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3 UCL titles in a row, 4 UCL titles in 5 years. This might actually be one of the Best European squads ever and they have cemented Madrid as the biggest club i...
3 weeks ago
United 1-0 City Liverpool 2-2 Everton
6 months ago
Like i said we would regret it if Morata left us.. and i was definitely right. ..He is not the best forward in the world, but right now and last season, he is f...
7 months ago
Actually we did play really well yesterday... but it's one of those games that had already been written we were not going to score.. ...the only unexpected was ...
9 months ago
They prob have d same no of holes... maybe the size and depth.. ..don't ask me, i am still a virgin
Everybody since the past 5-6 yrs deserved a start over benzema ...prob, marcelo's 8 yr old son should be playing over benzema. its no more funny when ppl think...
@DaGaza... Did Gareth Bale give you the response to ur post.. I was going to reply you earlier, but i decided not to.. I was hoping bale would... and he didn'...
When we have a striker who can't score for goals... how can you score goals?? for years i have pointed out that Benzema is our biggest problem, yet everyone si...
I have made my peace with benzema 5 yrs ago and consider him useless in every game we play, regardless of any goal he manages to score... he is probably the mo...
We will regret selling morata... i can guarantee it
10 months ago
People will always hate on Mourinho no matter what... Even if united somehow won this game 1-0, they will say, he packed the boss.. ...Those players are not f...
Thanks pedmar... i am a Ronaldo sweetheart. Put your emotions under control man. The way you express yourself in writing sometimes seems like you are an emot...
He would have gone to China?? really ..He simply went to PSG becos is 40million euros a year... that is some easy life time, 3 generations changing money.. 40x...
Mate, take it easy...
"Franky4fingers well if Neymar is buying out his own clause, then it has nothing to do with FFP regarldess of how he gets the money to do so.. even if PSG owne...
Vaaz come on, has it occured to you that they all could be against Neymar for wanting a move?? ..and the burst in training ground might not be actually his fau...
DaGaza... its exactly what i thought; ..but man,city is actually looking good
11 months ago
I will voice out my opinion and say.. this is going to be a terrible deal.. ...Mbappe is not proven s**t as long as football is concern 160M euros isa ridicu...
..yet, Asensio, Vasquez, morata, jese... all this player at least got a shot at playing regarless of the players they had to compete with. We all know you were...
We don't need him.. ..where exactly is he going to play?? Veratti is very good, but real maddrid is too stacked
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