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nothing about soccer!
Amateur QB (real) Football;)!!
I didn’t know Michael Bradley and I are from the same hometown…go B-Mochengladblahblah...

I love the Bundesliga
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Hey I just wasnted to point something out to you. A long time ago you posted a coment thi link:( ) saying t...
7 years ago
Da BULLS lost in a thrilling match…it was electric at RB Arena, it was the ONLY place to be in the NYC area…kinetic and passionate…I think it was a waters...
Strange match...if I was a Sunderland fan I'd be pi**ed off, i've read the UK press, but I still don't get why that silly goal counted or why the sunderland pla...
I read somewhere that there were 97 days between Chelsea’s winning the EPL and the start of this year…but it seems like the season never ended…I’ve had ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Well done, I enjoyed this, very handy for Americans interested in Euro footy...and happen to have a short breather at work
Awesome to see Valencia cruising without VILLA...Costa seems in fine form... cool shirts too ...when do they play Barca???
Awesome MATCH...Great commentary by Colin Murray...and the blonde chap and the other guy...I enjoyed this presentation a lot...
Soccer is rocking new york these's so fun having t henry and marquez...never been like this before!
Berbatov is looking great...and i loved Rooney's pass, not a typical cross, something expert about it! Glorious...
T HENRY made passes like we've never seen before around here and JPA did what he's great at ...finishing
Somewhere on FootyTube
KC played well and thanks for giving them credit although most of that huge crowd were American Man U supporter! (Who knew?)
Most Euro footballers have great-looking girlfriends ...Spain just happens to have amazing women in general and I doubt a stud like Casillas was distracted b...
My boy... Diego FORLAN... Because I never saw him at Man U... I've only followed him this year at Ath Mad But I said before the WC...WATCH this guy, he ...
...even Portsmouth would be in the quarters...Valencia, Palermo, Everton, or even Real Salt Lake as well...Spurs, Man U, Chelsea would be there in the end...& B...
In retrospect I was wrong, people here in NYC were down with the England match and the whole USA drama…As a passionate new footy fan who watched five mins of ...
I had never watched a football/soccer match until 2009 in Sweden…I never cared til recently and in my first year of watching and loving this sport, my local N...
8 years ago
"Diego Maradona seems to have settled on starting strikers Carlos Tevez, Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain for the team's World Cup opener against Nigeria ...
The World Cup is about to begin and 00.00001% of the American population knows and even less care…but those of us who love footy are psyched as H*LL and hopin...
I wanted Buddle on this team and he looks great...Rio is out...things are looking bright for our guys...
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I think the US is catching England at the right time, as long as we avoid two own goals, I think we might be able to manage that... as long as Ream makes own sc...
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