Sevilla 1-2 Bayern Munich: Champions League quarter-final first leg – as it happened

Bayern Munich recovered from a goal down and took a lead back to Germany for next week’s second leg thanks to Thiago Alcantara

Sevilla’s fans greet the final whistle with respectful applause. Their team gave it a good go and deserved the lead that Pablo Sarabia gave them in the 32nd minute. But it was cancelled out by an own goal from Jesus Navas five minutes later and Bayern Munich, who had been stodgy and disorganised, slowly took control in the second half. There was a feeling of inevitability about the winning goal from Thiago Alcantara, whose header means that Sevilla will have to win in Munich next Wednesday in order to reach the last four. That seems unlikely. Bayern will sense that they got the hard part out of the way this evening. Sevilla will probably agree with them. Maybe not, though. Only one way to find out! You’ll have to wait until next week, though. That’s all from me for now. Thanks for reading and emailing. Bye!

Full-time: Sevilla 1-2 Bayern Munich

Sorry, underdog fans.

90 min+1: There will be four minutes of the added stuff.

90 min: Pizarro’s booked for a late tackle on Robben.

89 min: Vazquez’s shot from the right zips straight at Ulreich.

88 min: Both of tonight’s quarter-finals look like being won by the away side. Exciting!

85 min: Muller’s booked for a nothing foul on Escudero, who made the most of not very much at all.

83 min: Robben shuffles a pass to Lewandowski on the left. The flag stays down and the striker turns to shake off a Sevilla defender before looking for the far corner. He doesn’t achieve enough curl with his shot.

82 min: Sarabia’s corner’s cleared, but the ball’s played back to him. He lifts a cross into the area and it comes to the unmarked Vazquez on the far side of the Bayern area. It won’t come down for him in time for a shot, though, so he has to turn and cross. The ball pings around the area for a bit and then it falls to Nzonzi, 18 yards out, but he screws his shot wide.

81 min: Sandro drives inside from the left and lets fly with his right foot, forcing Ulreich to push the ball behind for a corner.

80 min: Sevilla make another change, Luis Muriel replacing Wissam Ben Yedder.

79 min: Bayern make their final change: Arjen Robben replaces Franck Ribery. Nzonzi shoots wide from 30 yards.


78 min: Sandro Ramirez replaces the impressive Joaquin Correa.

77 min: Muller pings a low ball into the six-yard box, but Soria snaffles it.

76 min: It looks like Everton legend Sandro Ramirez is getting ready to come on for Sevilla.

72 min: James Rodriguez cuts inside from the right and aims for the far post with his left foot from 20 yards. Soria dives to his right to push the ball away. Bayern smell blood. Another goal would surely end this tie.

71 min: Muller charges through the middle, looking to kill Sevilla off, but his shot goes wide. Meanwhile Champions League expert Robbie Savage is talking nonsense on BT Sport, but that’s not news, I’m not sure why I mentioned it. As you were.

GOAL! Sevilla 1-2 Bayern Munich (Thiago, 68 min)

Ribery, who never stops probing, sets off on another haunt down the left. He cuts inside and lofts a ball to the far post. Thiago’s diving header clips Escudero’s heels and that’s enough to take the ball spinning over Soria’s dive! It had been coming. Bayern have turned this tie around.

Thiago Alcantara’s header is deflected past Soria by Escudero.
Thiago Alcantara’s header is deflected past Soria by Escudero. Photograph: Jon Nazca/Reuters


66 min: Bayern spring forward, Muller romping into space down the right. He has Lewandowski to look for in the middle. That’s where everyone’s attention is drawn. So Muller fools them all by chipping a cross to the far post, where Martinez is unmarked. He cushions a volley into the ground, but a sprawling Soria brilliantly denies him by pushing it over! What a save! Martinez looked bound to score. Perhaps a more emphatic finish would have done the job.

63 min: This has become a bit scrappy. Sevilla look flat, as though they’ve run out of ideas. Is Bayern’s big-game experience starting to tell?

60 min: Ribery lobs a cross towards the far post. Thiago’s overhead kick is harmless.

57 min: Bayern are beginning to exert control. Sevilla are getting pushed back a bit at the moment. Ribery cuts inside and looks to shoot, only for Vazquez to slide in and deny him at the crucial moment.

55 min: Vazquez concedes possession with an intricate flick that allows Thiago to tackle Pizarro. The ball comes to James, who sends a swerving effort just over from 25 yards.

53 min: Kimmich’s cross zips all the way over to Ribery on the left. He shuffles to the byline and Navas concedes a corner. James’s corner is cleared as far as Thiago. His snatched shot runs through to Muller, but he’s offside.

52 min: Arjen Robben is warming up. Bayern could do with him.


49 min: A bouncing ball comes to Ben Yedder near the centre circle. He uses his head to control and then spins brilliantly away from Boateng, leaving the Bayern centre-back for dead and spraying a pass out to Correa on the left. The winger turns a pass inside, into the Bayern area, and Vazquez looks like he’s going to sweep the ball past Ulreich, only for the stretching Martinez to whip it off his toes with a heroic challenge!

48 min: Bayern make good headway down the right. Muller cleverly cuts the ball back to Ribery, who goes for goal with a low sidefooter, only for his effort to hit Lewandowski, which at least reminds us of the Bayern striker’s existence.

46 min: Sevilla get the second half underway. Juan Bernat, who was at fault for Sevilla’s goal and was on a booking, has been replaced by Rafinha.

Half-time: Sevilla 1-1 Bayern Munich

It’s been an enjoyable half, but Sevilla will be sorely disappointed not to be ahead. Pablo Sarabia gave them a deserved lead, but it didn’t last long. Bayern have an unfortunate Jesus Navas own goal to thank for being level at the break.

45 min: Muller slips a pass to the overlapping Kimmich, whose low ball has to be put behind by Kjaer. Soon after Hummels knocks a pass over the top to Kimmich, but the flag goes up for offside.

43 min: Ben Yedder knocks a pass to Correa on the left. Bayern are open again. But Boateng cuts out Correa’s return pass.

41 min: Sevilla force a corner down the right. Ulreich punches Sarabia’s delivery away.

39 min: There’ll be an argument that Soria should have been quicker to react to the deflection off Navas. But in the goalkeeper’s defence, he had tried to read the ball from Ribery.

Robert Lewandowski celebrates after Soria fails to keep the ball from crossing the line.
Robert Lewandowski celebrates after Soria fails to keep the ball from crossing the line. Photograph: Sergio Perez/Reuters


GOAL! Sevilla 1-1 Bayern Munich (Navas own goal, 37 min)

Muller runs down the right, ever willing. He drills a pass inside to James Rodriguez. Sevilla look a bit exposed. James sends the ball to Ribery on the left of the area. He opens up his body and looks to send in a low cross with the inside of his right boot. But a deflection off the unfortunate Navas sends the ball spinning towards the near post and Soria can’t adjust in time. He dives low to his right and gets a hand to the ball, but he can’t stop it going over the line! What a stroke of luck for Bayern!

Franck Ribery’s shot is deflected off Navas.
Franck Ribery’s shot is deflected off Navas. Photograph: Adam Pretty/Getty Images


36 min: Vidal goes down with an injury of some sort. His evening’s over. James Rodriguez replaces the stricken Chilean.

35 min: Bayern are a bit rattled. Correa stops Kimmich from picking up the ball for a throw, so the right-back has nibble at him. The referee isn’t too interested in such shenanigans. Make no mistake, though, Sevilla are loving this. The stadium’s bouncing and Bayern don’t look sure of themselves at all, especially at the back.

34 min: A frustrated Bernat is booked for fouling ... I’ll level with you ... for fouling someone.

GOAL! Sevilla 1-0 Bayern Munich (Sarabia, 32 min)

Escudero pops up in another promising position on the left. He’s already shown he can put in a good ball, so that’s what he does here, curving one to the far post. Bernat’s dozing and that allows Sarabia to steal in behind him. He controls the ball - quite possibly with his left elbow - allows the ball to drop and then steers it past Ulreich! He’s made up for that earlier miss! Bayern might be annoyed when they see a replay, though.

Pablo Sarabia steers the ball past Ulreich.
Pablo Sarabia steers the ball past Ulreich. Photograph: Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images


31 min: Nzonzi feeds a pass through to Sarabia in midfield. He scoots forward and decides to check if Ulreich’s awake. It’s a good effort, struck well, but Ulreich dives to his left to beat it away.

30 min: Ribery, under pressure on the left, uses some trickery to win a corner despite being hemmed in by Sarabia and Navas. Escudero heads the corner out for a throw.

28 min: The corner’s lifted in from the right, but Ulreich’s able to punch it away. Other than that glaring miss from Sarabia, there’s been a lack of goalmouth action at either end so far. Good game, though. Both teams are playing with attacking intent.

27 min: Nzonzi turns adroitly in midfield and lifts a pass over Bernat for Navas to chase. Navas’s pressure forces Bernat to turn the ball behind for a Sevilla corner. He must have learnt that under Pep.

26 min: Bayern give the ball away in midfield and Vazquez makes off with it. He wasted a similarly promising position earlier and he does so again here, shooting weakly from 25 yards. Up the other end, Thiago lets fly with a bit more conviction. But his 25-yarder flies straight at Soria, who hasn’t had much to do.

23 min: Boateng hoicks a high ball into the Sevilla area, but towards no one in particular. Out it goes for a goal-kick. Bayern aren’t doing a great deal.

Sevilla’s Pablo Sarabia reacts after missing a good chance.
Sevilla’s Pablo Sarabia reacts after missing a good chance. Photograph: Jon Nazca/Reuters


20 min: Escudero finds space on the left and swings in a dangerous cross towards the near post. Ben Yedder attacks it and a desperate touch from Hummels only diverts the ball into the middle of the area, falling perfectly for Sarabia. He’s in acres of space, no more than eight yards out, and with the ball on his right foot. He only has Ulreich to beat and he looks certain to score as he opens up his body. The Sevilla fans get prepared to roar - and then they howl as they watch Sarabia places his shot inches wide of the left post! What a miss!

19 min: Sevilla will be pleased with how this is going. They’re not overawed.

Sevilla fans at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.
Sevilla fans at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. Photograph: Adam Pretty/Getty Images


17 min: A lull.

15 min: This is hotting up now. Correa diddles into the area, Kimmich out of position. He’s a direct runner, Correa, and he falls to the turf after going past Boateng, claiming contact from Vidal. The Sevilla bench jump up, but the Italian referee isn’t having it. Correa’s booked for diving.

13 min: Out of nowhere, it all gets rather feisty! A few saucy tackles fly in and Ben Yedder goes flying after being barged over by Boateng - Vidal was also trying to hack him down from behind. Play continue, but not for long. Ribery trips Sarabia and then he pushes Ben Yedder. A debate ensues between various players from both sides. Ribery’s booked. The eventual Sevilla free-kick is forgettable.

11 min: Sevilla break, Correa doing well on the left and releasing Vazquez through the middle. Sarabia makes a good run to his right, but Vazquez delays the pass and ends up making a mess of it. He falls over in an embarrassed heap, hoping to con the referee to give him a free-kick as a consolation, but he’s ordered to get back to his feet.

10 min: Kimmich makes progress down the right and wins Bayern’s third corner. This one doesn’t come to much, though, Ribery belting it all the way out for a throw on the opposite side. Bayern swiftly win the ball back, though. Vidal flicks a pass to Muller, who bends one over from 25 yards.

Bayern’s Franck Ribery takes on Steven N’Zonzi.
Bayern’s Franck Ribery takes on Steven N’Zonzi. Photograph: Miguel Morenatti/AP


7 min: Sevilla make problems for themselves when Nzonzi plays a blind pass straight to Ribery. The winger races towards the Sevilla area and sees his shot deflected wide for a corner, which comes to nothing.

5 min: Lewandowski chases after a long ball down the right channel. Soria runs out of his area to boot the ball out for a throw. Bayern are after an early goal here. They press down the right again and Kimmich crosses from the right. Soria claws it away unconvincingly.

3 min: Sevilla respond in kind, Escudero darting to the left and reaching the byline, but his deep cross is headed straight at Ulreich by Sarabia.

2 min: A challenge from Vidal in the middle sends the ball to Ribery on the left. The Frenchman scoots down the flank and combines with Bernat before winning a corner. Ribery swings the corner to the far post and the unmarked Hummels heads a decent chance a yard or two wide.

Peep! Bayern Munich, all in red, get us going in a raucous atmosphere. They’re kicking from left to right in the first half and their first task might be to silence the deafening din.

The two teams line up in Seville.
The two teams line up in Seville. Photograph: Miguel Morenatti/AP


Here come the teams! It’s still bright in Seville and the home fans sound like they’re up for this. We’ll be underway soon.

“I was already primed to follow the Juve V Real MBM while pretending to work this afternoon, but then I read your piece on the repeating elite few, and thought that I’d change, and mentally cheer on Sevilla against the German machine, just to favour the underdog,” says John Willoug. “Talking of small mammals, you also mentioned cats, and I expect to see one or two, because it was that that sealed the deal...”

Bayern have been knocked out by Spanish opponents in each of the past four seasons, but Sevilla aren’t quite at the level of Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid. They’re seventh in La Liga and have conceded 46 goals in 30 league games. They’ve also shipped 13 goals in this competition from the group stage onwards. Robert Lewandowski, who’s scored hat-tricks in two of his past four matches, will be licking his lips.

Vincenzo Montella has made a big call in goal, dropping Sergio Rico after his performance against Barcelona on the weekend and bringing in David Soria, the No2. Rico was arguably at fault for Leo Messi’s equaliser, but the change is being viewed as a gamble. Montella has other concerns, though. Gabriel Mercado’s absence means Jesus Navas, the assist machine, starts at right-back and the vital Ever Banega is also missing, meaning Guido Pizarro is in central midfield. That’s a huge blow. Banega was so good against Manchester United. Then again, so was two-goal hero Wissam Ben Yedder, who replaces Luis Muriel up front.

At least Bayern Munich have an issue with their line-up, namely the absence of David Alaba with a back injury. Juan Bernat starts instead of the Austrian left-back. Mats Hummels replaces Niklas Sule and perhaps Sevilla should take it as a compliment that James Rodriguez is on the bench. Thiago Alcantara starts in a slightly more conservative midfield. James is on the bench, though, and so’s Arjen Robben. There’s firepower on the pitch and in reserve.

Team news

Sevilla: Soria; Navas, Lenglet, Kjaer, Escudero; N’Zonzi, Pizarro; Sarabia, Vazquez, Correa; Ben Yedder. Subs: Rico, Geis, Pareja, Nolito, Arana, Muriel, Sandro.

Bayern Munich: Ulreich; Kimmich, Hummels, Boateng, Bernat; Martinez, Thiago, Vidal; Muller, Lewandowski, Ribery. Subs: Starke, Wagner, Sule, Rafinha, Rudy, James, Robben.

Referee: Daniele Orsato (Italy)


Hello. Shocks in the modern Champions League era don’t happen very often. There’s too much money swilling about at the top end of the game for the elite to be inconvenienced unduly. Sure, you might get a surprise now and then, but a perfect set of circumstances are required for them to occur, which is why the latter stages of this tournament have mostly been dominated by a select few for what is beginning to feel like an eternity.

Is that a criticism? Yes, no, maybe so. For the sake of an easy life, let’s call it an observation. After all, some people are fine with the idea of a closed shop at the top, with the old big-eared trophy being shared around the same old faces every few years, or maybe just chucked between Barcelona and Real Madrid until the end of time, as at least means a guarantee of some quality matches holding attentions addled by shiny screens and cute pictures of cats (this MBM will feature plenty of those, don’t you worry!).

But there are others who prefer an injection of unpredictability - sometimes the story needs an unexpected twist - and maybe that’s where Sevilla come in this season. Vincenzo Monetalla’s side have already claimed one scalp in making it this far, using every last drop of their football heritage to stun Manchester United at Old Trafford in the previous round, and underestimating the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Europa League winners feels ill-advised now. Reputations don’t scare them; they proved that by pushing Barcelona to the limit on the weekend, forcing the La Liga champions to turn to Leo Messi for salvation, and Bayern Munich, one of those esteemed heavyweights we were talking about in paragraphs one and two, are unlikely to relish tonight’s first leg at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.

Hold on a minute, though. Sevilla are seventh in La Liga for a reason and this is going to be much harder than anything United threw at them, partly because Bayern are likely to launch at least one attack. This isn’t Carlo Ancelotti’s doughy Bayern, it’s Jupp Heynckes’s steely and focused Bayern, and the smart money is on them exposing Sevilla’s eccentricities at the back and lack of high-grade class in attack. The perennial Bundesliga champions are well and over their brief autumn crisis, as demonstrated by their destruction of Borussia Dortmund a few days ago, and it’s doubtful they were too disappointed with this draw given that alternatives included Barca, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City and Real Madrid. Upsets are fun, but Bayern will look at this a wonderful chance to reach the last four yet again. You can’t beat familiarity!

Kick-off: 7.45pm