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I've been watching football science 2003
From the FIFA rules of the game its an offside when
"a player in an offside position...is...involved in active play by:
*interfering with play or
*interfering with an opponent or

*I love Kalou. Sure he messes up sometimes, but he was an extremely loyal player for this club, and came up with some huge goals. Chelsea fans often didn't give this guy the respect he deserves in my opinion.
Players like Gyan, Ayew, K-P.B, Danny Welbeck(Ghanaian parents), Muntari, and Abedi Pele(Ayew's father) make me happy to be Ghanaian.
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@Colinmc even tho these conversations won't lead to anyone changing their mind. It's at least civil. I'm ok with that
2 hours ago
I don't like these stats. doesn't take into account stamina. This is just raw speed. Practically in football, after 80 mins, I wonder how that list would look
1 day ago
If Newcastle relegation means no more Booba then I'll do whatever I can to save the magpies
Https://youtu.be/bisGLo_mFGs When football meets hockey
2 days ago
I think Willian is on vacation. With Sunderland guaranteed in and Chelsea champions. The game won't be this intense
Lol much it means to everyone. Larson playing with an injury reminds me of Luiz playing with a hamstring. The manager is crying
Chelsea always wears their new jersey in the last game of the season right?
If that's the new kit imma buy it. But i was just about to buy this season's kit. f**k When do they release the new jersey's?
He's is very very religious. Noticed that about him. Especially if you follow him on social media. Not surprised if true
^ not true at all. Footballers get sacked all the time. Big( or semi big) footballers have release clauses. That's what makes teams think twice about these athl...
3 days ago
^LOL well put Between him, his agent, and anyone else involved, they didn't go about this the right way. Contact disputes are nothing new. But privacy and resp...
All these conversations of De Gea will he/wont he has strong parallels with Arsenal fans with Fabregas
LOL I'm not serious, but if you know Booba long enough, you start to understand him.
^and will that cap be flexible? If that's a yes, Wenger's problem of challenging UEFA will come to be. Clubs would challenge that the cap is too low or too hig...
I don't think he'll ever do that to Arsenal. The booing at the Emerites was enough to effect his performance. He still has Arsenal in him
Simpletons, U guys can't think on the level Booba is at. Wes Brom and City are the only teams that haven't lost in their last five games.
I liked ScouserDan's comment tho
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