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Found a great site called historical kits. You can see the evolution of all the different kits home and away of all the UK teams.
1 hour ago
When a kid who spent 8 months recouping from a major injury sulks about not starting the first game of the season, no-one cares. Even before he got injured he w...
5 hours ago
^Well he better get used to relegation battles if he wants a starting role.
7 hours ago
Actually, new foriegn players rave about how good the fan support is in England. This just happened to be a game on neutral ground so the support base is small....
8 hours ago
Welbeck is used to playing a back up role and he'll know his place. Also, he's HG so it would work for our roster issues. I'm not saying I want it to happen but...
13 hours ago
We don't have enough $€£ to purchase all those players in this transfer window. We'll have to pay most of or all of Torres salary to offload him, Mikel and R...
14 hours ago
If a player is from a country not within the EU he has to go through the same process as everyone else. Ask Liquidator, he just got his permit. I think it took ...
You have to get a membership card for the team you support before you can buy tickets. They don't just let in Random people with a ticket. They do this because ...
£10 mil for Cech, get real! That's a joke. That's 1/4 the cost of Luiz. And Cech probably has as many good years left as Luiz. And Cech is just as influencial ...
Fair enough Theo. I just wanted to hear an intelligent debate instead of the same old trolling. We usually get that on Chelsea Chat because we demand it.
1 day ago
Right, I'll kindly step aside when I read words that make sense. I asked Bayern fans in January for their honest opinions about who was better, Luiz or Dante, t...
Cesc >>>>>>>Ramsey,Ox,Wilshere,Diaby Prove me wrong. Show me statistically or any other way possible how any of those 4 gunners I mentioned are possibly better...
I've got to say I find it quite comical the excuses being used by Wenger for not re-integrating Cesc back into Arsenal's squad. Not wanting to upset the balance...
At least let him clarify before you judge fellas. I think he was upset what she said, even though I have no idea what he's talking about. Let's not jump to conc...
What United are doing with Nani we need to do with Torres. So what if it's a hit on our spending power. He needs to move the f**k on! There's no room for him in...
Not having an IM option on FT is a bummer. When we had Meebo I used to chat regularly with PeacefulWarrior. I even have you as a top friend. :|
@PeacefulWarrior. Lol! Lets let the players do the talking. At the end of this season we can do a full analysis of how our teams end up and who made the biggest...
Football today is the best most intelligent, in depth analysis of the PL. Not sure what sport tonight is. Living in Canada I don't get alot of options for footy...
Let me also make this clear. The quote Luqman posted shows Wengers lack of vision in another way. "It was very strange to see Cesc in Blue." What the f**k did h...
Let me re-phrase what I said. Wenger has no vision when it comes to setting up his team for the upcoming season. He always looks too far ahead. And like 99% of ...
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