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The week in football: Rangers, Barcelona, Brady and Falcao; equality news; plus whip-round of the week

Fresh starts of the week

Rangersrunning up a new £14.4m loss a year after liquidation; and ex-Rangers chief executive Charles Green – spending his £933,000 pay deal on an 18th century French château in Normandy, with space for 30 horses. Green told Ouest France: "This is where I start my new life. It's as if the castle said: 'Buy me'."

Fifa's week

Giving Fifa a lift after another tough month: the prompt conclusion of an inquiry into Qatari slave state allegations, led by Ali bin Samikh al-Marri, head of Qatar's national human rights committee. His verdict: "There is no slavery or forced labour in Qatar."


New last week in modern football:

1) Sunderland name South African Airways their new Official South African Airline Partner.

2) Hublot reveal they became PSG's Official Watch Partner due to the two firms' shared values of "good taste, elegance and luxury"; PSG mark the deal by handing players engraved watches from the Big Bang range, worth up to £85,000 each.

3) Dorchester manager Phil Simkin, 60, registers himself as a player after his squad were all transfer listed due to a £150,000 debt. "It's very sad. It's hard to see a way forward."

Speech of the week

New Tory business ambassador Karren Brady, backing public sector cuts after Labour "all but bankrupted the country" – six months after she secured £150m of public money to refit West Ham's new ground.

Democracy news

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell – accused by a fans group of "a lack of transparency and an undemocratic culture" – avoiding a vote of confidence after Barça raised the number of signatures needed to force a ballot from 5% to 15%. Rosell denies wrongdoing.

War on racism update

Hungary: Budapest prosecutor Peter Polt, explaining why police took no action against Ferencvaros fans who marked the death of a Nazi war crimes suspect in August by displaying an "In memoriam Laszlo Csatary" banner during a game against Jewish club MTK. Polt said the sign was not accompanied by "such behaviour that would elicit fear", and was only shown "for about 10 seconds".

Manager news

Last week's exits:

• Italy, 6 Sep: Genoa president Enrico Preziosi hails coach Fabio Liverani. "My intention for this season? To use just one coach – and this is a great coach. I defend him." 23 Sep: "All these questions about his future, they just make no sense to me." 29 Sep: Sacks him.

• Brazil, 19 Sep: Ricardo Silva returns to manage ASA de Arapiraca, two months after being dismissed. "The board asked me to come back and I accepted. There's no problem between us – that's football. They now want us to turn the club round together." 2 Oct: They sack him again.

Meanwhile: best empathy

Birmingham chairman Peter Pannu: "It's very difficult for Lee Clark: he has his arms and legs tied at the moment given our financial constraints ... I regret we cannot give our manager more financial support." Pannu's 2011-12 pay deal: £687,611 basic, plus £405,000 for "consultancy".

Pledge of the week

£53m Radamel Falcao on life at new club Monaco. "I don't intend to leave, I'm happy at Monaco and this is where I want to be. I'm very pleased, and, right now, I'm loyal to my club."

Best innovation

Italy: Bologna's church-run CSI league introducing blue cards to punish "acts of blasphemy". League president Andrea De David says a successful trial showed players accept the cards, which carry an eight-minute suspension, "with good grace. They apologise, then they move on."

Best whip-round

Brazil: SC Requena's players – paying a month's wages each to have their manager sacked. Captain Isaac Valle told media the move was "unusual, but life here was so ugly. The board could not afford to pay off Julio Martínez, so we had a collection. It was worth it."

Best new man

France: Montpellier owner Louis Nicollin, 70 – posing for a photo with the club's women's team. "Women's football has been so maligned, but I think they are charming, cute. I think they are even more beautiful than basketball players. Though maybe volleyball players are the most beautiful. But footballers, not bad."

Plus: publicity news

Brazil: Ten "Miss Bumbum" pageant finalists staging an exhibition match, refereed by model Andressa Urach. Urach, who claimed a "love tryst" with Cristiano Ronaldo in May, told the press: "I like publicity. I simply say this to the media: talk good about me, talk bad about me – just talk about me."

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