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I Feel bad for the Germans !!!!
7 years ago
I really hope that Netherlands will make it to the final
One of the best goals i have seen this world cup
Wow italy should go home and cry on the pillow, the had so many chances to score and they didnt.however i dont think that there were outside !!
I love the Brazilian team .... and kaka is key man but i thing they will do fine with out him in the next game. and i bet Brazil will win the world cup.
8 years ago
Dawn "what happen Italy what happen " =]
I hope paraguay makes it to the at least quarter-finals
Great game....especially 4 Ukraine
Shneider's goal of the defiantly. Nice game by the way =]
Wow unbelievable Usa won im very surprised. however they played very well together .
Thanks mate
Nice game really liked how the Uruguayan team plays together.
W.e game is a bs, referee is wack Colombia should of had this game
Hey mate, welcome to the 'tube!
Van Persie is back, back again tell a friend =]
France and Italy top teams
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Argentina did very well .... and with out Messi. I hope they make it to the finals, love to see how they preform.
Great game, loved how Inter played and also made me some money =]
Both great teams but luck was on Germany's side
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