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Chelsea on racism; Cagliari's groundhog day; Gigi Becali on gay players; plus playground bully of the week

Club of the week

Chelsea – backing John Terry, two weeks after calling in police over "unacceptable, disgusting and abhorrent" racist tweets aimed at Mikel John Obi, and restating the zero-tolerance policy that led them to ban fans for life in May for "racial and abusive" insults towards players. "Chelsea FC abhors all forms of discrimination. They have no place in our club."

Best consensus

Mail Online readers on the FA's response to Terry's use of "fucking black cunt" as an insult: "Enough with this! Anton called Terry names, Terry called Anton names, and nothing more … It's PC nonsense."; "It's the FA saying 'look at how PC we are'."; "Usual PC claptrap from the FA."; "The FA are out of touch with reality."; plus: "Bunch of girls."

Money news

Leading the fight against inflated football economics: Ivan Gazidis, Arsenal's chief executive, backing financial fair play because of how salaries have "exploded": "Where does all this end? What's the end game in just simply seeing ever-increasing, spiralling spending?" (24%: Gazidis's latest pay rise, to £2.15m.)

President of the week

Cagliari's Massimo Cellino:

2 Nov 2011: Tells fans to lay off coach Massimo Ficcadenti. "I'm not even thinking of sacking him. He's a good man. It's time to be serious, earnest and, above all, level-headed." 9 Nov: Sacks him.

1 Oct 2012: Tells fans to lay off Ficcadenti, having re-hired him in March. "Again, his critics are wrong. I will not throw a good man to the beasts. It would be far too easy to sack him." 3 Oct: Sacks him.

Last week's other moves

1 Oct: Bournemouth owner Eddie Mitchell on protests against manager Paul Groves: "I know things aren't right. Everybody can see that, including the manager. I have no immediate intention to relieve anybody of their duties. It's my responsibility to stick behind and believe in the people I employ." 3 Oct: Sacks him.

29 Sept: Chievo's sporting director Giovanni Sartori: "Is Di Carlo's job up for debate? Of course not. Mimmo has our total faith and we are going ahead with him." 2 Oct: Goes ahead without him.

Plus: one to watch – Palermo executive Pietro Lo Monaco on reports that owner Maurizio Zamparini has lost patience with new coach Gian Piero Gasperini after three games. "Don't be demented. Gasperini stays."

Gigi's week

New last week from Steaua owner and MEP Gigi Becali: a press conference assessment of his fans chanting about "Gypsies and gays". "There is no excuse for discrimination. Yet, of course, while I love the gays, you must understand: gays cannot be in football teams. The players bathe naked! I love gays, but I'd never employ one. Put one in a team and you'd never win again."

Best negotiators

Dinamo Zagreb: reacting to a fan boycott against owner Zdravko Mamic by promising a £100,000 cash prize for a random ticket holder at their next Champions League game. Mamic's previous best plan for dealing with internal critics: December 2011, telling protestors: "I'll maul you all, one by one, you donkeys! I'll beat you like cats."

Tweet of the week

Argentina: Unión de Santa Fe's keeper Joaquín Papaleo, reacting after Quilmes ultras turned up at their match carrying a coffin containing their leader's dead son, who was killed in a police chase, and firing weapons "to show their respect". Papaleo: "They turned up right behind my goal. I took fright." Media say the game was suspended "until the coffin was removed".

Loulou news

Montpellier owner Louis "Loulou" Nicollin, assessing the row between Arsène Wenger and France coach Didier Deschamp over Abou Diaby's injury. "Wenger should mind his own arse and busy himself with running that English club of his. He talks so much rubbish, Mister 'I'm always right', what a pain. He should stop pissing us off in France."

Playground news

Mexico: 39-year-old Dorados de Sinaloa star Cuauhtémoc Blanco: fined £1,500 for "bullying" after mocking a referee's prominent lower jaw by making "sustained gurning gestures" at him. Local media: "This was low behaviour."

Plus: shrewdest mover

Argentina: Marianna Nannis, wife of Claudio Caniggia, registering her children as trademarks - protecting 17 versions of their names for use on future products "ranging from cleaning sprays and toiletries to shoes and services". Registered names include "Charlotte Caniggia", "Charlotte Champagne" and "Champagne showers". In April, Nannis revealed her outlook. "There are two reasons a woman marries a footballer: for love or for money. I, however, chose both."

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