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This is one of the worst games i have seen from real madrid in ages... it was just pathetic; terrible display of football.. no effort whatsoever, missed more ch...
1 day ago
"franky4fingers.. Bayern was kicking our ass.. i absolutely disagree... you can say bayern were holding their ground in the game, playing what is expected of t...
Pejvl barca has a really shitty midfield right now; i could be wrong.. but busquet, iniesta and rakitic have been underwhelming all season.. y would we play 4...
Guys playing Atletico in the finals is very much different from playing them in 2 legs. this guys can defend their ass off... and they one of the dirtiest game...
2 days ago
I am just hoping we capitalize on the fact that - we are at home, but i know that will not matter for barca at this stage - we have bale, is back... and we ha...
Even muller him self was offside when the ball was crossed
5 days ago
Www.vbetnews.com/bayern-robbery-real-madrid-were-also-robbed-here-is-how I rest my case ... and so should everyone. had this match not gone in Real Madrids f...
He is a troll.. he should have his acct deleted.. obviously a barcelona fan...
If i read anything about Benzema being vital again to the squad.. i will find that person, come to your country and beat the s**t outta of you.. Asensio contri...
Where are the moderators on this site... Pls, come and clean up this trash on our page called FuutballGott; and kindly clean up the nonsense d moron is postin...
^^ and we are to take a troll like you serious you want to tell me you suddenly just learnt about footytube 40 minutes ago; that you suddenly created an accou...
I wonder why ppl are complaining about the Refs wrong call.. I agree it was harsh, the tackle in a normal day; at least if majority of you do watch la liga dese...
6 days ago
They won't qualify if they do, it is obvious something is wrong...
I think 4-4-2 with isco.. we will be good Ronaldo and Morata up front we will be better
1 week ago
We are f****d.. so with this busy April Schedule, we have no real CB to defend for us. Pepe, wrong time to pick up and injury. I already had my hopes up with h...
2 weeks ago
How does this look --------------------------------------K.NAVAS--------------------------------------------- ---------------S.RAMOS------------R.VARANE----...
3 weeks ago
Like i said before, when Ronaldo starts ageing, Real Madrid will suffer for years unless they can quickly find a suitable replacement for him or by some magic, ...
Modric can't be a starter next season... i can't see d possibility in that
1 month ago
I'm guessing Zidane is still thinking which striker to be playing.... ...morata to me is a perfect substitute for any team, but since we don't have a No. 9.. ...
Man it was hard work from the 60th minute immediately it dunned to the players that they had to isolate benzema on the play, the attack looked lively..
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