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I don't watch Ryan on a club level, but I watched him in the A-League and for all of his national apps. His WC imo left a bit to be desired but he was MOTM agai...
9 minutes ago
Plastic and Proud.
1 hour ago
Schurrle has also got his fair share of undeserved starts to mow through this form. I think saying he's had just 3 subpar appearances is being a bit generous. H...
2 days ago
That Roy Hodgson pic you posted on twitter.. ewwwwwwww
I don't like the suggestion (though saying suggestion implies subtelty lol) that Ronaldo only wins because of his brand. He will win the Balon D'Or because he i...
3 days ago
Http:// I know ...
All I'm hearing is: FALCAO! MAZACAR! FABREGAS IN CM! WILSHERE AS CAM! C'mon Zilch, calm down buddy...
4 days ago
Http:// Zidane giving instructions to his son Enzo before giving him his debut!!!
Lol. Who'd you replace him with? What quality manager would be available halfway through the season. I honestly think sacking him would probably the biggest mis...
5 days ago
He probably could be a good player, just needs regular playtime. I suggest loan him out for second half of season, let Boga take his place and hopefully Salah i...
He's had more clean sheets playing for Denmark than Manuel Neuer has playing for Denmark. Complete player. #LORD
6 days ago
If something occurs at a frequent and constant rate over a period of many years, it can't really be luck, can it? Surely they either have an incompetent medical...
@DTaDiablo - Lol, this is arguably the best start to the season Eden has had since he arrived in England. He will sign his contract by the end of the season. Wa...
1 week ago
Will be one of the more interesting narratives to follow this season; How does a classic, yet effective, British manager fare in Spain. Have a feeling his stock...
^ No doubt mate, but sometimes hard decisions have to be made and if it betters the team, why not? I agree on giving Schurrle time though,
Inception is pretty good. The only downside is when you realise most of the characters serve no purpose other than blatant exposition lol. Nolan is a visionary ...
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