West Ham United 0-2 Everton: Premier League – as it happened

The abject Irons had no answer for effervescent Everton in this mid-table clash at the London Stadium.

All that remains is to point you in the direction of Nick Ames’ report from the London Stadium. Clickity click, be about your business! Thanks for reading this MBM. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday night!

A much happier Marco Silva. “We are really satisfied. I am proud of what we did this afternoon. Congratulations to our players. To our fans also, for supporting the team. We played well against a team with quality, their last few games at home, their form was really good. We showed our desire, and the way to achieve the win; 2-0 at half-time was a good result for them, not for us, because the chances we created we could have scored three, four or five.”

A grim-faced Manuel Pellegrini talks to BT Sport. “It was very disappointing. Without any doubt that was the worst performance of the year. You can win and you can lose, but not in the way we did today, without fighting, without making one chance. It was impossible to make two passes in a row. If you review our performance, all of us were making mistakes. We have conceded too many goals at set pieces. We didn’t jump. All the players had a bad day.”

Everton’s Seamus Coleman talks. “Our problem this season is that we put on a good performance then next week don’t build on it. So that was something we wanted to do today. We’ve not started the season well, the middle season wasn’t great, but we want to finish strong, keep aiming for that seventh place. We did that today and we’ll keep building.”

Factor in Burnley’s earlier 2-0 victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers, and it’s been a great day for Everton in the chase for best-of-rest seventh place. (Yeah I know.) They’re up to ninth, on 43 points, one behind Wolves in seventh. West Ham meanwhile drop into the bottom half, on 42 points, four clear of Bournemouth in 12th. It’s a tight league within a league alright.

FULL TIME: West Ham United 0-2 Everton

West Ham depart to loud boos. They’re lucky most of their fans have already left, or the noise would have sent the roof spiralling somewhere near the Westfield shops. Everton were very impressive, though. They’re beginning to look like a team under Marco Silva.

Everton’s Kurt Zouma, Jordan Pickford and Bernard celebrate after the final whistle.
Everton’s Kurt Zouma, Jordan Pickford and Bernard celebrate after the final whistle. Photograph: David Klein/Reuters
West Ham’s Javier Hernandez and Angelo Ogbonna look dejected as they leave the pitch
Whilst West Ham’s Javier Hernandez and Angelo Ogbonna look dejected as they head back to the dressing room. Photograph: Tony O’brien/Action Images via Reuters


90 min +2: On the touchline, Manuel Pellegrini wears a look that redefines pensive. And well he might, because his team have been awful this evening. A defensive dog’s dinner, and not a whole lot tastier in attack.

90 min +1: Zabaleta crosses from the right. Keane flicks clear. Cresswell crosses from the left. Keane flicks clear.

90 min: Walcott comes on for Richarlison. There will be a minimum of three extra minutes.

89 min: Tosun flicks a cute backward header down the right to release Richarlison, then gets the ball back. He bursts into the box and is bundled over by Ogbonna. The referee whistles, and the Everton fans celebrate the award of a penalty ... which it would have been, had the flag not gone up for an offside on Tosun.

88 min: Calvert-Lewin yields to Tosun.

87 min: Bernard sends Digne off down the left. His low cross leads to yet another corner. Hernandez, of all people, clears with a header.

86 min: A lot of empty seats in the London Stadium now, as disgruntled Hammers chip off home in a hot funk.

General view of empty seats during the match.
There’s empty seats-a-plenty as the final whistle approaches. Photograph: Tony O’Brien/Action Images via Reuters


85 min: Davies comes on for Sigurdsson.

83 min: Digne takes the corner. Richarlison, storming in from deep, meets it with a power header, and nearly breaks the crossbar into a thousand matchsticks! Pow! Right in the kisser. He probably should have scored, tell the truth. But he really put the nut on that!

Everton’s Richarlison thumps a header against the crossbar.
Everton’s Richarlison thumps a header against the crossbar. Photograph: David Klein/Reuters


82 min: Sigurdsson sashays into acres down the left. He slips a pass inside for Calvert-Lewin, on the left-hand edge of the D. Calvert-Lewin looks for the top left, but his shot is blocked out for yet another Everton corner.

80 min: Not much occurs at the corner.

79 min: Gomes pings a wonderful pass down the right for Coleman, who cuts back towards Bernard. The Brazilian can’t get a shot away, so slides the ball to the left for Digne, who looks to tee up Calvert-Lewin in the middle for a tap-in. Zabaleta sticks out a boot to concede a corner and avert at goal.

77 min: Antonio dribbles with purpose down the left, but soon becomes another West Ham victim of Everton’s swarm. Everton’s workrate has been extremely impressive tonight.

Everton’s Seamus Coleman (left) challenges West Ham United’s Michail Antonio.
Everton’s Seamus Coleman (left) challenges West Ham United’s Michail Antonio. Photograph: Ian Kington/AFP/Getty Images


75 min: Keane beckenbauers his way down the right wing, then drills a gorgeous pass down the channel to release Calvert-Lewin, who strides into the area and lashes towards the top right. The ball flies nowhere near the top right. Ambitious. It would have been spectacular.

74 min: ... no result. Think of it as an indicative corner.

73 min: Calvert-Lewin is slipped into a little space down the inside-left channel by Sigurdsson. The young striker shoots from a tight angle, and gets nowhere near the goal. Everton are soon coming at West Ham again, Richarlison making ground down the right after a misplaced pass by Diangana and winning a corner. From which ...

71 min: A little time and space for Lanzini. He swerves and sends Keane away for the paper. Keane runs smack into Gueye, and once Lanzini has given up possession on the edge of the box instead of shooting, the play’s stopped so the doc can take a gander at Keane’s sore face.

69 min: Passes at a premium right now. This is like watching a broken pinball machine.

67 min: Arnautovic, who started brightly then faded spectacularly, is hooked. Diangana comes on in his place. The crowd didn’t seem particularly pleased with Arnautovic’s contribution this evening, if the boos upon his departure are anything to go by.

West Ham’s Marko Arnautovic throws a bottle onto the ground in anger after being substituted for Grady Diangana.
West Ham’s Marko Arnautovic throws a bottle onto the ground in anger after being substituted for Grady Diangana. Photograph: John Patrick Fletcher/Action Plus via Getty Images


65 min: Sigurdsson gets up to take the resulting free kick, and sends a witless high ball into the West Ham box. Easy for Fabianski, even with the box loaded with players.

64 min: Rice is booked for a cynical drag-back on Sigurdsson.

West Ham’s Declan Rice, left, tussles with Everton’s Gylfi Sigurdsson.
West Ham’s Declan Rice, left, tussles with Everton’s Gylfi Sigurdsson. Photograph: Tim Ireland/AP


63 min: Hernandez takes up possession in the centre circle. He’s swarmed by Everton shirts, and Gueye walks off with the ball. Another example of the differences in intensity that have cost West Ham so dear this evening.

61 min: Richarlison drops a shoulder, drifting in from the right. He makes enough room for a shot from 20 yards, but only sends a dribbler towards the bottom right, where Fabianski gathers.

60 min: But only just, because West Ham are coming at Everton again, and Digne is forced to concede another corner out on the right. Snodgrass takes, looking for Ogbonna. But Everton clear and suddenly break upfield. It’s three on one! Calvert-Lewin has options either side, but he’s held up well by Ogbonna. Eventually the ball’s slipped left for Bernard. His cross finds Richarlison, ten yards out, but he can’t power a header on target.

58 min: Antonio glides down the right and threatens to hook in a cross. He settles for a corner. Snodgrass takes long. The ball ends up on the other flank, Cresswell hooking long as well. Pickford just about manages to claw the ball away from the top right, Everton clearing their lines.

56 min: Much better from West Ham, at long last, as Rice and Snodgrass shuttle the ball down the inside-left channel, releasing Cresswell. He’s got men to find in the middle, but the flag springs up for offside. It was a poor decision, and West Ham are understandably aggrieved.

55 min: Arnautovic fails to clear a Bernard cross and concedes a corner on the right. From the set piece, Gomes sends a pearler goalwards from the edge of the box. It’s blocked. Keane returns it and another corner’s won with a deflection. Nothing much happens from the second corner.

53 min: Now a free kick out on the West Ham right. The hosts load the Everton box again. Lanzini taps to Snodgrass, and the faffing allows an Evertonian to close down the space and block the free kick the second it flies off Lanzini’s boot. What an absurd carry-on. Why not just put it straight in? West Ham’s lack of urgency in microcosm.

51 min: Cresswell launches long for Hernandez, but the ball sails through to Pickford. West Ham come again, Zabaleta powering down the right. Gueye clears when Zabaleta miscontrols, but that rare burst of home-team energy earns a roar from the West Ham faithful.

49 min: A free kick for West Ham out on the left, and everyone lines up on the edge of the Everton box. Snodgrass hoicks it into the area, and Calvert-Lewin clears. West Ham are desperate for something - even a shoddy scramble - that might whip up a bit of atmosphere. That wasn’t it.

47 min: Everton are again on the front foot. Bernard makes some ground down the left, though his cross is easily snaffled by Fabianski. The London Stadium has fallen eerily quiet.

Everton get the second half underway. West Ham have made a couple of changes, with Hernandez and Antonio replacing Perez and Obiang. The mood continues to sour, however, as Lanzini knocks the ball out for a throw while trying to pass to Zabaleta, no more than a yard away.

Half-time news service. In case you missed the big story from this afternoon’s 3pm kick-offs, Huddersfield Town have been relegated. Breaking news, but not really much of a shock.

HALF TIME: West Ham United 0-2 Everton

... nothing occurs. The half-time whistle goes, and the hosts are sent packing with boos ringing in their ears. They have been as utterly woeful as Everton have been sharp and effervescent, and can count themselves extremely fortunate to be only two goals down. If Fabianski had forgotten to pack his gloves, the half-time scoreline could have been anything.

45 min: A gift for West Ham, as Keane miscontrols a simple ball down the West Ham right and concedes a corner. Keane makes up for his error by heading the set piece clear, but the ball’s soon pelted back into the mixer, and Digne is forced to knock behind for another corner. From which ...

43 min: So that leads to a free kick out on the left. West Ham load the box. Snodgrass hoicks it long, into an area where there are six Everton players and no West Ham ones. The crowd react much as you’d expect. This is an almost perfectly dreadful 45 minutes of football from West Ham.

42 min: Richarlison slips as he goes to challenge Lanzini. It’s a foul, nothing more, but the ref books him. For a second, it looks as though Richarlison is going to lose the head completely, but to his credit he checks himself before his mouth gets him into further trouble.

41 min: West Ham haven’t made Pickford break sweat yet. Arnautovic tries to beat him from distance out on the left, but the shot’s always sailing wide, and Pickford gathers easily enough. Then Snodgrass takes a speculative look from 25 yards, but that’s whistling away to the right.

39 min: Gomes strides down the middle, then slips Richarlison free to his right. It’s a slightly heavy pass, pushing his team-mate a little wide. Richarlison still gets a shot on target, from a tight angle, but Fabianski is able to kick clear.

37 min: Snodgrass intercepts a Bernard pass down the Everton left. He rolls the ball back towards Fabianski ... and Richarlison is this close to intercepting. Fabianski manages to belt clear in time. The home crowd soundtrack this shambles with loud booing.

35 min: Everton are brimful of confidence, as you’d expect after the opening 33 minutes of this match. They ping it around in pretty triangles, just because they can. West Ham are getting a bit of a chasing here. They need to snap out of their torpor, quicksmart.

GOAL! West Ham United 0-2 Everton (Bernard 33)

This was so easy. Too easy. Coleman and Richarlison one-two down the right, with West Ham dozing as they have been since 5.31pm. Coleman’s clear! That simple. He’s able to play a simple pass across the front of the six-yard box, giving Bernard a tap-in. This is no more than Everton deserve. It’s no more than West Ham deserve too.

Everton’s Bernard scores their second goal.
Everton’s Bernard scores their second goal. Photograph: Tony O’brien/Action Images via Reuters


32 min: Bernard races down the left and whips a cross down the corridor of uncertainty. For once, Everton shirts don’t outnumber the West Ham ones, and Ogbonna is able to acrobatically head clear. But was it worth the bother? Because ...

31 min: The resulting free kick is a chance for Everton to load the box, but Diop is bowled to the ground in the middle of a melee and the pressure on the hosts is released.

30 min: Richarlison makes good down the inside-right channel and is upended by a robust tackle from Rice, who is a little fortunate to get away with just a lecture.

28 min: Lots of space for Bernard down the left. He’s got Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin to look for in the middle, but manages to find West Ham’s only defender. Ogbonna is able to whack clear, and Everton continue to pass up opportunities to increase their lead. Here’s Ian Sargeant: “West Ham fan at the game here. Can the clocks go forward now so we’ve got less of this to sit through please?”

26 min: This match is ludicrously open. Calvert-Lewin cuts in from the left and flashes an ambitious shot well off target. Up the other end, Arnautovic - who looks like West Ham’s best chance of making something happen this evening - heads down for Zabaleta, who slices a shot wide right from the edge of the box.

24 min: West Ham continue to struggle to string two passes together. The patrons are fuming. More pressure, more misplaced passes. It’s a vicious circle when things start going wrong.

22 min: Gueye swerves in from the left, but blooters over in a wild way. It doesn’t matter, as there had been a foul in the build-up. Meanwhile in the technical area, Marco Silva gets in a technical discussion with the fourth official, claiming Calvert-Lewin had been bundled over by Ogbonna when trying to convert Richarlison’s low cross back there. But he’s given short shrift, and understandably so. It wasn’t a penalty.

20 min: On the touchline, Manuel Pellegrini looks furious, and no wonder, because his players are performing like they’ve been on the pipe. Another cross trundles through their six-yard box, this time from Richarlison on the right. Calvert-Lewin lunges at the near post but can’t connect.

18 min: West Ham finally put something together in attack, Arnautovic sending a cute reverse pass down the right for Zabaleta, who races towards the Everton box and pulls one back for Lanzini. He’s got time to shoot, from a central position in the edge of the box. But he faffs, lets the ball clank between his legs, and Everton are able to break. For a second it looks as though Sigurdsson is going to get a shot away up the other end, but West Ham are spared that particular indignity.

16 min: West Ham are an absolute shambles at the back. Bernard is fed into acres out on the left. He rolls the ball across the face of goal. Neither Calvert-Lewin nor Richarlison can extend a toe to poke home. And that’s all they had to do, because the West Ham defenders were spinning like tops, and Fabianski missed the ball altogether.

14 min: Arnautovic tries to launch an attack up the other end, and for a second threatens to break clear into the box. But he falls over, perhaps out of karmic duty, because 1-1 on the balance of play so far would be a complete outrage!

13 min: Fabianski is the hero for the fourth time in about 75 seconds as he does just enough to put off Calvert-Lewin, the pair competing for a high cross from the right. Calvert-Lewin wasn’t far away from dinking a header over the keeper and into the net, but Fabianski stood tall.

Lukasz Fabianski of West Ham United reaches for the ball as Dominic Calvert-Lewin of Everton jumps for a header.
Lukasz Fabianski of West Ham United reaches for the ball as Dominic Calvert-Lewin of Everton jumps for a header. Photograph: Paul Harding/Getty Images


12 min: Everton are this close to a sensational goal. Richarlison turns adroitly down the right and slips in Calvert-Lewin, who hammers a shot at Fabianski from a tight angle. The keeper does well to parry. That would have been very pretty. Sigurdsson tries to knock in the rebound. Fabianski then saves again. Then Digne drifts in from the left and curls for the bottom right. Fabianski tips that one away too!

Gylfi Sigurosson of Everton shoots is denied by West Ham keeper Lukasz Fabiansk.
Gylfi Sigurosson of Everton shoots is denied by West Ham keeper Lukasz Fabiansk. Photograph: David Loveday/TGS Photo/Rex/Shutterstock


10 min: And here’s Gueye romping down the left! He earns a corner, Everton’s third already, after a long dribble. Keane wins an easy header, but fortunately for West Ham there’s no direction on it and Ogbonna can clear at the second time of asking.

9 min: Have West Ham been on the London gin? They’re all over the shop at the moment. Now it’s Bernard’s turn to skedaddle down the left. He drops a shoulder to cut inside, and shapes to shoot. He’s just about closed down, just in time.

8 min: Nothing comes from the corner. West Ham really did get away with one there. Sigurdsson was guilty of overthinking that a little.

7 min: That’s quietened the home crowd. But there are soon mutterings as Everton are attacking five on three! Gomes slips Sigurdsson into the area down the left. Sigurdsson surely must shoot, but opts to return the ball towards Gomes. The ball’s deflected out for a corner on the left.

GOAL! West Ham United 0-1 Everton (Zouma 5)

Sigurdsson floats the corner into the box. Zouma rises, eight yards out. He beats Diop to the ball, rising highest and heading down, the ball bouncing back up and into the top right. So simple! That’s a fine header, but weak defending by Diop, who did next to nothing.

Everton’s Kurt Zouma heads the visitors into an early lead.
Everton’s Kurt Zouma heads the visitors into an early lead. Photograph: Tony O’brien/Action Images via Reuters
Everton's Kurt Zouma celebrates scoring their first goal with teammates
Zouma celebrates with team mates. Photograph: Tony O’brien/Action Images via Reuters


4 min: Gueye slips a lovely ball down the right for Richarlison, who earns a corner off Cresswell. From which ...

2 min: Ogbonna launches long for Arnautovic, but there’s too much oomph on the ball and it sails through to Pickford. Both sides just putting out feelers early doors.

And we’re off! West Ham get the ball rolling. But it’s Everton on the front foot quickly, Calvert-Lewin romping down the left. He’s forced to check back by Zabaleta, though, and eventually Rice, one of England’s men of the moment, intercepts to settle the hosts down.

The teams are out! A fine post-afternoon-in-pub atmosphere at the London Stadium. Bubbles fading in the spring sun. West Ham are in their famous claret, while Everton sport their storied blue. A classic aesthetic. Shades of the Swinging Sixties. We’ll be off in a sec!

No pre-match interview with Manuel Pellegrini. Marco Silva doesn’t say too much either. “It is really important to find some consistency. The second half against Chelsea was a good sign.” So there you have it. Tiger Woods has just beaten Rory McIlroy 2&1 in the last 16 of the WGC-Dell Match Play, by the way. The Masters just a fortnight away! But we digress.

The Premier League launches its No Room for Racism campaign this weekend. The two captains will also wear armbands celebrating 25 years of Kick It Out, English football’s equality and inclusion organisation.

Armband, official match programme, and high-quality pennant with a wooden rod robust enough to double as a spurtle for your porridge/broth/stew.
Armband, official match programme, and high-quality pennant with a wooden rod robust enough to double as a spurtle for your porridge/broth/stew. Photograph: Arfa Griffiths/West Ham United via Getty Images

West Ham make three changes to the XI named against Huddersfield a fortnight ago. Mark Noble and Michail Antonio drop to the bench, while Felipe Anderson misses out altogether. Pedro Obiang, Robert Snodgrass and Lucas Perez take their places.

Everton make just one enforced change to the side that beat Chelsea two weeks past. Kurt Zouma comes in for the hamstrung Yerry Mina.

The teams

West Ham United: Fabianski, Zabaleta, Diop, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Rice, Snodgrass, Obiang, Lanzini, Arnautovic, Lucas Perez.
Subs: Balbuena, Adrian, Noble, Hernandez, Masuaku, Antonio, Diangana.

Everton: Pickford, Coleman, Keane, Zouma, Digne, Gueye, Andre Gomes, Richarlison, Sigurdsson, Bernard, Calvert-Lewin.
Subs: Baines, Jagielka, Walcott, Tosun, Stekelenburg, Davies, Lookman.

Referee: Paul Tierney (Lancashire).



There are usually goals whenever these famous old clubs play each other. West Ham won the last two meetings 3-1; Everton triumphed 4-0 in the one before that. Then in the one before that ... well, it ended 0-0. But to be fair, that was one of only two goalless draws between this pair in the last 30 years.

So there you have it! Latter-season mid-table non-event? I don’t think so! Especially as a seventh-place finish, the Best of the Rest now supposedly being a thing, is a very real possibility for both clubs, one which would augur well for next season after a campaign of disappointment and underachievement. A Saturday night spectacular? Yes please! It’s on!

Kick off: 5.30pm.