Two Chelsea supporters injured amid clashes in Istanbul

• Unrest in Turkey spills over before tie with Galatasaray
• Warnings issued to fans before Champions League game

At least two Chelsea supporters were stabbed in clashes around Istanbul's Taksin Square on Tuesday night, the eve of the first leg of the club's Champions League knockout tie against Galatasaray.

Trouble reportedly flared after a bar being frequented by English fans was targeted in a city that has been on high alert over political and social unrest over recent days. Local demonstrations are scheduled for Wednesday in Taksin Square as protests escalate against the current government in Turkey.

There had been clashes between fans of Galatasaray and Besiktas before their derby on Saturday, with Chelsea having issued warnings to their fans prior to travelling to Turkey.

Two Leeds fans were killed in clashes between the clubs' supporters in the city before the Yorkshire side's Uefa Cup semi-final in 2000.

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