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I've been watching football science 2003
From the FIFA rules of the game its an offside when
"a player in an offside position...is...involved in active play by:
*interfering with play or
*interfering with an opponent or

*I love Kalou. Sure he messes up sometimes, but he was an extremely loyal player for this club, and came up with some huge goals. Chelsea fans often didn't give this guy the respect he deserves in my opinion.
Players like Gyan, Ayew, K-P.B, Danny Welbeck(Ghanaian parents), Muntari, and Abedi Pele(Ayew's father) make me happy to be Ghanaian.
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It's unfair on Evans. If he hadlistened to them, United would be a goal down due to a stupid pass
2 minutes ago
Https://instagram.com/p/zlLZT_BO4J/?modal=true "Great moment of my besiktas career" LOL
1 day ago
Mhmm :)
Demba ba just can't stop messing with Liverpool. he always brings a smile to my face
Everton having fun
Just like that, Liverpool and Spurs are out
THis kind of seems familiar to last year....Early england knock out
2 days ago
Aaron, google S&M and look at the images....
^1 game ban for any other red card that is not violent. Including handballs and last man tackles
4 days ago
Reckless challenges are also punished(if the referee fails to deal with it). A handball however? idk if there should be anything done about that. If a referee f...
5 days ago
^that's only true to an extent. That tackle was career threatening. If Matic had his leg planted, he would be in the hospital. I don't find tackles like that ev...
^there is such a rule. If the referee doesn't deal with a situation, The FA has the power to retroactively punish a player(i.e. Diego's stamp on Chan).
It's the Chelsea Chat, let us live. I enjoy a life with my tin foil hat without scrutiny.
I don't think we have a case. The fact that matic ran over makes it look malicious. All he did was push Barnes but the whole act can be seen as violent. The on...
His quality, passion, and leadership is what has kept him playing but when does antics speak louder than football?
^good point. That leaves the question of: What is an acceptable standard of accuracy for professional referees? I'm a youth referee myself and understand what ...
3 more red cards for barton until he sets an epl record!!!! Who thinks he can do it beefore QPR gets relegated or will another epl team pick him up due this re...
OT to UTD. What do you think of Mourinho's interview? There's a long thread in the Arsenal Chat about this and i wanted a neutral opiinion on this. http://www1...
@ArsenalForever "What wasn't said was that he created that situation for himself." Nobody said Wenger was lucky. I don't think calling it a dream job implies h...
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