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Tough break guys, but I think Jose says it best: ‘First of all I want to say that in the middle of my happiness is space to think about Mauricio Pochettino, h...
46 minutes ago
Also heard Matic gave yet another team talk. Future captain?
49 minutes ago
Those blue eyes I tell ya.
Wow. Any of those at the bridge? They haven't won in PL at SB for 20-ish years iirc? Probably a fair few draws.
50 minutes ago
League. Cup. Champions. That's three different competitions in the name. TREBLE!!!!!! Anyways. I f*****g love our defense. Simply faultless performance and eac...
51 minutes ago
Cmon you reds.
10 hours ago
I'd be very surprised if there were more than 3 goals at best. Mou is gonna be cautious.
15 hours ago
^ so long it went back in time!
Would be great to win. Would alleviate the pressure of the prospect of finishing another season trophy-less. And also... ..Lads, It's Tottenham
Not sure he'd be the best option. Don't want to see this out of form Cahill backing off Eriksen and putting in mistimed tackle. On the other hand, could put in ...
Never had the opportunity to watch a single Star Trek TOS episode, but even I have to give this man respect. A very thoughtful and methodical actor and a fine p...
1 day ago
Wow. Just saw the numbers for the deal. That Man Utd deal has set a new precedent for shirt sponsorship deals. Thank f**k we didn't accept Turkish Airlines comp...
2 days ago
Lol Mertesacker, poor to not follow his man
4 days ago
Hahahaha 0-2. Cmon Monaco, do it for the sugar daddies.
Zouma will start 100%. The rotation strategy has been to use Zouma against the pacey forwards (Aguero, Sterling) and Cahill against the big strong experienced s...
6 days ago
Edit: my bad misread
1 week ago
Zilch = BAMF lol :P But anyways, I seriously can't imagine anyone reacting to such a tackle with composure lol. Not endorsing his action, just understanding of ...
Luck is when preparation meets opportunity :)
@Zilch - ahh, the Ramsey curse? Remember that, classic
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