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10 points is 3 games and 1 point. leicester have been really impressive, but the way the table stands... i think we should wait until week 30-32 to start decid...
3 days ago
I actually don't think guardiola is the best coach or as good as he is rated... but i know he is good, cos he must be doing something right when you let go off ...
Guardiola just agreed terms with City.. lol ... This is going to be one hell of a test. But knowing the dude, i believe he will do well for city.
5 days ago
I would be the happiest person if Ronaldo retires in Real Madrid. ....wow!!... really?? thats how you lots want to treat arguably real madrid's greatest legend...
1 week ago
Do we really need anyone asides paul pogba .... and a decent defender
2 weeks ago
Pedmar.. what do you want from Bale?? Even if this guy is bleeding goals, many Madrid fans on here will never appreciate his effort. he has been prob our best ...
@Hikman.. I'm pretty sure Deportivo is a very hard game for Benitez.. not for zidane :)
I'm guessing you're not black.. and don't have one
Why not sign Paul Pogba now ...this is the only i see fit to replace Luka Modric
3 weeks ago
Ramos obv doesn't deserve to be there... neither do pique ^^ i think the best defense is Juve's ..so should the likes of Chellini and Bonucci be there
@Realfan Are you sure you watched the game? Wasn't bale the reason our attack was alive?
1 month ago
@Iscodisco why was he lost in real madrid and consistently failed to throw those simple passes rather around, but rather always felt he had to pass to Ronaldo ...
They were 2 bloody passes.. i think the goals speak for themselves; it had nothing to do with the assist..
Http://footyroom.com/kuwait-xi-4-2-world-stars-2015-12/ you want to see some stars from last decade kick it once again, watch the above link
Well, i didn't see the game but from what i can see with the stats and highlight... Rayo actually were leading in our own stadium and prior to their reds, the...
I actually feel for Mourinho... its a really sad stuff.. i actually thought he was going to finally achieve his UCL glory with Chelsea this time, but its sad h...
@SIF thank you for that comment, i was actually about to reply till i read ur comment..
He is not a backup, he is a starter . the lad is really good. Hebwill only suffer on our bench.
Lol... i have barely watched the dude; Mahrez, play but seriously, its very unfair the treatment bale gets from media and even our fans.. bale can never succee...
That is exactly my point @Bavarian.. we play Kroos so deep when he is not that type of player.. and pretty soon, this will start affecting his form.
2 months ago
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