Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Ajax: Champions League semi-final, first leg – as it happened

Spurs were outplayed as Ajax took a big step towards the final


Barney Ronay on a brilliant night for Ajax:

Read David Hytner’s player ratings:

A big setback for Spurs, then, but as their manager insists, it’s just 0-1 and they’re not out of it yet. See you here next Wednesday for the second leg in Amsterdam? Great news. In the meantime, here’s Daniel Taylor’s definitive match report. Thanks for reading this MBM. Nighty night!

Post-match press conferences. Streamed live, for your leisure and pleasure!

And here’s the verdict of Mauricio Pochettino. “We started not in a good way. My feeling is, they were more reactive, showed more energy, and it was difficult for us to play. Our lack of energy and our approach made it difficult. After we conceded, we started to build, Sissoko provided the team good energy. We started to play the way we wanted to play. In the second half we pushed them. We are still alive, we are only 1-0 down, we need to believe that we can go there and win. I cannot say the shape we started with was wrong, we did not have too many options. Of course I am not happy. Our lack of energy was the problem, we were a little bit sloppy, the shape was not why we conceded. Our approach wasn’t good. It is my responsibility always, because I am the manager. We must keep positive for the second leg.” No updates on Vertonghen.

A word with the Ajax match-winner Donny van de Beek. “For the first 30 minutes we player really good. After that, Tottenham changed something tactical and we had problems with that, but 1-0 is OK. Next week we have to finish it. I hope! The beginning was good and after we played not what we can. But we win, and we have to make a good plan for next week. We have to stay calm this week, because we play for the cup, we want to win that also, and then we play the second game. We can do better.”

More news on the stricken Jan Vertonghen. He’s still being assessed by the Spurs medical staff, but according to BT Sport no ambulance has been called, which is being taken as a good sign.

Christian Eriksen gives a full and frank appraisal of events. “We didn’t play our best at all. The first 20 minutes we were just ball-watchers. Against a team that likes possession, that’s a no-go. We have to change it up a lot for the next game. We made them look a lot better than they are. Of course they are a good side, but we helped them on their way. We gave them the feeling that they can control things. It was our fault. It didn’t matter what the system was, we were just second to every ball. It is far from what we know we can do. Nobody wanted to play the first half like we did. We need to step up. We are lucky they hit the post, because 2-0 would be a lot different next week. But hopefully we can turn things around in Amsterdam.”

A bad result for Spurs, extremely disappointing, though in truth it could have been worse. Ajax totally bossed the first half, Donny van de Beek sending Hugo Lloris off for the paper and slotting home, and could easily have gone in with a bigger lead. They nearly found that elusive second goal during a more equal second half, David Neres hitting the post having beaten a static Lloris. But one goal was enough for a first-leg advantage. Spurs never seriously troubled Andre Onana in the Ajax goal. On this evidence, turning this round in Amsterdam next week is a big ask. But never say never, because Son Heung-min will be back from suspension, and will pose Ajax some different problems. There’s always hope.

Ajax’s players come over to celebrate with their supporters after their victory.
Ajax’s players come over to celebrate with their supporters after their victory. Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images
The fans and players celebrate.
The fans and players celebrate. Photograph: The Guardian


FULL TIME: Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Ajax

Ajax have the advantage going into next week’s second leg in Amsterdam!

Davinson Sanchez of Tottenham Hotspur reacts after their 1-0 defeat to Ajax.
Davinson Sanchez of Tottenham Hotspur reacts after the final whistle. Photograph: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images


90 min +2: Foyth fouls Tadic out on the left wing. A free kick. In the background, Pochettino’s shoulders slump. He knows the jig is up tonight. His team will have to win in Amsterdam if they’re to reach the final.

90 min +1: Onana eats up most of the first minute with a goal kick. The home fans howl with impotent rage, because the referee sees nothing wrong with the keeper’s carry-on.

90 min: Foyth does extremely well to reach the byline down the right and whip a ball through the box. It nearly finds Alli, just to the left of the D ... but not quite. There will be three added minutes.

89 min: On the touchline, Pochettino blows out hard. It’s been a long night. Spurs don’t look like salvaging it. Can they find something that would put a whole different spin on events?

87 min: Huntelaar comes on for Ziyech.

86 min: Ajax stroke the ball around a bit. No urgency, but then the clock is their friend.

84 min: Space for Sissoko on the right. His cross is decent, but Llorente doesn’t attack it. An easy one for Onana.

83 min: Onana is taking his sweet time over his goal kicks. It’s something of a surprise that the referee hasn’t had a word with him, never mind booking him. But he’s getting away with it, and the crowd’s temper is brittle as a result.

82 min: Spurs push forward through Eriksen, who can’t find a killer pass but lays off to Moura, who is clipped over by Ziyech. A free kick, 25 yards out, a little to the right of centre. Eriksen’s eyes light up. But no, he decides against a direct strike, and looks for Alderweireld at the far post. He finds his man, but the defender heads weakly over the bar.

Tottenham’s Toby Alderweireld, third from left, fails to score as he heads the ball over the bar.
Tottenham’s Toby Alderweireld, third from left, fails to score as he heads the ball over the bar. Photograph: Frank Augstein/AP


80 min: Tottenham make their last throw of the dice, refreshing their full backs. Off come Trippier and Rose, on go Davies and Foyth.

78 min: Mazraoui powers his way down the right, tussling all the way with Eriksen to the edge of the box. He shuttles the ball inside for Tadic, who could shoot, but instead unselfishly offloads to Neres, in lots of space to his left. Neres looks for the bottom right, and beats Lloris but hits the bottom of the post. The ball bounces out and away. Spurs get away with a big one.

Ajax’s David Neres hits the post.
Ajax’s David Neres hits the post. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters


76 min: Eriksen works the ball left for Rose, who strides into the box and shoots. For a second, this looks extremely promising. But Veltman comes across and times his block perfectly. From the resulting corner, Eriksen balloons an awful effort miles over the bar.

74 min: It briefly threatens to kick off between Alli and Neres, a dispute over a throw near the halfway line for goodness sake. Pochettino is on hand to step in between the squabbling players and calm everything down in double-quick time.

73 min: Neres, out on the left, slips the ball inside for de Jong, who works it on to Tadic. Spurs just about keep the door shut. Ajax are showing signs of working their way back into their first-half groove.

71 min: Trippier plays a loose ball backwards and Tadic nips in. He’s dribbling towards the box with purpose. Trippier’s lucky that Alderweireld, Wanyama and Sissoko combine to close him down. For a split second there, another Ajax away goal looked on the cards.

70 min: Rose is again in an awful lot of space down the left. Sissoko spots him, and rakes a high crossfield pass towards him. Onana comes for everything, though, and here he is catching the high ball once more. He drops it, but only because Rose has clattered into him. Free kick. He’s fun to watch, Onana. An entertainer. A touch of the Grobbelaars about him.

Danny Rose of Tottenham Hotspur fouls Ajax keeper Andre Onana.
Danny Rose of Tottenham Hotspur fouls Ajax keeper Andre Onana. Photograph: Eric Verhoeven/Soccrates Images/Getty Images


69 min: Alli spreads a ball wide left to Rose, who is in acres. Rose for some reason attempts a first-time cross, instead of making his way into the box, and his ball doesn’t beat the first man. Blind heads clear, a dangerous situation wasted.

67 min: Sissoko barges Tagliafico in the back. The referee shoots him a try-it-on-once-more glance.

65 min: Ajax make their first change of the night. Schone is replaced by Mazraoui. Schone looks highly piqued at being hooked, but Ajax require a little boost in the midfield, and the decision’s been made.

63 min: Veltmen gifts Alli the ball out on the Spurs left, then hauls his man down in a panic. Booking. Eriksen whips the free kick into the box, low and hard. Llorente springs the Ajax line, but can’t connect with a flailing leg. Half a chance, that.

Tottenham’s Dele Alli surges forward.
Tottenham’s Dele Alli surges forward. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


62 min: Moura slips away from a dithering de Jong, just to the right of the Ajax box. He looks for Llorente with his cross, but can’t quite find his man. Spurs are beginning to push Ajax back at long last.

61 min: Moura is blocked as he makes his way down the right at speed. Free kick, and another chance for Trippier to launch long into the box. Which he does, but Ajax have held an absurdly high line, and there’s nobody at all in the area. Up goes Onana, pluckety pluck.

Tottenham’s Lucas Moura is tackled by Daley Blind (right) and Nicolás Tagliafico.
Tottenham’s Lucas Moura is tackled by Daley Blind (right) and Nicolás Tagliafico. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


59 min: Sissoko’s boot scrapes de Jong’s shin. It’s not the best challenge you’ll ever see, but the Spurs man gets away with it. Just a free kick in the midfield.

58 min: Eriksen sashays in from the left and causes some panic in the Ajax defence, nearly springing Llorente clear with a cute Cruyff-to-Haan-1971-style pass down the channel. But the door’s slammed shut just in time.

56 min: Moura makes his presence felt to the right of the Ajax D. The ball’s slipped wide to Trippier, who floats a cross to the back stick, where Alli rises highest. He should do much better than heading harmlessly over. Yet another thing to file under That’s Better, though.

55 min: Spurs are seeing more of the ball, too ... it’s just that they’re not doing a great deal with it. But this is a step up from their first-half performance. Having gone to a flat back four in the wake of Vertonghen’s departure, it’s amazing what an extra man in midfield can do.

53 min: Tottenham have been quicker into the tackle since the restart, and the crowd are responding in kind. Next step: give Onana some serious work to do. He’s had a very quiet night so far.

51 min: This is a really open game. A mistake by Sanchez allows Ziyech and Neres to bear down on the Spurs box. The ball breaks to Tadic on the penalty spot, but he can’t get a shot away. Rose slides in to hook the ball away from danger with Neres lurking.

50 min: Alli, Eriksen and Moura cause Ajax some problems on the edge of their box. The ball breaks back to Alli, in a little space down the inside left. The ball sits up nicely for a shot, which is whistled straight down Onana’s throat. The first shot in anger on target for Spurs.

Tottenham’s Lucas Moura, centre, duels for the ball with Ajax’s Nicolas Tagliafico, left, and Ajax’s Frenkie de Jong.
Tottenham’s Lucas Moura, centre, duels for the ball with Ajax’s Nicolas Tagliafico, left, and Ajax’s Frenkie de Jong. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


48 min: Rose wins a corner down the left. The set piece eventually finds Llorente, who goes on another tricky dribble down that flank, then Trippier hooks a cross into the mixer. Onana comes through a bunch of players to pluck from the sky.

46 min: Almost immediately from kick-off, Llorente juggles the ball on the edge of the Ajax box but can’t quite get a shot away. For a second, there was a big gap in that Ajax defence. Then the visitors go up the other end, Tagliafico dragging a shot wide right from 25 yards.

We’re off again! Ajax keep Spurs waiting before rocking up fashionably late for the second half. Spurs get the ball rolling again. No half-time changes. A big 45 minutes lies ahead. A little bit more on Vertonghen: he’s in the medical room being assessed by doctors. Just before tonight’s tale unfolds ahead of us, here’s a brief blast of common sense from Hubert O’Hearn: “I wish there was a rule allowing for a 10-15 minute substitution to properly check a player for concussion, with no penalty to the team.”

An update on Jan Vertonghen. According to BT Sport, he’s “OK in the dressing room”, which is wonderful news given his woozy condition as he was helped from the pitch. “Spurs have too much invested in this game for the physios and coaching staff to make a rational decision about the health of an important player like Jan Vertonghen,” argues Preston Goulson from across the pond. “Take that decision out of their hands and put an independent official on the sidelines to make a clear-eyed assessment. It was a critical step that the NFL took several years ago, and it will be just as important in football. There have been too many Hugo Lloris/Jan Vertonghen situations already, and it’s unconscionable.”

HALF TIME: Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Ajax

There’s just enough time for Sissoko to slice a powerful shot wide right from 20 yards, and that’s that for the first half. Strangely, given all that had gone before, and Ajax’s almost total dominance, the half-time whistle came at the wrong moment for Spurs, who were finally beginning to ask a question or two. That may give them succour for the second half.

45 min +3: A free kick for Spurs out on the right. Trippier curls it towards Alderweireld on the penalty spot, clear in a big gap between Blind and de Ligt. Alderweireld tries to guide a looping header into the top right; had it been on target, it was in, because Onana was beaten. But it drifts just over the bar. Spurs finally showing in attack, and it’s all about high balls hoicked into the box. Ajax don’t look comfortable dealing with them.

45 min +2: A bit of head tennis in the Ajax box, resulting from a Rose throw from the left. For the first time tonight, Ajax look a little panicked, with Llorente and Alli lurking. But Spurs can’t get a header goalwards, and eventually a dreadful Trippier cross from the right releases the pressure.

45 min: Ziyech, Schone and de Jong flick the ball down the right in pretty triangles. Once again, Spurs are nearly opened up. They really need to get through to half-time without conceding a second. And there are still five minutes to go, a lengthy period of stoppage time the result of poor Vertonghen’s injury.

43 min: Hearts in Tottenham mouths as Neres is sent clear down the left. He’s clear of Sanchez, momentarily. But the big defender makes up the ground, causing Neres to question himself as he enters the box and lose the run of his feet. Over he goes. And then the flag goes up late for offside anyway.

Tottenham’s Davinson Sanchez, front, tussles for the ball with Ajax’s David Neres.
Tottenham’s Davinson Sanchez, front, tussles for the ball with Ajax’s David Neres. Photograph: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP


42 min: Lucas Moura looks to be Tottenham’s best bet of getting back into this tonight. He dribbles with great purpose down the inside-left channel and enters the area. It’s a fine run, but Veltman comes in from behind and executes a perfectly timed tackle. No penalty. A corner, from which nothing comes.

41 min: Both teams are a little cold after the restart. Lucas Moura bursts down the inside-right channel and looks for a white shirt in the middle, but Onana snaffles. Then a free kick for Ajax, looped into the Spurs box; de Ligt back-flicks a header wide right.

39 min: No, this was obviously going to happen. Vertonghen appears incredibly unsteady, and he asks to come off. That immediately happens, with Sissoko coming on to take his place, Spurs shifting to a back four. Vertonghen makes to go down the tunnel, and then half-collapses. He’s caught by his concerned manager Pochettino. This is horrible to watch. He’s taken away looking very unsteady on his feet, down the tunnel, everyone’s thoughts with him.

37 min: Vertonghen finally gets a new pair of shirts and shorts. All the blood cleaned up. The referee double-checks with the Spurs bench that he’s been tested for concussion. The answer’s yes, and the player is eventually allowed back on. Here’s Ian Copestake: “Spurs are not so much all over the shop as standing outside said establishment waiting for the owner to arrive to open it up so they can start work.”

Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen is checked for concussion.
Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen is checked for concussion. Photograph: The Guardian


35 min: Vertonghen finally gets up. The poor lad’s face is in an awful state, but Spurs aren’t preparing a substitute. A new shirt and he’ll be back in a minute.

33 min: A long pause as Vertonghen is patched up. His top looks like Ajax’s home shirt right now. A broken nose, the result of nutting the back of his defensive partner’s head. Ooyah.

Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen clashes heads with teammate Toby Alderweireld.
Tottenham’s Jan Vertonghen clashes heads with teammate Toby Alderweireld. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


30 min: The first yellow card of the evening as Tagliafico dives in recklessly on Eriksen, who was making his way down the right. A free kick, and a rare chance to push Ajax back.

28 min: Lucas Moura probes down the right, but he runs into a cul-de-sac while looking for Trippier, who is nowhere nearby. Eventually he’s swarmed by Ajax shirts, and the ball’s back in Onana’s possession.

26 min: Spurs finally respond, Trippier swinging a free kick into the Ajax box from a deep position on the right. Llorente rises highest, but sends his header harmlessly wide right. A little better, though, and Spurs will take anything right now.

Tottenham’s Fernando Llorente misses a chance to score.
Tottenham’s Fernando Llorente misses a chance to score. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters


24 min: Spurs were opened up with indecent ease. Veltmen slips a pass inside from the left. Van de Beek dummies, allowing Tadic to ping the ball down the inside-left channel for ... van de Beek, who is clear, albeit facing Lloris from a tight angle. He should square for Neres to tap in; it would have been the rightful end to a glorious, fluid passing move. But he shoots instead, and Lloris saves. Spurs tidy up. That would have been as good a goal as you’ve seen for years.

Ajax’s Donny van de Beek shoots but this time his effort is saved by Tottenham Hotspur keeper Hugo Lloris.
Ajax’s Donny van de Beek shoots but this time his effort is saved by Tottenham Hotspur keeper Hugo Lloris. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian


22 min: Spurs wake up. Trippier is sent into space down the right by Eriksen ... but his cross is too long and easily mopped up by van de Beek. Near the centre circle, Rose and Veltman roll around on the floor in the agitated style, both accusing each other of roughhouse nonsense. When they get up, the ref tells them to stop being so bloody daft, grown men and all.

20 min: Spurs hack clear. But Ajax come back at them. Spurs hack clear again. Ajax come back once more. Spurs can’t hold onto the ball at all. Ajax have enjoyed 66% possession so far, playing like the home team. The stadium’s a lot quieter right now.

19 min: Neres is causing all manner of hassle. Now he’s dribbling his way down the right, and upended with too much force by Rose. This is effectively a corner out on the right. It’s hit long. Veltman attempts to head the ball back across the face of goal. Sanchez is forced to clank behind for another corner. From which ...

17 min: The VAR man had a quick look for possible offside, but no. The pause catches Spurs cold, because pretty much straight from the restart, van de Beek sends Neres away down the left. His low cross is hacked out for a corner that’s dealt with by Tottenham. But these are extremely worrying moments for Spurs, who are all over the shop here.

GOAL! Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 Ajax (van de Beek 15)

This had been coming. Neres makes his way down the left and cuts back. Ziyech, 25 yards out, slips a ball down the inside-right channel for van de Beek, who is clear! He sells Lloris several dummies, sits the keeper down, and slides the ball into the bottom left.

Ajax’s Donny van de Beek slots the ball home.
Ajax’s Donny van de Beek slots the ball home. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
Ajax’s Donny van de Beek celebrates with teammates after scoring.
Van de Beek celebrates his goal. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
Ajax fans celebrate their first goal.
The Ajax fans are happy. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters
Tottenham’s Fernando Llorente reacts after conceding their first goal scored by Ajax’s Donny van de Beek.
Fernando Llorente and his Spurs teammates less so. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters


13 min: Tadic and Neres combine well down the left. The ball’s hooked back to Ziyech, who shoots from the edge of the box. The ball deflects wide left to Neres, who is in acres and free ... and fortunately for Spurs, a shade offside. Relief for Spurs, who are second best right now.

12 min: Trippier gives the ball away cheaply with an aimless lump up the right wing. Ajax are able to come straight back at Spurs, Tadic momentarily causing concern with a dribble across the front of the Spurs box. The home side clear.

10 min: Ajax are beginning to stroke the ball around in their trademark style. They’re dominating possession. All in the middle of the park right now, but Spurs will need to watch themselves here, the visitors making themselves increasingly comfortable.

8 min: Alderweireld passes long and Llorente brings the ball down well. He turns but can’t find a man. The big striker is putting himself about nicely during these opening exchanges.

6 min: Blind clatters into Moura, who was racing across the middle of the park. A bit later in the game, and that may well have been a booking, but the referee waves play on, as Llorente had possession and was moving forward. The attack comes to nothing, and Blind can count himself lucky that the clock’s only just started ticking.

5 min: Sanchez dawdles over a simple clearance, and is quickly stripped of possession by van de Beek, who drives down the right and wins the first corner of the match. The resulting set piece finds the same Ajax player on the edge of the Spurs box, but he can’t set himself properly and hoicks a wild effort miles over the bar.

3 min: Lloris had looked a little edgy waiting in the tunnel, and here he is shanking a clearance straight to Veltman, who has a run down the inside-right channel. He loses control soon enough, but that caused a sharp intake of breath in the stands.

2 min: Can something be elegantly scrappy? If so, this is it, as both teams take turns to stroke the ball around for a bit, slowly working themselves into the game.

Tottenham’s Fernando Llorente tussles with Ajax’s Frenkie de Jong.
Tottenham’s Fernando Llorente tussles with Ajax’s Frenkie de Jong. Photograph: Dylan Martinez/Reuters


And we’re off! Pochettino and ten Hag embrace by the touchline, then Ajax get the first leg of this Champions League semi-final underway. You can hardly hear yourself think. This is one hell of an atmosphere! “Hell of a tackle right after the Cruyff turn,” notes Matthew Drake. “Two footed, scissor motion, studs showing. Impressive!”

The teams are out. And what an atmosphere at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium! The Spurs marching in; the Wall of Sound turned up to 11. One louder. It’s electric. The place is bouncing. Hugo Lloris looks a tad pensive but Christian Eriksen and Fernando Llorente seem happy and relaxed. Speaking of relaxed, Ajax captain Matthijs de Ligt, 19, wears the carefree expression of a man sauntering down the shops of a Sunday morning for a pint of milk and 20 Bensons. What an equilibrium! He’s 19! “Gah! I don’t know who to cheer for!” cripes-lummees Hubert O’Hearn. “Normally, I automatically cheer for any English side in any Cup. Yes, even the ones normally labelled ‘that lot’. But the Ajax story is so lovely, the name so brilliant in European football, the knowledge this wonderful squad will be ripped apart by transfer fee wolves in summer I – oh wait – yeah, I think I know who I’m cheering for. But if Spurs win, I won’t mind. Honest!”

The players take to the pitch.
The players take to the pitch. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian
Spurs fans welcome their team.
Spurs fans welcome their team. Photograph: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images


Pre-match video entertainment pt. IV. Here comes Ian Gillan, bearing gifts: a Smoke on the Water earworm, and a discovery that suggests everything we know is wrong. “As a historically minded chap I wondered if you’d be interested in something I’ve noticed from the Ajax-Panathanaikos final. Cruyff battles to retain possession around the 36m 10sec mark on this video before executing a rather familiar move, fully three years before the 1974 World Cup. The commentator reacts with ... well, complete disinterest.” Classic continental insouciance. And that’s the space-time continuum jiggered.

The 1971 European Cup final. Again. No need to thank us.


Mauricio Pochettinho speaks! Tottenham’s main man looks as relaxed as ever, and explains how a few of his players are doing. “It was a cautious decision to not play Vertonghen against West Ham. Today he is in condition to play and it is good news for us. Sissoko is on the bench and may have been available to play from the beginning but it is good news, because we have struggled a little in the last few weeks so to have more options is good. He is a very important player for us who does a fantastic job. It’s good to have him on the bench. The way we plan to play, it’s important to have a player like Llorente in front, and he can provide the team with experience. We think he can be very important for the team.”

Pennant watch pt. II. This is what Hugo Lloris will be handing over during the pre-match niceties. One of the great crests, of course, which is why it’s so unsettling to see all that text crammed in above the poor cockerel’s noggin. That can’t be comfortable.

More ceremonial bumf.
More ceremonial bumf. Photograph: Steve Bardens/UEFA via Getty Images


Pennant watch. Ajax will be playing in their change strip tonight, black shirts with gold epaulettes. Their first kit is of course a design classic, and the famous red vertical bar looks equally gorgeous on a heraldic pennon. You can’t go wrong. Although it’s a toss-up whether it’d look even better with the previous detailed, if old-fashioned, drawing of Ajax, rather than the 11-line modernist abstraction currently in use. Six and half-a-dozen, depending on mood.

Ceremonial bumf.
Ceremonial bumf. Photograph: Steve Bardens/UEFA via Getty Images


Tottenham make four changes to the side that lost to West Ham on Saturday. Son Heung-min is suspended, while Eric Dier, Juan Foyth and Ben Davies drop to the bench. Taking their spots: Fernando Llorente, Victor Wanyama, Jan Vertonghen and Kieran Trippier. Moussa Sissoko is back, but his groin problem limits the midfielder to a place on the bench.

Ajax are at full strength, making just one change to the team that swatted aside Juventus recently. David Neres comes in for Kasper Dolberg.

The teams

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Trippier, Sanchez, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose, Wanyama, Eriksen, Alli, Lucas Moura, Llorente.
Subs: Gazzaniga, Foyth, Walker-Peters, Davies, Dier, Skipp, Sissoko.

Ajax: Onana, Veltman, de Ligt, van de Beek, Neres, Tadic, Blind, Schone, de Jong, Ziyech, Tagliafico.
Subs: Varela, Sinkgraven, Huntelaar, Mazraoui, Magallan, Dolberg, de Wit.