewandoski for sure.
2 days ago
The three points are very vital... We got it. Good performance.. Though the scoreline doesn't do it justice. Very proud of our la liga officials. Disappointin...
3 days ago
VonBonito.. Thank you.. I also was wandering were Higuain said he never got the backing of the fans. That is just b******s. I remember him making comments a...
6 days ago
So from yu lots description of veratti he can replace modric on the long run. Then we should sign him immediately
1 week ago
Jese. Over bale.. Lol
Well, I haven't really watched veratti play that much but as for pogba, there is no denying his talent, the dude is just on another level.. Prob the only reason...
I think both are equally important...
@Tomikato your number 2 question is why he is considered as a utility player; some sort of back up plan, and someone who can play in more than 1 position i th...
Http://onobello.com/cristiano-ronaldos-ex-girlfriend-irina-shayk-topless-shows-amazing-bikini-body-sports-illustrated/#sthash.kUO0KzOh.dpbs he sure is missing ...
Pedmar... i really liked ur post.. ..its thesame way i see it. the only thing i hate about criticism is when they do it while they're actually playing a game....
@RaulOne I see where u're coming from both the fact that he is going to be a free transfer and the physicality measures.. i also know milner is a very good ut...
But can he do it on a... something stoke :)
3 weeks ago
Yh. One amazing strike has made benzema in better form than bale... Lol. Does this sound familiar or is this deja vu..
Dortmund bottom of the table? ...something is wrong.
But that has always been his method of scoring.. And more scores the difficult goals but then misses the easiest.. :s I feel because he knows his weaknesses;...
This was not really about the formation... - ronaldos absence simply meant we didn't have to rely o him and even changed the tactics of the whole play This was...
^^still makes no sense booing them when they are playing.. The only they can do is at least encourage and at the end of the game criticize their performance..
Actually do agree. But I still disagree with his transfer fee though.. He was never worth that amount of money and Madrid where never desperate for a player in...
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4 weeks ago
SánchezAlexis Wow.... How is dis even close to comparison with murder. You are actually making too much of a deal out of the issue. He apologized, he did des...
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