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Pedmar... Lol. My daiz :D
1 week ago
White.. welcome back..
2 weeks ago
@Mar123 clearly, you are high.. and who told you Casemiro has 0%passing accuracy. yes he gets the ball and kicks it away. think before you type
1 month ago
@Zizou Exactly my thought I really don't understand what more they want from the lad. True, he can try to be a little tactical in creativity but its really...
WOW.. Slim, no offense man.. but i haven't read such wrong posting in a long time. its like a medical misdiagnosis.. if anything, we need a 2nd Casemiro right ...
First of all, the league is just starting.. in numerous occassions we have seen managers and players start the season on fire and either gradually or quickly fa...
Welcome back AFG
I thought those mistakes were well expected from Ramos, i really haven't seen a game he hasn't made silly mistakes... but most times it comes from throwing hims...
Great start to the season... I expected that starting line up, just didn't think Zidane could actually bench a fit james rodriguez and isco over Asensio and kov...
With pogba gone, he is the most likely player to occupy that position.. khedira never really fit in to our style of play; so no regrets on that one
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Dreamfooty is now open... Incase you lots are not aware
We know, wr saw... We have regretted enough. But we've won 2 UCL trophies since selling him and Ozil... Hmm
Yh, i think i have been hearing and reading that for the past 3 seasons... But yet it seens ronaldo is getting even better witb age in scoring goals and playin...
If there is one perfect signing we really don't need, its Alaba. when we already have players stacked in those positions, why not go for necessary signings now...
Well.. till they win the UCL next season.. ..remember Gareth Bale story and how he turned it around. now, he has 2 ucl titles in 3 yrs
2 months ago
I am surprised madrid is not doing anything about signings this transfer window.. i don't know if i am the only one worried.. - no long term cover for Ronaldo ...
10 man shortlist for European player of the year Gareth Bale (Real Madrid & Wales) Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus & Italy) Antoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid &...
^ the reason i mentioned "competitive" football.. if Chinese super league was competitive, i am pretty sure that many world class footballers will be playing t...
In football, playing competitive football is more important to world class players than money. it only goes to show higuain is a professional and enjoys the gam...
Honestly, i hate to say this.. but i think you guys keep giving Varane so much credibility that i can't even imagine we all know that the varane we saw 3-4 yrs...
Cjayzz gave the Female Soccer Official Gives As Good As She Gets! video a rating of 5
1 year ago
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