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"Glory I did notice that yesterday... he wins the ball and then gives a weak pass and united looses it again. But as For holding the ball and making long passes...
4 hours ago
@RedArmyGeneral first and foremost... i never placed fellani as ur DM yesterday (SIF)... the reasons i made my comments to his display and performance yesterda...
5 hours ago
If Fellani can be this good in the league games each week... do united really need a DM... the amount of interceptions he made yesterday, getting himself in k...
11 hours ago
OH YES!! It feels good... being the champions of spain. since 2012 we have been waiting... i'm hoping we retain this title next yr. but i know there is a club ...
2 days ago
Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h7jzf9KNO0 if wenger can land this guy, then you lots are moving in the right direction.... i can guarantee. forget he is not ...
I am too drunk right now.. i can really think; my comments will be later HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!
4 days ago
Honestly, i think you guys are often blinded by how poor our CF is simply because ronaldo and some other players get the fair share of goals had we been in a s...
6 days ago
So united is not a big club that can get a player if they wanted to?? ..I see.. then if one of the most successful english teams, and biggest club in the world ...
@SIF mourinho is only playing the 3 man midfield becos he doesn't have the players to execute is 4-2-3-1 formation which i still think is the best formation an...
Ok.. this are the type of silly comments i like to defend.. @kgb112 2016 season Pogba - 105 million euros baily - 38 million euros mhkitaryan - 42 million eur...
I see you lots offloading Mata, Martial, rooney, zlatan (maybe), so you do need to sign... and there is room for rodriguez.. he is not only No 10.. he scores ...
1 week ago
I think United should just buy - Lukaku as their main striker, he is too good for everton, well proven in EPL games and the type - Rodriguez as ur No 10.. he...
Well isn't he fat for a footballer.. ..hugain got fat too.. but still productive... benzema got fat and it suddenly swallowed the little bit of talent he had....
Mata is not a good playmaker... at least under mourinho, he sucks... he wasn't even bright under Van Gaal.. Miki is not a play maker, you can put him in the Ca...
Asensio is nothing like Ozil.. I mean Asensio shows more promise than ozil,... -more energy - more hunger for success - more speed - more direct - not predict...
United is d ideal place for him right now.. no other club honestly.. 1. considering they don't have any player maker, james will easily carry the mantle and i ...
We should be selling benzema rather, keeping morata and james... and pray Bale is fit for at least one full season.. then our problem is solved As for our def...
I don't think the league is over though.. simply becaos malaga is very much in form.. ..but if we do beat celta on wednesday... Real will make it their missio...
I thought it was partly the ref and sevilla players fault... but that was very smart from nacho... i have seen Thierry Henry score such goal before. but yh, i ...
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