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To pass the time.... BPL Numbers Game 1 - Arsenal have scored 1 goal (excluding own goals) so far this season 2 - Alan Pardew's former team (NEW) had 2 points...
36 minutes ago
@Chargui It's understandable though. Moyes was a bit "soft" which doesn't fit the ManUtd image. LvG has the ferocity and arrogance to carry the Ferguson image...
1 hour ago
I'd say Gabriel is already level with Mertesacker. The glaring mistakes I've seen from Mertesacker are all speed based or for some reason, his occasional desir...
Sanchez on the other end will probably have work rate of "high-high"
Well if you just want to see awful defending, lopsided matches, and a flurry of goals, there are plenty of matches to choose from in the AFC WC2018 qualificatio...
Ramsey at RW is more like free role offensively and RM defensively. The problem is when we need width offensively or if the pace of the game is too fast for Ra...
18 hours ago
I don't disagree with Ozil at 87 but his workrate is probably "Low-Low" in FIFA. I don't think the work rate factors into FIFA overall ratings.
On the other hand, maybe if we were really in for a striker, then it makes sense we delay the announcement. If we had said Welbeck was injured, price would've ...
I'm not sure what good announcing an injury right after the deadline does. In fact, I'd say that makes it worse because fans would feel they were not told the ...
It is slightly worrying when your second best striker after Olivier Giroud is named Own Goal. (hehe only joking) I've said it before, but I'm not too upset abo...
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