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“He (Mourinho) had to make his decision at the start of last season, I had to make my decision at the start of this season, but I will always keep the best re...
1 hour ago
Is he worth 28m? Is he a significant upgrade that will take our team to a new level. Are we in need of another great dribbler? Goalscoring winger for me pls.
15 hours ago
@JakeFCohen: For those wondering why Chelsea hasn't released its new kit for 2015/16 yet, the club's deal with Yokohama officially begins tomorrow. #cfc Financ...
1 day ago
Damn, that is one tasty line up.
Eugh. I would not be surprised if we saw Courtois move to RM or Barcelona in a few years, esp if DDG doesn't work out. It's just a hunch. I know that doesn't ma...
2 days ago
Why did Silva move from CL Club Valencia to Europa league club City in 10-11? Likewise with Yaya? Not trying to be mean mate, just food for thought. REASONS -...
Surprised to see no one talk about the Turan speculation. I like the player a lot, but I don't really see how he would fit in here and if we are to get an AM, w...
100% they're using our name to get a better deal and drive up interest lol. I seriously doubt we'll sign Benteke.
1 week ago
Http:// “Yes, I listened to what the manager...
@Kop4Ever Same with Diego Costa. You can't judge a striker on the fanciness of his goals. You judge on his plays and his tendency to get into the killer posit...
Petr learn some self control on these puns. *breaks into tear and withdraws into fetal position*
@Realfan - show your maturity lol. Make so many comments belittling Chelsea, only because a couple of Chelsea fans disagreed with you lol.
^ I would sell him to RM. Just buy Mikel and Ramires for the fee of Song and Witsel lol.
This entire saga made me realise that I'd actually much rather prefer MUFC to Arsenal.
A No.8, No.6 and the No.10. Need a creative + goalscoring RW to compensate imo.
Wow, we are apparently linked with Witsel again. Now that's what I am talking about!
Brazil are terrible without Neymar, they are screwed next game..
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