Wigan Athletic v Manchester City: FA Cup fifth round – as it happened

Will Grigg’s late winner earned Wigan yet another famous FA Cup win over Manchester City, who were furious to lose Fabian Delph to a red card

Manchester City’s travelling fans have got themselves into some kind of dispute with police and security. I’m not sure why. Some advertising hoarding has been chucked on the pitch. During the pitch invasion, meanwhile, Aguero was involved in a confrontation with a Wigan fan. It’s been a night to forget for City and one to savour for Wigan. That’s all from me. Thanks for reading. Bye.


Manchester City’s 10 men had 82% possession in the second half. That’s absurd. Yet who can begrudge Wigan their third victory in a row over City in the FA Cup? Pep Guardiola, that’s who! He’s unlikely to hold back when he’s asked about Fabian Delph’s controversial red card on the stroke of half-time. Yet Wigan won’t care. They fought hard, rode their luck and Will Grigg seized the moment when it came, finishing beautifully. City’s quadruple hopes are over and Wigan’s reward is a home quarter-final against Southampton. Paul Cook’s side have already put out three Premier League opponents.

Wigan Athletic’s Jay Fulton celebrates with fans on the pitch after the match.
Wigan Athletic’s Jay Fulton celebrates with fans on the pitch after the match. Photograph: Andrew Yates/Reuters


Let’s hear from Will Grigg, Wigan’s matchwinner and FA Cup hero. “It’s brilliant,” says Will Grigg. An unbelievable performance from the lads. They’re arguably the best team in Europe. I’m a goalscorer. I’ve said if I get chances at any level I’ll score.”

Full-time: Wigan Athletic 1-0 Manchester City!

Wigan Athletic, second in League One, are Manchester City’s FA Cup nightmare! It’s time for a pitch invasion at a jubilant DW Stadium!

A disappointed Pep Guardiola.
A disappointed Pep Guardiola. Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images


90 min+5: De Bruyne curls in another cross from the left. It skims off a Wigan head and flies just over! De Bruyne sends in the corner and Danilo heads straight at Walton!

90 min+4: Bernardo whips in one last cross. Dunkley glances it behind for a corner! Up goes Claudio Bravo! De Bruyne dribbles down the left. He crosses and Bravo heads it back across goal - but Wigan scramble the ball away again.

90 min+2: Bernardo dribbles down the right, surrounded by two Wigan players. The ball hits ... someone. It goes behind. It’s a Wigan goal-kick.

90 min+1: There will be four minutes of Josep Time. Danilo tries to find De Bruyne. He can’t. Goal-kick to Wigan. Huge cheers from the home fans.

90 min: Aguero bustles to the byline on the right, but he slashes his cross away for a goal-kick.

89 min: Walker’s cross appears to be heading out, but Byrne panics and heads it behind. De Bruyne clips the corner low to the edge of the area, one from the training ground, but Bernardo’s shot is blocked.

88 min: De Bruyne flings in another cross. Burn heads it away.

86 min: Going back to Griggs’ goal, you do wonder if Claudio Bravo has ever saved a shot in his life. He appears to be made out of thin air.

84 min: Walton’s booked for keeping the ball away from City, who want to take the corner. Wigan eventually get it away. The pressure is incessant. Laporte has a dig. Blocked. They keep attacking. They win a free-kick on the right. De Bruyne takes it quickly - too quickly and the whistle has already blown by the time Fernandinho sticks the ball in the net. He was offside anyway. The free-kick is taken again, but it amounts to nothing.

83 min: Bernardo flicks a cross into the area. The ball spins out for City’s 12th corner.

82 min: Josep Guardiola engages in a long discussion with Mikel Arteta. City’s quadruple hopes are on the line here!

80 min: Josep looks stunned.

Will Grigg celebrates with Ryan Colclough.
Will Grigg celebrates with Ryan Colclough. Photograph: Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Getty Images


GOAL! Wigan Athletic 1-0 Manchester City (Grigg, 79 min)

Wigan are doing it to Manchester City again! And there was no hint of it coming. Especially when an innocuous pass went down the left flank, towards Kyle Walker. Yet for an inexplicable reason, the City right-back, thinking he had more time than he actually did, let the ball run past him and Will Grigg, who has fed off scraps all night, was away. Off he went, showing great pace to stay away from Grigg. He moved inside, on to his right foot, and he aimed for the far corner before Laporte could get across. Bravo couldn’t keep it out and Wigan are heading into the last eight as it stands!

Will Grigg fires in the opener.
Will Grigg fires in the opener. Photograph: Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Getty Images


79 min: Wigan mount what feels like their first attack since half-time, but Jacobs gets nothing from Anthony Taylor when he goes down in the area. City attack. Aguero can’t take De Bruyne’s pass is in his stride. And...

77 min: Ryan Colclough replaces Massey.

75 min: De Bruyne has been magnificent since coming on. He’s done so much in his short little cameo and here he is bursting into the area on the right - yet he can’t find the final pass. City have been so good with 10 men. Wigan have barely been in their half. Now Walker cuts in from the right, but his shot’s blocked.

John Stones reacts after another missed chance.
John Stones reacts after another missed chance. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images via Reuters


73 min: De Bruyne scoots into the area on the right and slams a low ball into the area. Aguero tries to flick it in at the near post. Nope. But he still has the ball! He turns and shoots, but it’s blocked! City continue to press, however, and Danilo drives into the area on the left. He reaches the byline and smashes the ball across the face of goal, Aguero unable to apply the final touch!

71 min: Elder takes a heavy touch, allowing Bernardo to nip in, and the left-back brings the City attacker down. He’s the latest player to go into the book.

69 min: Fulton goes in late on Danilo. He’s booked.

66 min: De Bruyne is involved straight away, turning on the right and slamming a low cross into the box. Burn turns it behind. Fulton heads De Bruyne’s corner away.

65 min: Kevin de Bruyne replaces David Silva.

63 min: Silva threads a pass through to Aguero, who can’t quite control it. Wigan haven’t been able to make the most of their one-man advantage at all. Maybe City are better than West Ham.

60 min: Walker’s driven cross from the right byline flashes through the area and out for a throw.

59 min: Massey catches Danilo with a high foot. He’s booked.

57 min: Wigan haven’t been able to do much against the 10 men yet.

55 min: Wigan make their second change, Michael Jacobs replacing Gary Roberts. “Watching the game whilst travelling China on a sleeper train,” says Darragh Muruis. “I may be sleep deprived but that was definitely a red. Led with the wrong leg, foot above the ankle. Good decision Mr Taylor.”

53 min: Walker runs at Elder on the right, buys himself space with a stepover and wins a corner. Wigan get it clear.

51 min: Aguero nutmegs Elder on the right, but the ball gets away from him and Burn smashes it away.

47 min: Having seen the red card a few times now, it seems that Delph slid over the ball with his leading leg and got it with his back knee. He also went in with a lot of force. I still think it’s harsh, though.

46 min: Wigan get the second half underway. Pep Guardiola, who was still continuing his furious row with Paul Cook in the tunnel, has calmed down. He’s made a defensive change, bringing on Kyle Walker for Leroy Sane. On the red card, what needs to be explained is how Anthony Taylor changed his mind. Did he reach the decision on his own, did his assistants help him or was it because of the pressure from Wigan?

Anthony Taylor holds a yellow card before showing Delph a red.
Anthony Taylor holds a yellow card before showing Delph a red. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images via Reuters


Half-time: Wigan Athletic 0-0 Manchester City

What an end to an absorbing half! Paul Cook and Pep Guardiola aren’t friends. Guardiola thinks that Wigan have bullied the referee into getting Fabian Delph harshly sent off! The decision can’t be changed, though, and what a chance for Wigan now! Having absorbed so much pressure, they’ll have a full half to take on City’s 10 men!

Pep Guardiola clashes with Paul Cook.
Pep Guardiola clashes with Paul Cook. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images via Reuters



45 min+2: The City corner is cleared and Delph flies into a firm challenge on Max Power, sending the midfielder flying. The home fans are up in arms and Wigan’s players are immediately surrounding the City player. They all want a red! I’m not sure. Delph got a lot of the ball and caught Power with his trailing leg. It wasn’t two-footed. It wasn’t too high. Anthony Taylor, the referee, seems to agree. He’s got a yellow in his hand. But then he changes his mind! Out comes the red! Delph is off and City are down to 10 men! Pep Guardiola is furious!

Fabian Delph’s tackle on Max Power leads to the red card.
Fabian Delph’s tackle on Max Power leads to the red card. Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images


45 min+1: Just as Wigan begin to allow themselves to relax, Aguero almost makes the breakthrough. A brilliant touch takes him surging past Burn, who falls over, and into the area, but Walton superbly pushes the striker’s shot wide!

45 min: Aguero shakes the hips to send two defenders off to fetch a half-time cup of tea. But his shot’s blocked. Danilo has a go. Wide.

42 min: City counter, Aguero and Sane steaming forward. Sane’s crowded out on the left, however, and in the end City have to settle for their sixth corner. Sane’s delivery is good and Walton makes a bit of a hash of it, but Wigan hack the ball clear.

39 min: Delph crosses from the left. Burn heads it behind. City take the corner short again. Danilo beats Fulton before swerving a bending shot a few yards wide.

36 min: Wigan attack for the first time in an age, sparking the crowd into life, but Massey’s overhit cross is a major letdown.

35 min: Danilo slips a pass through to Gundogan, who spins before hammering a powerful shot inches over from a tight angle.

34 min: Wigan haven’t had an attack in a while. This is a concern.

32 min: Delph has a pop this time. Fulton’s in the away again. Another corner.

31 min: Fernandinho’s shot takes a deflection off Dunkley and spins wide for another City corner.

30 min: The corner’s taken short and City work it over to the left. Delph hangs a cross to the far post, Stones heads it down and Fernandinho leans back and wallops over from close range! What a miss from the Brazilian!

29 min: Fulton is immediately involved, tackling Danilo to concede a corner on the right.

27 min: A corner for City, won by Sane and taken by Sane. He whips it in and Gundogan flicks it on the near post. The ball falls to Aymeric Laporte, unmarked six yards from goal, but he can’t sort his feet out in time and Wigan breathe a huge sigh of relief. That’s the cue for them to replace Nick Powell with Jay Fulton.


24 min: Nick Powell has trotted over to the touchline and had a chat with Paul Cook, who’s asking him if he wants to continue. He’ll give it a go. He has to make sure that he doesn’t aggravate it.

23 min: It looks like Nick Powell’s evening is over. Presumably Juan Mata will replace him.

22 min: Gundogan tries to feed Bernardo on the right, but his pass is overhit. Meanwhile Nick Powell has gone down with a knock. This is a worry for Wigan.

20 min: Eventually a City attack fizzles out, enabling Wigan to break. Byrne leads the charge, tearing down the right flank. City are exposed. Byrne slips a pass inside to Powell, who plays a one-two with Grigg before seeing his shot from the edge of the area charged down. City respond with an attack of their own, but Aguero goes down in the Wigan area with Burn nearby. His appeal for a penalty are ignored.

Sergio Aguero is tackled by Dan Burn.
Sergio Aguero is tackled by Dan Burn. Photograph: Magi Haroun/Rex/Shutterstock


19 min: City have had the ball for a long time. Wigan’s concentration has to be spot on. It will only take one slip.

17 min: This is an engaging game. Both teams are playing it in an open spirit and it’s making for a very watchable spectacle. City, as you’d expect, are passing the ball so well, but Wigan are trying not to be overawed.

14 min: Wigan are starting to settle. They’re enjoying an extended spell of possession now.

12 min: This is so much better from Wigan. Roberts pinches Danilo’s pocket on the halfway line and the ball trickles to Grigg, who has a chance to run at Stones. The striker pushes the defender back into the area, shifts the ball on to his left foot and blasts a rising shot into the side netting, tricking the fans on the other side of the ground that he’s scored. Alas, it went wide.

Gary Roberts almost gets in behind to score but Bravo smothers the danger.
Gary Roberts almost gets in behind to score but Bravo smothers the danger. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images via Reuters


10 min: Wigan attack for the first time, Byrne charging in from the right and prodding a low ball into the centre. Danilo gets himself into a horrible muddle, miscontrolling six yards from goal, and the ball breaks to Jacobs, who momentarily looks like he’s going to bundle it past Bravo, only for the much-maligned Chilean to smother the danger just in the nick of time. Up the other end, Silva strokes a lovely pass through to Gundogan, but Burn reads it well and pushes the ball back to Walton.


6 min: City continue to probe. Gundogan creeps behind the Wigan midfielders, edges towards the edge of the area and lets fly with his right foot, only for Walton to plunge down to his right and push the German’s shot to safety. City, who have the small matter of taking on Arsenal in the League Cup final on Sunday, mean business.

Ilkay Gundogan fires in a shot, well saved by Wigan keeper Christian Walton.
Ilkay Gundogan fires in a shot, well saved by Wigan keeper Christian Walton. Photograph: Andrew Yates/Reuters


4 min: Dan Burn decides he needs to make his presence felt, sliding into a challenge to take the ball off Aguero. It’s clean enough, but he catches the striker on the follow-through and concedes a free-kick. Aguero felt that.

3 min: City look very confident indeed. Is that news? No. It is a fact, though. Fernandinho sprays a pass out to Bernardo on the right. The little Portuguese midfielder jinks back to his left foot and bends in a cross. Aguero, around a foot shorter than Dan Burn, somehow manages to beat the big centre-back to the ball, but his firm header flashes just over.

Peep! Manchester City, all in purple, get the game going, attacking from left to right in the first half. Wigan are in blue and white stripes and there’s a terrific atmosphere at the ... at the ... at the ... sigh ... at the DW Stadium.

The teams are out. I’ve had an apple (braeburn). It’s on!

The draw for the quarter-final was done on Saturday night. Of course it was. The winner of this tie will host Southampton in the next round.

Team news

Wigan Athletic: Walton; Byrne, Dunkley, Dan Burn, Elder; Max Power, Sam Morsy; Jacobs, Powell, Massey; Grigg. Subs: Jones, Bruce, Jacobs, Hunt, Fulton, Colclough, James.

Manchester City: Bravo; Danilo, Stones, Laporte, Delph; Fernandinho, Gundogan; Bernardo, Silva, Sane; Aguero. Subs: Ederson, Walker, Kompany, De Bruyne, Diaz, Zinchenko, Foden.

Referee: Anthony Taylor.


Hello. There’s no need for us to look too hard for the narrative here. When Wigan Athletic and Manchester City meet in the FA Cup, there’s only one thing on the mind: the life and times of Jean Beausejour Andy Cole’s famous 84th-minute fourth-round settler in 2006 why Antolin Alcaraz was the greatest defender of his generation the time when Ben Watson sealed one of the greatest shocks in this tournament’s long history with that last-minute winner in the 2013 final. The topic is impossible to avoid: while it was one of the most humiliating days that the modern City have been subjected to, with Roberto Mancini receiving his P45 shortly afterwards, it was the greatest afternoon in Wigan’s relatively short existence.

Yet while the memories are still magic in the minds of Wigan supporters, they only belong to one afternoon. Football can be a game of cruel contrasts and while the past is a nice place to dwell in, while nostalgia can be a comfort in difficult times, you still have to live in the present. And for Wigan, that meant that they did not get long to enjoy their triumph. Three days later, of course, Roberto Martinez’s charming side were relegated from the Premier League and it has not been easy for them in the past five years. Martinez left, the team broke up and one relegation was soon followed by another. Now Wigan are held up as a cautionary tale when struggling Premier League managers name weakened sides in the FA Cup.

Still, you can’t take the memories away from them. And actually, they’re free for any football fan to enjoy. How could you possibly not? After all, look at us, talking about it even now. Another way of looking at it all is that Wigan proved what can be achieved when you allow yourself to dream. A year later they stunned City again, this time as a Championship side, beating the eventual Premier League champions in the last eight, and that should be enough to inspire them this evening.

The League One promotion hopefuls are rank outsiders. They’ve knocked out Bournemouth and West Ham already, but this is a step up in class. Nobody expects them to have enough against Pep Guardiola’s brilliant side, who are quite possibly playing the best football in Europe at the moment. All things considered, this should be a stroll for City, for whom the quadruple remains a strong possibility. But they know better than anyone not to underestimate Wigan. In fact, we should all know better than that by now.

Kick-off: 7.55pm.