'Sir Alex Ferguson is the man for England,' says Kenny Dalglish

• 'FA should look at who has been the most successful'
• Manchester United manager is 'the logical' first choice

Kenny Dalglish has indulged in some wishful Liverpool thinking before their visit to Old Trafford by advocating his old adversary Sir Alex Ferguson as the logical choice to succeed Fabio Capello as the England manager.

The Liverpool manager is acutely aware of his fellow Scot's aversion to coming to England's rescue or to leaving his post at Manchester United. However, picking up on a theme that his son, Paul, developed on his Twitter account on Thursday, Dalglish believes the Football Association should make another inquiry into his rival's availability.

"If I was the FA I'd be looking at the one who is the most successful, who has had the most successful results with British players since the Premier League started," Dalglish said. "If he is not available they should go down the list from there. They should always start with the most successful and work their way through. Is that not logical? You'd probably get a 'no' but you have to start from there."

Dalglish's tongue may have been firmly in cheek on the prospect of Ferguson managing England but, on a more serious note, he believes the FA must appoint someone with a working knowledge of the English game.

"I think it matters that they have an understanding of what they are going into and the mentality of the people they are going to manage, and not just the players but the country. You have to understand that but if they are getting results it doesn't really matter.

"[Giovanni] Trapattoni has done a magnificent job with the Republic of Ireland and I'm sure they are delighted that he's picked up the reins and understood it. There are non-nationals who have been successful but it is always better to have an understanding of what you are going to manage."

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