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1 month ago
New phone who dis?
Fantastic press conference from Conte, did very well. (Paraphrased) Highlights: AC: "Batshuayi is a young player, but very strong with good technique. He's a g...
Can't wait till my exams are over, gonna become an avid user n get that fan val up and show em who's boss
2 months ago
This is the most i've laughed in days
3 months ago
If we're spending supposedly 65m on him, you can bet that he would be selected lol.
2-year loan, apparently.
Tbf, you can't bottle something if it was never in your grasp. We're not bottlers... ...just s**t..
How you been laddo
And Zouma only cost a 1/3 of the price...
I feel like Cesc is an enigma of a player. On the ball he is fantastic and his attitude is great, but his limitations outweigh his positives. He just isn't cons...
4 months ago
MY COMMENT DISAPPEARED :( DAMN U FOOTYTUBE. Anyways, my point was that I just felt he could have slightly compromised/tempered his management methods wrt to...
Hey guys! Been a long time, by my standards at least lol, - seems like our season and this chat is dead. Now everyone here knows my adoration for Mourinho (he s...
Man, after last night's game. Liverpool must be feeling invincible in the Europa league. That's the kind of character* you need to win a cup competition.
2 billion spent, only to become the 4th best team in London. ( Sorry Bluff, had to do it
6 months ago
The media/player's agents will always do this, unfortunately. Sadly, I think we have little chance at Champions League football so I honestly think we have no c...
Extremely well considering how well Moura was playing and how little support he received from his wingers. Massive game for him and he responded with one of his...
I'm content with that. Big performance tonight from the Back 5.
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