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7th February, 1997
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12 year old Male
Football,soccer,hurling,rugby,popcorn and WESTMEATH.
Man u,arsenal,divers,crap refs and posh people.
Amateur (Defender) Mullingar Athletic
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You like assassin's creed!!!!!!! how bout nrl sam says u like afl so have u finished assassin's creed 2 yet?
8 years ago
Hey Lukas, Sorry for the late reply, anyways Nah i don't really lke Aussie Rules but I know a friend of mine who likes chelsea,football,aussie rules and assass...
Happy new year to you and your family luke..!!
I'm a big g.a.a fan but don't really follow fermanagh
And i think villi put them 600 teams cos they're all the teams that have beat manchester united by more than 3 goals
Yeah here do you live in Sydney and do you like AFL (Aussie rules) cos theirs a real famous Kerry player who came back to Ireland for a year he plays for the Sy...
Lol is it on 360? Because I'm going to get assassins creed II on 360 soon. I actually don't know why im a fan of Algeria lol, and I play attack or sometimes rig...
I got both for Christmas personally i prefer assassins creed but modern warfares deathmatchs are class obsessed with assassins creed!!!
Well, i havn't been on this site cos i'm obsessed with assassins creed II. what did you get? Why do you support Algeria? do you score many goals? sorry for all ...
What you have got to be kidding your favourite colour and number is blue and 7 exactly like me? Thats just weird lol at least we have 2 more things in common
What's your favourite clubs in England? Chelsea. Germany? Bayern Munich. Spain? Barcelona. Scotland? Celtic Italy? AC Milan. France? PSG . Who are your favourit...
Here is mine 1: Irish (gaelic) football 2: Rugby 3: Cricket (its weird for an Irish catholic to play cricket but i just like the game)
Ref ok i have to go collect the money Ferguson's paying me to fix the matches city play in can you tell me where old trafford is. is it that direction given you...
Ref; aaaaaaoooooaaaoooooo off the pitch you go!!! Given: oh noooo!!!
Oh thanks google chrome worked and can you tell me when the sms pro+ thing comes in
My grandad's on this site and he's 76 that has to be a record but he's only on this site for dreamfooty he only posted twice his screen name is chriskelly
My favourite colour IS blue and my favorite number IS 7 i do watch goal and read harry potter
Hey Lukas My Favourite colour is blue and My favourite number is 7. What about you? and do you watch Harry Potter and Goal?
Just to see what country most people on this site are from the top two will probably be England and America I'm from Ireland yes 1-0 to the Irish that's one lea...
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