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3 years ago
ManUtdTILLIDIE gave the PSG v Barcelona video a rating of 5
Why the hate for united?
Alright mate ive started a new Facebook group for proven United supporters only its called UNITED ONLY your welcome anytime mate,greetings Patrick aka redsince6...
LOL it's from the old story of how Rome was founded. The two brothers Romulus and Remus were raised by wolves.
I think if Isco wants solid first team play, he just has to step and be as good, if not better, than Kroos and James. You can't fault Madrid for wanting good pl...
CONGRATS ON JAMES! I hope he links up well with Ronaldo and Bale! Best attacking 3 since Ronaldo, Rooney, and Tevez at United IMO
From what I heard, Di Maria was asking to leave Madrid, so I'm not sure if Madrid are getting selling him to get JR exactly
Im sure somewhere, someone, somehow paid a high ranking FIFA member to hand Messi a free ticket to finals. EASIEST route to the final anyone could EVER IMAGINE...
Badge, I feel you bro. My jimmies are rustled for sure lol. Im hoping germany will steam roll them, it would make all this soooo worth it lol
John Mata haha
I heard it was because Di Maria himself wants out of Madrid.
Argentina are basically having this world cup handed to them. They've had the EASIEST group and now the easiest side of the tree to play on. How lucky can a te...
Did mexico use hernandez? I missed the game and didnt see him in the highlights
She just has a stick up her ass and the article comes off as sounding racist/american elitest
ManUtdTILLIDIE gave the Cameroon v Brazil video a rating of 5
4 years ago
ManUtdTILLIDIE gave the Argentina v Iran video a rating of 1
What a great game! Atleti angered the footballing gods with their anti-football and time wasting, so they sent down their angels to guide the ball to ramos' h...
@serigoramos So? Every year is different. We're midtable with a team that won last year. s**t happens.
Its barca, all they do is run to officials lol. even their fans
The power of retrospect
Seems like its working
ManUtdTILLIDIE added new photos to Green and Gold
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