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Zlatan94310 updated their profile
4 months ago
Seriously Matt, could you please verify the totals. Last night I had exactly 4442 pts. My players earned me 196 pts, now instead of having 4552 pts in total Ive...
5 months ago
Hi Matt. I did not get any points for De Bruyne's Europa League match, the total shows 0. could you check it out please. thx
6 months ago
Hello Matt, there seem to be another problem with the new star players I`ve chosen once again. Basically, I`ve assigned the star to 2 new players but I did no...
9 months ago
Hi Matt, I`m not sure if you have verified last weekend`s missing points issue yet, but whenever you have time to check it out please let me know. that`d be app...
11 months ago
thanks for your reply, I have Bonucci as my star defender so far this season.
Dunno man.. basically I didn`t get the double points from the star defender. Maybe that`s one of those weird bugs n stuff.
It`s still open apparently. I`m missing 14pts from my star defender now.. seriously, does anybody know when it`ll b closed?
Hello Matt, isn`t the transfer window supposed to be closed by now?
Hi Rubin,I guess you`re talking about the Leverkusen match isn`t it?! the 8 points Im currently missing come from: - V.Ibisevic (Stuttgart), 3 points against...
Hello Matt, there is a problem from last night`s update. I moved from 500pts to 555pts, instead of 563pts. my totals points per players are correct from yesterd...
The patch has been applied but partially. Im keeping track of how the pointw r being allocated, coz if the supposedly patch was 100% complete certain participan...
I guess the patch isn`t 100% complete for the Leverkusen match since Jeroen went from 412 to 390 (-22pts) instead of going from 412 to 377 (-35pts) as he admitt...
T'as tout compris mon ptit belge comme d'hab.. lol anyways, good luck everyone including the Dreamfooty Guru :D
12 months ago
He was your star striker Jeroen, after that game you were placed among the top 10. Nobody would miss this opportunity to set a striker who scored 5 goals as the...
Hi Matt, is the patch definitive? - before the patch Jeroen had 412pts (including the 70pts from Kiesling). - despite the patch having been applied, Jeroen'...
Zlatan94310 thought the France v Spain match was good
1 year ago
Zlatan94310 gave the Germany v Argentina video a rating of 5
Zlatan94310 gave the France v Spain video a rating of 5
How long will you remain below the 1st place for..? That's the real question Sir (^_^)
Behind who?! :D lol
Thanks for spotting this St1or! I was a bit confused about those points
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Zlatan94310 thought the PSG v Olympique Marseille match was good
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