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Please allow gargola to speak.. he is very wise
Ronaldo looks like the Godfather
2 days ago
If we had neymar, we would have benched him enough times if he keeps diving, but saying he is under performing and not a great player is absurd.. he is pretty g...
Cjayzz thought the Barcelona v Real Madrid match was awesome
3 days ago
Seriously.. i knew they will come for him
-I'm still wondering does anyone still think so much money was spent on Bale that is not worth it - Does anyone still think we spent a lot of money on an injur...
Lol... so Bales' new name in U.K is the 'The Cardiff Express'
Pejvl.. i think you're watching ur telly flipped.. ..that goal came from the left wing
That is why we spent €100m on a machine.. it has one brand, one make and only one type... BALE!! today he did exactly what i wanted him for.. doing the extra...
..spoken like a man with true sportmanship.. but you guys are still the favorites to win the league.. so to speak
Guys, the only way, atletico will loose this league is - if they fall to pressure.. but honestly the atletico i have been watching all season really don't loo...
6 days ago
@Realfan.. one thing is sure, Ancelotti can't play mind games. had it been mourinho, i would say ronaldo is probably fit.. vanido... do you know how many playe...
I think we should play those who are supposed to play their normal and expected positions.. we have morata, di maria(comes to worse), what i'm more worried a...
1 week ago
We are loosing men to injury a lot
Holy s**t... we are screwed!! .. i didn't want Atletico, i didn't want Mourinho either.. but i think this is worse. we just have to play our best to survive th...
Do you guys realize that we have 5 injured players now? who are very important in this last weeks of the season Marcelo, Arbeloa, Ronaldo, Jese and Khedira.. a...
@RealManxhester ...honestly, i do agree with you on the ancelotti aspect, i just felt thesame way when i was watching the game, i could see from the start that...
Honestly, i really don't pray for chelsea... i think you guys are wishing for trouble. i know united will win (i pray so),... i prefer them. chelsea can handle...
So we are in the Semi finals again for the 4th consecutive year.. i hope this yr we will advance further than that
@Realfan RAMOS??!!
Men.. illarramendi. we could seriously have given that 30mil to charity if we lost this game.. that dude needs work. he better step it up or... Casemeiro pla...
Cjayzz nominated Álvaro Morata (78') for Goal of the Week
2 months ago
3 months ago
Cjayzz added new photos to Real madrid - The Men
2 years ago
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