Sevilla 0-5 Barcelona: Copa del Rey final – as it happened

  • Suárez scores twice as Barcelona dominate
  • Messi, Iniesta and Coutinho complete scoring

Read Sid Lowe’s report from Madrid.

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It really was great to see Barcelona is fine form. And lovely for Iniesta to get his moment in the sun.

Until we meet again.

There are a few defiant Sevilla fans in the stands but they are being drowned out by those from Barcelona. The Andalucians really failed to offer anything in the way of a repost to the slick styles of Barcelona.

Full-time: Sevilla 0-5 Barcelona

The Catalans were absolutely superb from start to finish and thoroughly deserved to thrash a mediocre Sevilla in the Copa del Rey final. Everyone was superb for the azulgrana. The emotions in the stands are superb to hear and a worthy send-off to Iniesta.

90 min: Not long to go now. Chats of “Andres Iniesta” to the tune of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You are going round the stadium. What a lovely way to finish a great game (for Barcelona)

88 min: Here we are...Iniesta is getting hugs, handshakes and high fives from all on the pitch, not to mention chants and cheers from the stands. What a game he has had! What a Barcelona career he has had! The less successful Denis Suarez now comes on.

Andres Iniesta celebrates scoring.
Andres Iniesta celebrates scoring. Photograph: David Ramos/Getty Images

86 min: The final few minutes now just seem to be part of Iniesta’s testimonial as the game is reduced to the slowest of paces. On the upside, Nolito is now one. Great news for Manchester City fans.

84 min: Jesus Navas has been 10 times better than anyone else in a white shirt tonight, which is impressive. He’s looked incredibly dangerous down the right but not had anyone in the box to convert his crosses.

82 min: Coutinho is off now. Dembele is the man to replace him. Layun is on for Sevilla, not that he will really get to enjoy playing in a final.

79 min: The game is just a bit of a procession now. One assumes Iniesta will be taken off soon in order to receive a standing ovation and that’s all we have to look forward to.

77 min: Banega finally does something in the final third but only succeeds in cracking the ball high over the back from 30 yards. A sign of how out of the game he has been today.

75 min: More competence from Navas who gets round Alba and lifts the ball to the backpost but with two men waiting, Sevilla can’t find the back of then net as Cillessen dives to his left to repel Sarabia.

Busquets is taken off, probably just to keep him calm.

73 min: Sevilla are chucking in some cheap shots now, just out of frustration. Then Busquets tries to get his own back by lunging in on Vazquez. There was a bit of a scuffle on the ground, too. Both players are booked, which resolves the situation.

Not a bad pairing.

Lionel Messia and Andres Iniesta celebrate.
Lionel Messia and Andres Iniesta celebrate. Photograph: Ballesteros/EPA

GOAL! There was a lot going on there. Suarez backheeled the ball into Lenglet’s hand but Coutinho reacted will to force the ball home. However, the referee pointed to the spot for a penalty, rather than award the goal. Even though Suarez is on for a hat-trick, Coutinho was permitted the opportunity to get the goal he deserved, so he stepped up and calmly sent the goalkeeper the wrong way.

Goal! Sevilla 0-5 Barcelona (Coutinho, pen, 69)

From the spot.

66 min: Messi and Iniesta combine on the edge of the are but with the Argentine going into the box, he is tackled and the ball goes behind. Iniesta wants a free-kick for another Mercado foul but the referee is having not of it, so books the Barcelona man instead.

64 min: Sevilla almost get on the scoresheet when Sandro breaks down the left, gets clear of the defence but his shot goes straight at Cillessen with Sarabia went for a pull back. Oh well, it won’t make a difference overall.

63 min: Coutinho plays with Vazquez, nutmegs him but the Sevilla man gets his revenge by clearing him out.

62 min: Now the television director is just panning around the ground looking for really sad Sevilla fans. Luckily for him, there are lots of them. Just need a crying child to complete the set.

Everyone should like this, John.

59 min: A less positive moment for Iniesta as he fouled by Vazquez. He seemed to catch him on the top of his foot there. Do not worry everyone, Iniesta is back up.

57 min: Sevilla have suffered here tonight, it has not gone well for them. They needed to be at their best and they have fallen far below that throughout. Only Navas has looked competent, so far.

You can’t knock him...

55 min: Almost 5-0! Messi swung in a free-kick for Suarez to head towards goal but Soria stopped the ball but could not hold it, allowing Umtiti to fire in a shot from a yard but the goalkeeper managed to recover and repel the Frenchman.

GOAL! There are tears in the Sevilla end after Iniesta enjoys some great interplay with Messi 20 yards from goal, before the Spaniard runs into the box to collect a pass from the Argentine, he then rounded the goalkeeper and slotted the ball into an empty net. He was very emotional in his celebration, as Iniesta knows this will be his last final for the club before moving to China.

Goal! Sevilla 0-4 Barcelona (Iniesta, 52)

It just had to be Iniesta.

51 min: Barcelona are keeping it calm and ensuring they do not lose possession. Messi performs a wonderful turn and then plays the ball to Coutinho but the Brazilian runs it out of play.

49 min: Iniesta lifts the ball over the top for Suarez to run onto, the Uruguayan in turn then aims a pass for Messi but he can’t get it over the top and the ball is cleared.

Down the other end Vazquez smashes a shot from 14 yards but Alba dives to block it, injuring himself in the process.

47 min: Sandro did come on at the break but Ben Yedder is still sat on the bench, which is a touch strange. Navas sends in another decent cross but Barcelona aren’t really concerned and the attack breaks down due to an offside.

Kick-off - second half!

Here we go again! a goal...

Don’t worry Sevilla fans! It looks like Sandro is going to make a grand entrance at half-time.

He’s pretty prolific...

There really is no way back for Sevilla here, which is a shame. The second-half will instead just be a desperate attempt to regain some pride and avoid losing by double figures.

Half-time: Sevilla 0-3 Barcelona

It really has been a completely dominate performance from Barcelona, who have run away with it thanks to two Suarez goals and one from Messi. Sevilla have looked woeful, to be fair.

44 min: Suarez is caught on his ankle. Mercado knew what was doing there. Horrible little effort from the defender. That is his final warning but getting sent off might be less painful than being ripped apart by Barcelona.

42 min: Obviously, Barcelona have been great but Sevilla have offered little going the other way. You really need to be at your best to stop the likes of Barcelona and instead, Sevilla have looked slow and weak. The game is very much over, bar some shouting.

GOAL! Barcelona are running away with this. Suarez dribbles towards the area, plays a one-two with Messi who dissects the defence, allowing the Uruguayan to run through and bury it form 16 yards. Superb stuff. What a joy it is to watch Barcelona in this form. Oooooof!

Goal! Sevilla 0-3 Barcelona (Suarez, 40)

A perfect move, finished superbly.

38 min: Messi spun Escudero 70 yards from goal and the defender pulled down the Barcelona man. Escudero was the last man but is only booked. It was pretty much on the halfway line but Messi was away from him.

37 min: Can Sevilla get back into this? Only Navas has shown any intent going forward so something needs to change. Sandro has been sent to warm up but few would back him to turn things around.

A decent player...

34 min: Mercado is shown a yellow card for just cleaning out Suarez at shin height. A horribly cynical challenge, caused by the defender’s frustration.

33 min: Messi should have had a great chance for another when he is sent clear of the defence but he assistant wrongly lifts his flag to signal an offside. More chances will come, though.

GOAL! Iniesta sends the ball out to Alba who plays a one-two with his team-mate, before getting a touch of luck in a challenge with Navas, allowing the left-back to backheel the ball into Messi’s path and he just smashes the ball into the net from eight yards.

Goal! Sevilla 0-2 Barcelona (Messi, 31)

A great move, finished by a great player.

30 min: Navas is the most dangerous man for Sevilla (who would have thought it?) and he sends in another lovely cross, this time to the back post, where Vazquez is waiting but he heads the ball straight into the arms of the waiting Cillessen. He really should have done better.

28 min: Banega is dispossessed 60 yards from own goal, allowing Barcelona to break on Sevilla. The ball ends up with Iniesta on the edge of the box but his strike from 20 yards hits the bar and bounces down. Surely he needs to score in his last final for the club...

26 min: The game has been a touch more even since the opener but Barcelona look like they’re toying with Sevilla and could pick them off at any time. The Catalans are keeping it simple but they are always one superb pass away from slicing Sevilla open.

23 min: Navas is doing well down the right and he has just struck a powerful low cross along the six-yard box but no one from Sevilla can get a good enough touch on it as it trickles off wide.

Long ball side...

21 min: Suarez gets his first telling off from the referee after smashing into the back of Marcado on the touchline. Delightfully aggressive from the Uruguayan who looks like he might want a taste of flesh later.

19 min: Messi dribbles towards the box but is repelled by about four defenders who surrounded the Argentine. Sevilla know how important it is to keep Messi quiet, that’s for sure.

17 min: Sevilla have it all to do now and have not looked like offering much going forward so far and Barcelona are in the mood, so it might be a long night for the Andalucians here. Navas puts in a dangerous cross towards Muriel but Barcelona get it behind for a corner.

GOAL! A classic Barcelona was a long ball over the top from goalkeeper Cillesen who could see Coutinho had space to run in behind, so launched a pass from his own area beyond the defence to the Brazilian who dribbled into the area, forcing the goalkeeper to back track, and then dinked the ball over Soria to Suarez who hit it into an empty net from a yard.

Luis Suárez stretches to put Barcelona ahead against Sevilla in the Copa del Rey final after brilliant work from Philippe Coutinho.
Luis Suárez stretches to put Barcelona ahead against Sevilla in the Copa del Rey final after brilliant work from Philippe Coutinho. Photograph: Juan Carlos Hidalgo/EPA


GOAL! Sevilla 0-1 Barcelona (Suarez, 14)

A tap in, in the end.

11 min: Suarez does not look like he will be giving up on anything today. The Uruguayan is at his fiery best so will be causing all sorts of problems for the Sevilla defence.

9 min: After Suarez was fouled 30 yards from goal, Messi is given his first chance to have a pop on goal. The little magician almost does the business from a long way out but Soria moves across his line quickly to get a big right hand to the shot to stop it going into the back of the net as it look set to hit the postage stamp.


7 min: Barcelona are dominating possession and almost all of the opening stages have been spent in Sevilla’s half but they’ve been unable to create a real openings.

A Barcelona fan gets in the mood.
A Barcelona fan gets in the mood. Photograph: Juan Medina/Reuters

5 min: Suarez is ruled offside after being sent through, he didn’t get to the ball in the end but he is happy to wag his finger at the officials as the video evidence proves he was certainly onside.

3 min: Not much happening here. We had a delay for some shoe lace tying, which allowed even less time for anything to happen.


1 min: Here we go! It is impressively lively in the ground. Pyros all round!

JESUS NAVAS AT RIGHT BACK! This is what I am about. As a Manchester City fan, I have a lot of time for him doing very little of use on a football pitch.

There are a few boos for the anthem but there are no words to the Spanish anthem, which is nice. Not sure Barcelona will appreciate being forced to play an extra game in the capital.

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Almost ready at the Wanda...

Messi is looking pretty relaxed.

Lionel Messi warms up.
Lionel Messi warms up. Photograph: Lluis Gene/AFP/Getty Images

Ever Banega has called for 90 minutes of high-octane action in order to give Sevilla a chance of causing an upset.

If we are intense on all fronts and focused at every minute, we can definitely do it.

It is 90 minutes of work, we have to see where we can play, where they might slip up.

You always have to go in with respect, with humility, but I think the team is ready to have a great match.

This team is mentally prepared for this game. It’s clear that we don’t come into the game as we’d want to, but anything can happen in a game and we’re going to try and make it happen.

I really want Wallace and Torode at the FA Cup final now.

Flags and scarves galore...

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Another one of two tonight?

I spent the 2009 Copa del Rey final between Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona watching it on the rammed streets of Bilbao. When Gaizka Toquero scored an early opener all the Basques thought a shock was on, but four Barcelona goals ruined the night for many. Not for me, I stayed out until 4am and still made it into work at 8am. Great days.

Not really a rematch then...

We can all look forward to Sid Lowe’s report later...

Coutinho starts tonight and he will be hoping to earn his first piece of silverware as a Barcelona player. He has left behind the Champions League for this, so he will need to a pay-off in terms of a trophy.

Some would have thought he might have been on the bench in Madrid but he has his chance to prove he can be a huge influence on a big game.

I came here to play these types of matches and win titles. Being able to play a final is a very important and very happy moment.

The days leading up to it are experienced with an eagerness to play, they are great moments and I am anxious for it to arrive. It’s my first chance to play a final with Barça and I’ll do everything that depends on me so we can play a great game.”

In a final you never know what can happen, it’s all different. It will be a great game and we have to play like Barça and look at our goals, always trying to win.

Even winning the Copa del Rey and the league title might not making it a successful season for Barcelona, as Ernesto Valverde knows and certainly will not be taking Sevilla lightly.

There was a similar situation against Roma, where Barca were very much the favourites and people were already perhaps thinking about the next stage and it didn’t happen. The important thing is to think you could lose the match - if you go into the game thinking only that you can win it, that is when you are in trouble. Our La Liga game (on March 31) was a warning because Sevilla were ahead for much of that game, Barca just managed to sneak two late goals. It shows what a very good team they are and perhaps their league position (seventh) is because they have been concentrating on playing in the Champions League and the cup as well, which has possibly taken its toll.


Things are getting lively in Madrid...

Starting line-ups

Barcelona: Cillessen; Roberto, Pique, Umtiti, Alba; Busquets, Rakitic, Iniesta; Coutinho, Messi, Suarez

Substitutes: Ter Stegen, N. Semedo, Denis Suárez, O. Dembélé, Paulinho, Paco Alcácer, Vermaelen

Sevilla: Soria; Navas, Mercado, Lenglet, Escudero; Banega, N’Zonzi; Sarabia, Mudo Vázquez, Correa, Muriel

Substitutes: Rico, Layun, Carriço, Pizarro, Nolito, Sandr, Ben Yedder



Welcome to a re-match of the 2016 final, which Barcelona naturally won. We are all expecting them to do the same tonight but Sevilla have caused a few upsets in big games this season, as Manchester United will testify. The Catalans played a second string against Celta Vigo in midweek, resulting in a 2-2 draw. Their quiet outing against the Galicians means they should be fit and ready to turn over a side who currently sit seventh in La Liga. If Barcelona do win today, it will be their 30th Copa del Rey title, which is a decent record.

While Barcelona have Lionel Messi, Sevilla can call upon Jesus Navas to make a difference. They also have a pretty impressive midfield in the form of Ever Banega and Steven Nzonzi, two players capable of dominating in the centre of the park. Back in 2016, Banega was sent off in the final, meaning he will be looking for redemption in Madrid.

Sevilla need to be at their best but Barcelona have shown a few times in recent weeks that they are fallible in many ways, but will they be able to do it tonight? Let’s find out together.