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Dude, Marcinny and Peteko are the same guy. You know where to find him.
6 years ago
Whoa dude - where did you go? been a long time since you've been on, well cheers mate, hope all is well.
That's not my recollection. The last three matches that I have seen of Barca, the refs made extreme decisions against their opposition. Arsenal were forced to p...
7 years ago
I agree with those who criticize Barca's behavior. I root for Barca when these two clubs meet for the obvious reason: beautiful football. However, I am annoyed ...
I can google it and find out what the result will be.
The game was so boring, Hamsik began to yawn violently.
Carlo begged Roman to throw some more money to help the revival of club, but he didn't have to do it during the game.
Haha Tony. After getting 20 points and still having my behind kicked by Lifeguard, I beg to differ. So, a small corrections is necessary here: "It doesn't ma...
Blackburn officially in relegation fight.
Maybe goal-line technology is not such a good idea after all. Some things are better left unseen.
And that's why Torres was afraid to score.
But where's the pleasure of the season if people don't open their mouths, scream of joy or pain. We are talking about football and stadiums here. But you can st...
It is not fear from the owners that make managers successful. If the experience of United tells us something, it is that stability with a proven manager is th...
Torres has been having problem with timing in general. That is why he can't score and that's why he stood with Liverpool when they went down and left them w...
If they learn that he made 40 mils for them, why not?
Look, those podcast guys hit the target here. This is a big scam. And probably Torres is playing the part. They sold him to Roman for 50 mil. Torres is ...
Very funny that the price of the shirt had not been changed by Abramovich's signature. Haha. And also the devious Liverpool plan to sell Torres to Chelsea for ...
Iker Casillas of Real Madrid kisses the Cibeles statue on April 21, 2011 in Madrid, Spain.
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