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Well, the international break has come and gone and as usual, has taken won of our key players out for a long term this is sad, but thank God it is only modric...
9 hours ago
Arghh Slim ..beat me to it; @Alirezafcb BTW, we are talking about currently.. as in the recent days.. Even playing for Real Madrid is enough Glory for many pl...
The point is Xabi could have easily said: Neuer is really inform and has been the best keeper for a while in the game... for a while. he could have also have ...
Well, when is my Jese returning? that is the only sensible sub we can have for an attacking player from the bench.
How can he open his mouth and say, Neuer is better than his own Casillas hell even Casillas chose Ramos over Ronaldo for the awards the other time ..but like ...
1 day ago
Lol.. i think Casillas will be pissed with that statement.. but seriously, if Neuer should be considered for the title.. i wonder what happened to greater goal...
Casemiro i question why we loaned him out.. wenlost alonso, he was better than both khedira and illarra... now modric is injured, he would hv come hany to fr...
2 days ago
Bavaria go n sleep
3 days ago
@VonBonito you don't rest when you're injured mate.. khedira my ass.. i'll even prefer Illarramendi i also feel isco should be the one to step in his shoes fo...
4 days ago
Who said so... popoye is not a beast
Http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2836927/Enzo-Zidane-makes-debut-Real-Madrid-s-Castilla-against-Conquense-father-Zinedine-watches-on.html near...
Lol... story ..and you lots are thesame ppl that will call it media BS if it were another person, but well its di maria... the money grubbing villain.
Http://www.thesportbible.com/articles/manchester-united-offered-ronaldo-elsewhere-before-real-madrid-transfer Read :)
5 days ago
I always knew toni kroos will be better of in another team immediately Pep took over bayern i can't imagine a very direct player playing passing game. ..though...
1 week ago
@slim... mate, i hope ur "idiot" statement is not directed towards me??
Evexo... you seem not to understand the point. raul was old and dropped by del bosque while would have still performed well for spain; even after his exit fro...
Godspeedysick i see nothing wrong with my comment. but feel free to take it down cos i seem not to find the edit button for some reason..
St1or.. don't listen to Danny's comment Ozil was always overrated in Madrid.. i never stopped sounding it for one day. he was so s**t in many occasions and ba...
Too little too late isn't it ...they could have taken him to the world cup.. but took old, tumbled dried players like torres, xavi, villa, not so impressive p...
Http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/534554/Real-Madrid-Chelsea-Man-Utd-19m-Raphael-Varane haha... funny story
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