USA 3-0 Chile: Women's World Cup 2019 – as it happened

  • Champions qualify for last 16 with comfortable win
  • US will now face Sweden to decide group winners
  • Carli Lloyd deprived of hat-trick after missing penalty

And the report from today’s game is up and running now for your reading pleasure. Thanks for your emails and tweets today:

Post-amble: A solid performance from the US, who fielded a weakened side. Without the excellent Endler in goal for Chile, the US could have scored five or six They should have got four, but Lloyd missed a penalty.

Press, Ertz and Lloyd were good for the US, although we knew how strong they are before the game. Of the subs, McDonald did enough to suggest she could be worth a start later in the tournament. But the big question mark for the US - their defence - remains. Thailand and Chile simply have not offered enough in attack for the defenders to be tested. Against Sweden, who beat the US at the 2016 Olympics, that may well change.

For me, the player of the match was Endler, who kept the score respectable. She was commanding in the box, claiming crosses well and her save off a Press header in the second-half was the best I have seen in this tournament.

Full-time: USA 3-0 Chile. US progress to the last 16

Lloyd has one last attempt - a header that flies wide. And that’s the last action of the game.

90 min +4: Galaz is booked - for an apparent elbow. Although she claims she was the elbowed rather than the elbowee.

90 min + 3: Long needs to be careful. She hacks at Zamora’s shins - she is already on a yellow but the ref only issues a warning.

90 min+2: Naeher touches the ball! A Chile free-kick drifts through to her and she picks it up. I guess - if we’re being very generous - that could count as a shot.

90 min: Would a part of the US want their defence to have been tested a little more in this match? As it is, they are going into playing some very good teams with their defenders receiving very little in-game action. Five minutes of added time.

88 min: Chile are still searching for their first shot of the game, which isn’t a huge endorsement of the competitiveness of this match. Pardo comes on for Lara - maybe the sub can provide something for Chile.

85 min: “That’s a borderline penalty call but the line is part of the area so if the foul takes place on the line it is in the area,” says Rick McGahey via email. “Chilean keeper once more steps up so it doesn’t matter.”

84 min: If Lloyd had scored that penalty, she would have had a hat-trick in her last two World Cup starts. She is shaking her head - possibly as she thinks about that penalty, or maybe because she has remembered she left the TV on back in her hotel room.

82 min: Sonnett comes on for Dahlkemper, meaning every outfield US player has now appeared at this World Cup. And we’re only in the second game.

PENALTY! Lloyd misses

VAR check! The officials check to see if there was a foul in the box after Press’s free-kick. And there was contact on the very edge of the area. It was marginal at best, but no matter Lloyd has a chance for her hat-trick. And she misses! She sends it wide to Endler’s right.

Referee Riem Hussein signals after the VAR referral.
Referee Riem Hussein signals after the VAR referral. Photograph: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images
Lloyd misses from the spot.
Lloyd misses from the spot. Photograph: Richard Heathcote/Getty Images
Lloyd reacts with disbelief. Photograph: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images


77 min: The announced crowd is apparently higher than the capacity of Parc Des Princes. Maybe they included the players? I mean, they are there. Press, one of the 45,000 odd in the stadium lines up her free-kick around 30-yards out. Chile clear.

74 min: US win their 134,598th corner of the game. Davidson steps up to take but it evades everyone Chilean, US and anyone else who may have wandered on to the pitch. Lloyd sets up Press shortly afterwards but Endler denies her again - this time off her legs.

73 min: McDonald hurls in one of her long throws. It comes to Lloyd and her looping header lobs over Endler but pops off the top of the bar.

70 min: The US win their 13th corner. Press takes and Endler punches clear from a pack of players. Chile are yet to have an attack of note this half, so we still don’t know how the US cope on defence.

68 min: Chile make a change. Huenteo comes on for Urrutia.

66 min: Endler again! Press looks to have scored a close-range header but the Chilean keeper flies across goal to claw the ball away. The US are winning comfortably but there’s a good argument a Chilean has been player of the match.

Chile’s goalkeeper Christiane Endler.
Chile’s goalkeeper Christiane Endler. Photograph: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images


62 min: Krieger tracks back to mop up a Chile attack - she has worked hard today. McDonald teases her marker down the left and then cuts in for a shot on the goal. Her curling shot has Endler beaten but the shot finds the post rather than the net. McDonald has been very good since coming on.

59 min: The US are not going for another 13-0 by the look of things. But then again, Chile aren’t letting them - particularly the excellent Endler. Press tries a volley from a sharp angle and the Chilean keeper palms it out for a corner. Long comes on for Horan.

56 min: Horan picks up a header from Horan and tries a shot from 35 yards out. It is not a good shot if you value shots being on target. She has another chance seconds later with Press squaring it to her around 10 yards out. Horan’s shot this time is a better but Endler saves well.

53 min: Chile attack patiently before a loose pass loses them possession. The US mount their own attack but McDonald’s long throw is cleared. Chile have been better this half so far.

50 min: McDonald is distributing the ball nicely for her teammates. This time she lays it off for Pugh, whose shot is deflected for a corner. Chile get it clear.

48 min: Chile continue to pass it out from the back - they’re determined not to go to the long ball. But they play very tight at the back and that makes it hard to clear their lines. McDonald releases Pugh, who passes to Press and Endler pulls off a good save at the near post. It was offside anyway.

46 min: Halftime subs: Lopez comes on for Soto for Chile. McDonald replaces Ertz for the US.

So, if the US go on to win this match - and I think they may just manage that - they will play Sweden. The US now have a huge advantage in goal difference +16 to +6, so a draw or win would send the US through as group winners. And put them on course for a potential clash with hosts France in the quarter-finals. Jon Tupper thinks there will only be one winner in that match: “France’s speed on the wings, and strength up the middle with Renard and Henry, has a huge possibility for sending the Americans a huge loss,” he writes.

You can see the latest standings here.

Half-time thoughts:

1) The US have shown that even their second-string attack is capable of taking lesser teams apart. That depth if they do make it into the late stages of the tournament.

2) Don’t make Carli Lloyd angry - or do make her angry if you want her to score a few.

3) Chile are tough defenders and Endler is a commanding keeper but this is not the World Cup in which they break through to the upper levels of the game

4) We still don’t know if the US defence is capable of holding up against world-class attackers. In Chile’s first real attack, they had the ball in the back of the net. The US can say they sprung an offside trap but it looked a little to me like some players lost their markers.

Half-time USA 3-0 Chile

Good news for Chile: they should only be two down as the US scored off a corner that should have been a free-kick. Bad news for Chile, they are 3-0 down. Worse news for Chile: the US were only 3-0 up at half-time against Thailand and then scored ten in the second half.

43 min: Saez takes a big hack at a US ankle and the Americans have a free-kick just outside the area on the right. Davidson takes it too quickly and has to retake. This time the ball comes out to Pugh who sends it high into the Paris sky.

40 min: Endler positions her defenders as the US line-up a free-kick around 25 yards out. Lloyd goes up for the header - again - but she uses her hand and it’s Chile’s ball.

37 min: Zamora’s cross is gathered by Naeher and her long throw releases Press for a scamper down the wing. Chile clear.

GOAL! USA 3-0 Chile (Lloyd 34 min)

The excellent Press twists and turns on the edge of the area. Her shot is deflected out for a corner (an actual corner this time). Davidson sends in another good delivery and Lloyd thumps a header home. No saving that one. I think she may be fired up.

Carli Lloyd makes it 3-0 with a header.
Carli Lloyd makes it 3-0 with a header. Photograph: Alex Grimm/Getty Images


32 min: Yep, another look at the second US goal and it was NOT a corner. Chile are right to be angry at conceding from the (non) corner. They do have a corner of their own now though - their first of the game. Naeher comes out to claim the cross cleanly.

29 min: Ertz thrusts out an arm and catches - accidentally - her marker in the face. Chile win a free-kick around the halfway line but it comes to nothing. I still haven’t seen a replay of the corner that led to the second goal so I’m not sure if Chile are right to claim it should have been a goal kick.

GOAL! USA 2-0 Chile (Ertz 26 min)

A quiet period for the US ends with a corner although Chile argue with the ref, saying it should be a goal-kick. Oh, and they’ll be angry now. Ertz powers a header past Endler. The keeper gets a hand to it but it’s too strong and she can only palm it into the corner. It was an excellent corner – the whip on it helped Ertz generate that power.

Julie Ertz of USA makes it 2-0.
Julie Ertz of USA makes it 2-0. Photograph: Molly Darlington - AMA/Getty Images


25 min: Peter Oh writes in with some stats. “United States population: 327 million.Chile population: 18 million (about 5.5% of the U.S.) So if the stadium is “90%” for the U.S. and the rest for the South Americans, I’d say La Roja are rather well supported” Ah, but I didn’t say the other 10% were Chilean. They’re all Tuvaluan.

23 min: Chile get their first attack of the day and the ball ends up in the net. Chile play in the free-kick and Guerrero finds herself completely unmarked in the area. She slots it past Naeher and into the empty net. But the offside flag goes up. The US may claim they played the offside trap there but it shows they can be vulnerable at the back.

Carla Guerrero of Chile beats the keeper but the goal is disallowed.
Carla Guerrero of Chile beats the keeper but the goal is disallowed. Photograph: Marianna Massey - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images


20 min: That goal was Lloyd’s 112th at international level. It lifts her above someone called Marta. Not too bad company (she’s 72 behind her former teammate Abby Wambach, mind). Lara is OK to continue and we resume.

18 min: Press has been causing plenty of problems for Chile on the left. A cross comes in and Ertz and Lloyd both go up for the header. It is Ertz who gets her head to it, and it is deflected for a corner. Chile’s Lara is down in the area, and her teammates are calling for the trainer.

16 min: The US win a corner on the right for the first time. Chile scramble a Lloyd header clear before Lara hacks down Brian on the edge of the area. That leads to another corner which Chile handle.

13 min: Lloyd, at 36, is the oldest World Cup goalscorer in US history. You wouldn’t bet against her trying to come back to score at 40 in 2023. What a player, what a ruthless competitor.

GOAL! USA 1-0 Chile (Lloyd 11 min)

Chile are, to be fair, not resorting to the long ball and are pinging some nice short passes. The problem is that they are finding it very tough to get our of their own half. Oh, and what a goal! A loose ball comes out to Lloyd on the edge of the area and she slams it home from 20 yards.

Carli LLoyd slams home the first goal.
Carli LLoyd slams home the first goal. Photograph: Srđan Suki/EPA
Carli Lloyd celebrates after scoring.
Carli Lloyd celebrates after scoring. Photograph: Marianna Massey - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images


9 min: The US are faster, stronger, craftier and more incisive than Chile so far. Apart from that, it’s pretty even. A corner for the US and Press sends it into the near post but Chile clear.

7 min: A lot of early pressure for the US. If it continues like this, things could get ugly for Chile. The US are getting lots of space on the wings, and the match could easily be 2-0 already.

5 min: Seeing as the US defenders didn’t get to touch the ball that much against the Thailand, they elect to knock it about a bit at the back. Then they storm forward. Endler keeps out a near own-goal and Lloyd looks set to knock in the loose ball before the keeper smothers the ball.

Claudia Endler of Chile saves from Carli Lloyd of the USA.
Claudia Endler of Chile saves from Carli Lloyd of the USA. Photograph: Marianna Massey - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images


3 min: The crowd appears to be 90% American, giving this a hint of a home game for the US. And the defending champions get an early corner. Endler punches straight to Brian, who has a great opportunity but she blazes the shot over the bar. Should have done better.

1 min: And we’re off! The USA are in white and their opponents in red and blue. Chile do not concede in the first 12 seconds. “USA will win by 6-0 what can I win for my prediction,” writes Sandy Blessing. You win a starting spot against Sweden. Better start warming up...

The Chile anthem is very long. So long that it goes on longer than the Fifa allotted time for anthems. So they just cut it off midway through. Odd because Fifa is pretty comfortable with excess when its their own excess.

The teams are walking out in Paris in front of what looks like a packed stadium (perhaps not that surprising given that 14% of US college freshmen decamp to Paris in the summer vacation).

Carli Lloyd is back in the starting XI today, as captain. Although she’s mainly a bench player these days at the age of 36, she is not happy about being a sub. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she took out some of that anger on Chile today - via the medium of goals rather than fisticuffs.


Our own Caitlin Murray – who bumped into Sam Mewis and her parents at the Eiffel Tower last week – is at the stadium and has been chatting to fans:

I’m here at Parc des Princes and it’s definitely safe to say that the American contingent is dwarfing the Chilean one. But I’ve seen a few Chile shirts walking around the stadium here, which is more than I saw from Thailand in Reims — perhaps that has something to do with Chile making their debut. I actually met a couple from Chile in the lobby of my hotel this morning, and the man said “So what do you think? US, 5-0?” I said “Eh, 4-0” and we laughed. Even though Jill Ellis has named a mostly second-choice starting 11, I don’t think there’s any doubt who the favorite is. No matter what side the fans are rooting for, it’s a beautiful day in Paris for some soccer/football — sunny and only slightly hot, and there’s a buzz in the air.

For my part, I’m saying 4-1 to the US today.

It’s Father’s Day in the US, so we have a short clip of US players confirming they have fathers (a biological necessity) and love them too (not a necessity but welcome). Which is nice.

Defens(c)e is seen as the US’s biggest weakness but, as you may have noticed, they were not tested against Thailand. That may change against Chile, who have goalscoring midfielder Karen Araya at their disposal. She could cause the US a few problems if she’s allowed space today. How well the US handle her, could give a few clues about how they fare against the stronger teams in the knockout stage.

Tobin Heath has popped up on the ads on Fox selling an tyre company I cannot name for journalistic ethics reasons. She says her youth coaches are the best coaches she has ever worked with. Somewhere, a tear rolls down Jill Ellis’s cheek.

An email: “I first got to know Alex Morgan via playing with her in the Fifa ‘19 Story mode,” writes StickSports Fan [possibly not their legal name]. “While it seems so based on the highlights I’ve seen as research on YouTube, I want it confirmed - is Ms Morgan as good a football player in real life as she is playing alongside my character on Easy? Also, what’s USA’s preferred formation on the field?”

I imagine that depends on how good you are at Fifa. But I think against Thailand, that was pretty much Easy mode so you have an accurate picture. Morgan will be on the bench today though, although I imagine she will trot on for the last 15 mins or so if things are going well. The US played the rare 0-0-10 formation against Thailand, but it looks like they’ll play 4-3-3 today. Having said that, I only got to page five of Inverting the Pyramid so I may be wrong.

Sweden booked their place in the knockout stages with a victory over Thailand earlier today (they only managed five goals!) and the US will join them if they beat Chile. That should be a formality, even with a weakened team, but Chile are unlikely to give up 13 goals. That’s because they have one of the best goalkeepers in the world in PSG’s Christiane Endler. She’s also a great penalty stopper, should any US players find themselves hacked down in the area today.

You can read more on the Chile team in our guide here:

The teams

Those of you expecting another double-digit thrashing may be disappointed today. Jill Ellis has named a weakened US team for their meeting with Chile. Many of the team’s stars – including Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and Crystal Dunn – are on the bench. Having said that, Ellis has done this kind of thing before in qualifying and, seeing as Chile are ranked below Thailand in the Fifa rankings, the US should win this one easily anyway. Also, when you can bring on a former world player of the year off the bench, you’re probably doing OK.

USA: Naeher, Krieger, Dahlkemper, Sauerbrunn, Davidson, Brian, Ertz, Horan, Press, Lloyd, Pugh. Subs: Harris, Mewis, O’Hara, Morgan, Sonnett, Rapinoe, Lavelle, Heath, Dunn, Long, McDonald, Franch.

Chile: Endler, Galaz, Guerrero, Saez, Toro, Claudia Soto, Araya, Lara, Zamora, Urrutia, Balmaceda. Subs: Campos, Rocio Soto, Diaz, Rojas, Aedo, Lopez, Grez, Pardo, Pinilla, Huenteo, Duran, Torrero.

Referee: Hussein Riem (Germany)

Tom will be here shortly, in the meantime Hope Solo gave her thoughts on the US’s record win over Thailand in their opener:

Should the US have taken their foot off the pedal against Thailand? Absolutely not. When you respect your opponent you don’t all of a sudden sit back and try not to score. This is the World Cup and all you can do is play with heart, with passion, and with intensity. Doing that is showing the opposition respect.

The 13-0 victory over Thailand on Tuesday was a comprehensive performance from the Americans. Every player looked fit. Every player looked like she had technical ability. They played as a team. They were good on set pieces. They looked like they were having fun. I loved seeing Rose Lavelle, Tobin Heath, and Kelley O’Hara combine so well. Alex Morgan displayed what a great player she can be.

It was tough for me to watch some of the US goal celebrations – which have come under criticism – considering the scoreline. You do want the game to be celebrated and you do want to see players having fun but at the same time I thought some of the celebrations were a little overboard. A few seemed planned out and I do know some players spend a lot of time thinking about celebrations for the fans. It’s not always necessary. We haven’t won the World Cup yet. My favorite celebrations capture the rawness of the moment and are filled with spontaneous emotion. When that happens you actually see how much passion there is in the sport and how much pride the players have.

You can read the full column here: