Uefa opens disciplinary case against Celtic after fan confronts Kylian Mbappé

• Supporter attempted to kick the Paris Saint-Germain striker
• ‘Bitterly disappointing’ incident condemned by Brendan Rodgers

Celtic face an anxious wait to discover the scale of an inevitable Uefa sanction after a supporter invaded the pitch and attempted to kick Kylian Mbappé during the 5-0 home loss to Paris Saint-Germain.

Uefa confirmed on Wednesday morning that it had opened disciplinary proceedings against Celtic over the incident when a fan raced from behind a goal to accost Mbappé as Celtic prepared to restart the game following the third goal. Celtic have been charged with a count of “field invasion” and will have their case heard by the Uefa control, ethics and disciplinary body on 19 October, a statement from the European governing body said.

Key to Celtic’s worry will be a series of Uefa penalties, totalling more than £160,000 for 12 offences over the past six years. The last came at the start of this season, after a paramilitary-style flag was flown when Linfield visited Celtic Park for a Champions League qualifier. There is now a serious fear at Celtic of partial stadium closure for a European fixture, a feeling intensified by the high-profile nature of Tuesday night’s incident.

The supporter was roundly booed before being escorted from the pitch. “That reaction said it all really,” said Celtic’s manager Brendan Rodgers. “It’s disappointing for any ground, any club, a supporter getting on to the pitch like that. It was bitterly disappointing and I’m sure the club will deal with that. Whoever that person was it shouldn’t be anything we see, especially on a football field. I think the stewards dealt with it at the time and I’m sure the club will deal with it. The crowd and their reaction told you everything you needed to know.”

Unai Emery, PSG’s head coach, shrugged off the suggestion of Mbappé being negatively affected. “Kylian is a very young player, but he has experience,” Emery said. “Nights like this will give him more experience. He wants to become a great player and I thought he showed a lot of confidence.”