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3 days ago
So apain has been dorminating European football for years now... How the hell it not the best league??
Well now, the Manchester derby will be super interesting.... Jeez who thot this was gonna happen?? And at thesame time... So no excuses. But i have to say...
@Mad4Real Has your questioned been answered. I think if it were atletico or real madrid playing that finals against barcelona.. That game would have been a m...
Man United has always secretly admired Real Madrid, but at thesame time, always hated Real because of the players we've bought from them... And how we try to...
@Mad4Real.. no they won't.. they have just won a european trophy, do yu think they'll put so much attention on the CDR?? I hope they do.. but its highly unlike...
1 week ago
I dont know if any of our players have trolled pique??
Honestly, pls don't jinx it.. f**k, i had thesame dream..
2 weeks ago
Dear barca fans, we are not talking about 20 yrs ago... If this was something i could actually bet on... I can assure you that next season, suarez will ati...
But still... sell Suarez to any team not even madrid... lets see how ur next season will turn out
@Malik What i meant was suarez and messi who has been the key player for Barcelona this season?? Pls, say its messi.. Let me confirm that you barcelona are ...
Http://footyroom.com/real-madrid-3-2-valencia-2016-05/ loool... i haven't laughed soo hard reading comments against real madrid, but really some of the commen...
@Malik I have always respected messi as much as ronaldo.. as this two are not humans when it comes to football; they redefined what it means to be fantastic fo...
Obv.. bale and benzema do deserve credit.. but at thesame their injury problem is the biggest problem we have this season... we cannot over look that.. there we...
Yh.. keep ur messi. if you guys no any one in ur barcelona high ranking, please convince them to sell suarez to real madrid... or just sell him to any team let...
My 5 best players for our club this season 1. Keylor Navas - The lad is actually now my favorite Real madrid player; he is just the goalie any team needs. 2. ...
So whats up with the transfer ban... are we allowed to actually make signings ??
Hahah.. messi really?? we will gladly give you all our attack - with exception of Ronaldo and Bale just to have Suarez... but please keep ur messi Messi hardl...
SanchezAlexis What part of small team don't you understand. .. Ronaldo only scores against small teams in it?? Thesame Ronaldo who beat barca while we were ...
Mongol99 It's too early to be getting high. Are you serious?? It's the UCL... If we don't win it as many times as possible, others will one day catch up w...
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