Tottenham Hotspur v Millwall: FA Cup quarter-final – as it happened

Son Heung-min scored a hat-trick and Vincent Janssen netted his first Tottenham goal from open play as Mauricio Pochettino’s side battered their League One opponents

Tuck into David Hytner’s match report right here:

That was probably easier than Tottenham, even at that strength, would have expected. But their intensity and attitude were superb from the first minute to the 90th and that says a lot for them, I think. They battered Millwall, who just didn’t get into the game at all, for pretty much the entire game and could have scored more. Of those that did go in, Janssen’s was perhaps the highlight for its novelty value and the sheer joy on his face. Millwall slink away and look to gather themselves for their promotion tilt; Tottenham celebrate but with a cloud shaped a little like Harry Kane’s ankle hanging over them. We’ll hear more about that. But for now, it’s cheerio from me – head over here and catch Rob Smyth’s MBM of Liverpool v Burnley.

Son collects the match-ball.
Son collects the match-ball. Photograph: Tottenham Hotspur FC/via Getty Images


Full-time: Tottenham 6-0 Millwall

And that is that.

Goal! Tottenham 6-0 Millwall (Son 90+2)

Son gets his hat-trick! But, ahhhh, poor old King. Eriksen finds the Korean unmarked at the back post and his volley is straight at the ‘keeper, who appears to have saved but then lets it slip through and into the net for an unhappy end to his – and Millwall’s – game.

Son scores the sixth for his hat-trick.
Son scores the sixth for his hat-trick. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP
Straight through King legs.
Straight through King legs. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Reuters
And celebrates.
And celebrates. Photograph: Ian Walton/Getty Images


90 min: Sissoko plays a 1-2 with Son and bursts to the line but his cross can’t find a white shirt. Then Winks isn’t far off the mark from 25 yards.

89 min: Keep-ball and “que sera” at the moment. I wouldn’t have thought we need much stoppage time here.

87 min: Son careers towards the box, still looking for that third goal, and Craig – the last man – makes an important interception. Relatively important, anyway.

85 min: There’s absolutely no shame in getting tonked by this Tottenham side, who have been so switched-on today, but Neil Harris might be frustrated that – if we’re honest – Millwall have not been able to make any impact on this game whatsoever.


84 min: But Janssen should get a second goal there – pinpoint cross from Vertonghen and he’s right in front of goal but heads straight at a grateful King. Harder chance than the one he scored. He’s in the mood though – now he has another shot that’s deflected wide.

82 min: “He scores when he wants,” sing the Tottenham fans. Janssen is a cult figure, it seems, but he’ll want to be rather more than that.

Goal! Tottenham 5-0 Millwall (Janssen 79)

It’s the biggest cheer of the afternoon! It’s Vincent Janssen! And it’s clinical! Son beats the offside trap, comes in from the left, passes to Janssen and the striker clips in a really good left-footed finish inside a static King’s near post. It’s his first Tottenham goal from open play and, let’s be fair here, it’s a really nice moment. His team-mates flock to congratulate him and his smile is glowing.

Janssen scores the fifth.
Janssen scores the fifth. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Reuters


78 min: A shot from Janssen! But it goes halfway to the corner flag. Wanyama now goes off and £30m FA Cup substitute Moussa Sissoko enters.

76 min: Wanyama takes aim from 30 yards, measures one, and King dives left to make his latest save.

75 min: Before someone says it, that was “lo, here’s Vincent” and not “lol, here’s Vincent”.

74 min: Son leaves Webster for dead but Cooper intercepts his pull-back. And, lo, here’s Vincent! Off goes the excellent Alli, fresh from his goal – and on comes the man who is about to show exactly why he’s the one to fill Kane’s boots.

Goal! Tottenham 4-0 Millwall (Alli 72)

Trippier, inside to Eriksen ... a very clever low ball to the far post ... and there’s Alli arriving late to blast high into the net. Very nice. Sixteen goals this season for Alli.

Alli makes it four.
Alli makes it four. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP


71 min: Millwall put a free-kick into the box and it bounces around for a while, but then Cooper catches Vertonghen and Tottenham win a free-kick.

70 min: Millwall make their final change. Here’s Shane Ferguson, replacing Not-A-Winger Wallace.

68 min: Vorm gathers a low Wallace cross from the right. The pace has slowed a touch here; it’s playing itself out now.

65 min: Wanyama’s shot + Cooper’s deflection = another corner. Alli air kicks it near the penalty spot.

63 min: Son is looking for a hat-trick but shoots over from an angle on the left. Going to be a belting set of semi-finals, isn’t it? Spurs, Arsenal, Man City and Chelsea/Man Utd.


61 min: A bit more life about Millwall now but it’s too late for them, really. They’re not Barcelona.

59 min: Onyedinma has an instant impact! He dribbles in from the right and lays the ball back to Wallace, who flashes a shot wide at the near post when he should probably score. Comfortably Millwall’s best chance.

Wallace rues his missed chance.
Wallace rues his missed chance. Photograph: Julian Finney/Getty Images


58 min: From the free-kick, Alli takes Winks’ pass but drags well wide. Millwall now bring on winger Fred Onyedinma for Morison.

57 min: You can only be impressed with Tottenham’s intensity and application here. Craig gets a booking now for fouling Trippier.

56 min: Could be four as King has to tip away a Davies cross, with the ball only just scrambled away from Alli.

Goal! Tottenham 3-0 Millwall (Son 54)

Trippier, whose distribution is just so, so good, locates Son behind the defence with a wonderful 40-yard ball and the forward, watching it all the way, executes a difficult volley perfectly. It’s low past King, it’s Spurs’ third very nice goal of the game, and it’s definitely game over now.

Son scores his second, Tottenham’s third.
Son scores his second, Tottenham’s third. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Reuters
And celebrates with Alli.
And celebrates with Alli. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Reuters


52 min: Tottenham win their first corner of the half as Craig cuts out Trippier’s cross. Eriksen outswings it but with too much power – it goes beyond everyone.

51 min: A flicker from Millwall as Gregory controls a right-wing cross and tees up Williams, but the shot from outside the box goes into row Z. Their fans are making a noise though.

49 min: Eriksen certainly doesn’t but another shot, from a bit closer in but under more pressure, flies well over.

49 min: Now Eriksen has a go from 25 yards and King bats it away. Lots of space for Spurs early on and they don’t really look like relenting.

47 min: Alli brings a Dier ball under his spell and for a second seems to have touched it away from King, but he cam’t quite control properly and the ‘keeper recovers. Then Ben Davies surges inside from the left but scuffs wide.

Davies shoots.
Davies shoots. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Reuters


Peeeeeep! The second half has commenced

Millwall can’t ... can they? They’ve replaced Ben Thompson with ex-Spurs trainee Calum Butcher in midfield.

Unrelated, but what a story this is. Kazuyoshi Miura has, at 50, become the oldest professional player to score a competitive goal! Makes Clint Hill, 38, who scored Rangers’ equaliser today, look a spring chicken.

And while I go for a coffee I’ll let Mike Nagle continue his train of thought on Janssen:

“Alex makes a good point that Son is a better striker but Jill is right in that it is a matter of building confidence for Janssen, especially if Kane is crocked. The same would also apply to Nkoudou. No point in buying these chaps if they are not given extended time on the pitch. We don’t want another Soldado, who was also another great striker we did not blend in properly.”

Chris McVandi writes: “Every time I watch Millwall in FA Cup, I am always reminded of the voice over in Only Fools & Horses episode ‘Time on our Hands’: ‘Your dad always said that one day Del Boy would reach the top but then again he used to say that one day Millwall would win the Cup.’”

Half-time: Tottenham 2-0 Millwall

Not one for the cup romantic. Millwall somehow weathered an early storm, improved after the injury to Harry Kane but then conceded two – both great finishes – with half-time on the horizon. They haven’t offered much of note at the other end and it’s difficult to see this one deviating from its current pass. Tottenham have been professional and slick, although everything they do from hereon will be coloured slightly by concern over the extent of Kane’s ankle problem.

Neil Harris needs a great half-time team talk.
Neil Harris needs a great half-time team talk. Photograph: Julian Finney/Getty Images


45 min: Alli goes for the spectacular from 35 yards, and why not? Misses by miles though.


44 min: Wanyama is off the pitch getting treatment but I think he’ll be back with us soon enough.

43 min: Wanyama is down now – looks like he got clattered on the shin by Wallace, who is booked.

Goal! Tottenham 2-0 Millwall (Son 41)

Well, that was lovely. Son seems to get the ball caught between his feet when fed on the right, but sorts himself out sufficiently to cut inside and put a superb left-footed shot well beyond King and into the top corner. Fine finish and I do suspect that will be that. The home side are worth the two-goal margin.

Son scores the second for Spurs.
Son scores the second for Spurs. Photograph: Eddie Keogh/Reuters
And celebrates.
And celebrates. Photograph: Matthew Childs/Reuters


40 min: Jill O’Donnell on the Janssen debate – “I agree with Mike Nagel, Janssen should be given a chance. He’s been unlucky so far this season with some good shots on goal which have unfortunately brought out the best in opposition goalkeepers. If Kane is out for a few games why not give him a warm up today?”

39 min: Another goal for Spurs before the break might mean a rather dull second half. They’re probing for it and Webster clears an Eriksen cross from the left.

38 min: Alex Perring replies to Mike Nagel – “I’m sure Janssen will come on if we need another striker. But, Son has demonstrated to be much superior as a striker than Janssen. Why play your third best striker when you second best is on the pitch?”

37 min: A reminder that this tie gets decided on the day. So if Millwall do sneak an equaliser, we’ll have extra-time.

35 min: So nearly 2-0 and, surely, goodnight as Wanyama gets up highest for an Eriksen corner and thuds his header against the bar!

Wanyama’s header hits the bar.
Wanyama’s header hits the bar. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP


35 min: Matt is right although it just so happened that, as that went up, Wallace made a really nice burst down the right before putting a cross in that was hacked away.

34 min: Matt Loten writes – “The BBC commentary team just described Jed Wallace as a ‘flying winger’ unlikely to put in the defensive shift that his more experienced teammates might. Whilst Wallace can play on the wing, he is arguably better in the hole, and, when he was at Portsmouth at least, his greatest attribute was the fact that he ran himself into the ground, week in, week out. Just wanted to defend the young lad.”

32 min: Millwall try to hit back straightaway and O’Brien flicked a deep free-kick well wide.

Goal! Tottenham 1-0 Millwall (Eriksen 31)

I was literally just typing that Millwall could feel fairly happy at the moment. Then Alli cushions a high, looping Millwall clearance just inside the box and leaves it for Eriksen, shaping his body in textbook fashion, to drill what is not even a half-chance into the far corner. Super finish and Millwall need to make sure they stay in the game now.

Eriksen scores the opener.
Eriksen scores the opener. Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images


30 min: “If Pochettino does not trust Janssen why have him on the bench? Give the guy another go,” suggests Mike Nagle.

28 min: Another Tottenham corner, half-cleared by Williams to Vertonghen 19 yards out. The position is good but his right-footed shot is wild.

27 min: First chance for Millwall, as Gregory troubles the Spurs centre-backs with the ball eventually dropping to Morison, running onto it 20 yards out, who curls a couple of yards high and wide. Might have done slightly better, there was space to work with.

25 min: King gets lucky as he fluffs a clearance and is far out of goal, but Son can’t get the ball under wraps.


23 min: On cue, Alli finds space in the area, tries to turn Craig and the Millwall defender is all over him, clearly tugging his shirt. Nothing given but that should have been a penalty for Tottenham.

Alli goes down, under pressure from Craig and Cooper.
Alli goes down, under pressure from Craig and Cooper. Photograph: Eddie Keogh/Reuters
Alli appeals for a penalty.
Alli appeals for a penalty. Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images


23 min: The movement of Son and Alli up front will be key for Spurs, who have slowed up since Kane went off. In some ways Millwall’s defenders may have preferred a battle with a striker who went right up against them.

22 min: Useful delivery from Williams to the far post, where Morison heads against Davies and earns Millwall a corner. Nice little bit of pressure here, but Vorm claims Williams’ left-footed corner with Gregory jumping against him.

Morison beats Wanyama and Davies to head at goal.
Morison beats Wanyama and Davies to head at goal. Photograph: Ian Walton/Getty Images


20 min: Wanyama trips Thompson just outside the box, on the left, and Millwall have a very dangerous free-kick. A few more positive signs from them now.

19 min: Williams gets a cross in for Millwall but Vorm claims easily. Spurs counter and Trippier has space in behind at the back post but lets the ball run beyond him a little wastefully.

17 min: Nothing comes out it and a bit of sloppiness from Spurs gives Millwall a throw-in right up the other end; their first real foray into opposition territory of the game. It doesn’t last long.

16 min: Millwall survive again as a fine diagonal ball from Tripper locates Alli, ghosting into the box, who sort of fades out of a potential challenge with King but the ball strikes him anyway and bounces towards goal before a defender hurriedly clears. Then Tottenham come once more and win another corner ...

15 min: Tottenham win a corner as Davies, found perfectly by Winks, drills a cross against Wallace. Eriksen’s inswinger is headed behind by Morison for a second flag kick. No aerial threat from Kane anymore of course, and Millwall are able to clear eventually.

12 min: Eriksen has a low shot blocked almost instantly. Millwall really haven’t got out at all yet.

11 min: Yes, here’s Eriksen. Spurs with a very fluid look to them.

10 min: We’re going to see Eriksen in Kane’s place, which is the latest slap in the face to Vincent Janssen, who Mauricio Pochettino plainly doesn’t fancy at all. Kane’s absence might help Millwall, who have been on the ropes – but will be of huge wider concern to Tottenham.

8 min: Now this is bad news for Tottenham – Kane appears to be coming off ... and indeed he’s making his way down the tunnel ...

Kane goes off,
Kane goes off, Photograph: Matthew Childs/Reuters


7 min: Another save from King – this time Son shooting from pretty much the same place as Kane did, with Alli screaming for it. Millwall can’t really carry on like this.

6 min: King has to save again after Kane is played in by Trippier. The angle is very, very tight towards the right byline but the shot is sharp and King repels it well. Kane goes down heavily on his ankle as he lands and requires treatment; with Kane off the pitch Tottenham take the corner and Winks ends up shooting with his left foot, King smothering at the second attempt. Four saves from him already.

Kane holds his ankle as he goes down injured.
Kane holds his ankle as he goes down injured. Photograph: Julian Finney/Getty Images


4 min: Early effort from Winks, putting a useful low curling effort in from 20 yards that goalkeeper Tom King parries to his left. Not the hardest save ever but had to be made. Then Son tries one from an angle and King gathers at his near post. Good start from Spurs.

3 min: Tottenham taking the sting out with some early possession around the box. The key for Millwall will be to make sure they get a foot on the ball here and there; they haven’t yet.

1 min: Martin Atkinson is the referee, by the way. Not too much feistiness for him to police in the opening minute.

Peeeeeeeeep! Away we go!

Spurs in white and dark blue; Millwall in all yellow. The Lions kick us off, via the greying figure of Steve Morison.

The teams are walking out at White Hart Lane – for the last-ever FA Cup tie at the stadium in its current form! Can Millwall do this? Make no mistake, with Tottenham’s form and the strength of the lineup they’ve put out, it would be an absolutely almighty shock.

Neil Harris applauds the fans ahead of kick-off.
Neil Harris applauds the fans ahead of kick-off. Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images


Rangers have equalised against Celtic with three minutes to play, by the way. You can imagine the scenes. Read on.


In case you weren’t aware, Millwall are unbeaten in 17 games and before last week’s 2-1 win over MK Dons they’d kept nine consecutive clean sheets. Tottenham should be strong enough to get it done here but they may need to be patient.

Nothing being left to chance at the Lane. If you’re there, how’s the atmosphere? Hopefully everyone is behaving.

Want to read about exactly what Harry Kane’s loan at Millwall did for him? Read this, from David Hytner:

What do we all think of Millwall? Is it me, or is the “no-one likes us” thing becoming a little bit inaccurate? We all rallied round them in their recent CPO battle, didn’t we? And Harris is working very hard to ensure they keep what has always been a pretty unique personality. It has had, and probably still has, some unsavoury elements but the positive side is the really special place Millwall hold in their community. In a football world where a lot of clubs are losing that, Millwall’s preservation of their identity surely has to be lauded.

Worth noting that Mousa Dembele misses out for Tottenham with an ankle complaint, by the way.

I spent a little bit of time with Neil Harris last week and what came across loud and clear was how much he loves the FA Cup. He’s a real traditionalist in that sense. “This is the best club competition in the world and it gives me the inspiration where I can stand in front of my players at five to two on Sunday dreaming we can make a semi-final,” he said. And why not?

While we await this one (kick-off 2pm UK time), let me introduce you to Rob Smyth’s MBM of Celtic v Rangers. It’s 1-0 to Celtic, it’s as lively as you’d hope, and there are about 40 minutes still to play.

Today's teams

Tottenham: Vorm; Trippier, Alderweireld, Dier, Vertonghen, Davies; Wanyama, Winks, Alli; Son; Kane. Subs: Lloris, Walker, Wimmer, Eriksen, Onomah, Sissoko, Janssen.

Millwall: King; Cummings, Craig, Williams, Webster; Wallace, Thompson, O’Brien, Cooper; Gregory, Morison. Subs: Girling, Hutchinson, Romeo, Butcher, Ferguson, Worrall, Onyedinma.

A strong Tottenham side, then – and they can always bring on Christian Eriksen if things aren’t going well.


Sunday afternoon, so Tottenham must be at home. They’ve made short work of Stoke and short-ish work of Everton at White Hart Lane on the last two weekends – but big a job will they be faced with against Millwall?

Neil Harris’s side have already beaten Bournemouth, Watford and Leicester in this competition, albeit all at the New Den. And Harris himself has a bit of previous at this stage of the FA Cup – in 2004 he scored what proved to be the winner in the Lions’ quarter-final replay at Tranmere and, as we all know, they ended up at the Millennium Stadium that May for a final against Manchester United. What price more of the same?

Well, Harris himself has said – as you might have seen in yesterday’s Guardian – that this cup run has been an altogether different kettle of fish, difficulty-wise, to what was a fairly kind run 13 years ago. But he’s also promised Millwall will give it a right go and, if they can achieve the near-impossible in keeping their former loanee Harry Kane quiet, who knows? It should be a pulsating atmosphere inside Tottenham’s home, anyway, and they have absolutely nothing to lose.

So let’s see how they get on. Get your emails and tweets in; can the Lions go one better than Lincoln and cause a shock in north London?

Nick will be here shortly. Until then, read Dominic Fifield’s interview with Tony Craig:

Tony Craig wears the scars as a badge of honour. There is the seven-inch track of a surgeon’s knife that snakes round the outside of his left knee from thigh to calf, a legacy of his attempt to block a shot from Bradford’s James Hanson in the autumn of last season. “He must have caught it quite well because it bent the joint back and took the hamstring tendon and lateral ligament completely away,” he says as if relishing a chance to relay every gruesome detail.

Read the full piece here:


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