Ryan Giggs's first press conference as Manchester United interim manager – as it happened

Ryan Giggs spoke of a need for Manchester United to have 'passion, speed, tempo, and imagination' in his first press conference as interim manager
• Giggs vows to put smiles back on Man Utd fans' faces

Right, that's it from me – short and sweet.

Thanks for all your emails. Here's our Jamie Jackson's recap of Giggs's press conference.


Regarding James Lovatt's comments..

Chris Doobert has emailed:

'What I think James is forgetting here is that Rio and Ryan are fans themselves. They want the team to do well and this time last year, before Moyes, the team was doing well. Perhaps, like some of us, we just didn’t think he was up to the job?'

Another quick plug: 10 things to watch in the Premier League this weekend, courtesy of Toby Moses and Scott Murray

Giggs and Scholes are hugging in the image, if you want something to make you feel warm, fuzzy and nostalgic.

Another thing to maybe pick out of Giggs's quotes ...

"It's going to be my philosophy. It's going to be a Manchester United philosophy. Passion, speed, tempo, be brave, imagination. Work hard but most of all enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you can express yourself more."

Maybe a slightly underhand dig at the qualities which have been lacking this season under Moyes?

Just to point you toward this morning's Rumour Mill ... which includes, among others ... a mention of Antonio Conte and Manchester United

James Lovatt is having a vent. Let is all out James ...

'Just needed to get this off my chest. While I'm delighted for Ryan I'm absolutely embarrassed and ashamed to be a UTD fan this week. While Moyse record wasn't up to scratch his treatment was appalling and from the very start. Did he bring it on himself? Perhaps by changing everything but they did hire him and they should have supported him.What really infuriates me is the players. From the very start they didn't get behind him. Rio's tweets etc.'

One thing to notice is how comfortable Giggs is in front of the camera and the press.

Also the press will give him an easier ride than if say, a Meulensteen was wheeled out. He is a media darling.

The question on everybody's lips

Will you be wearing a tracksuit of a suit?

"I haven't decided yet ... [laughing]"

You win together, you lose together.

"I want to see goals. I want to see players taking people on."

"It's going to be my philosophy. It's going to be a Manchester United philosophy.

"Passion, speed, tempo, be brave, imagination. Work hard but most of all enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you can express yourself more."

Are you going to keep playing?

"Well I'm the manager now, so I can give myself a five-year contract!"

Permanent basis for the job?

"I'm just concentrating on Norwich. After that, I haven't really thought about it."

Yeeeeeeah, ok.

I spoke to Ed [Woodward]. He asked me to take over. It's been a whirlwind week."

"It's been a frustrating season. Training has been good this week, the players have been sharp."

"It's the proudest moment of my career. I want to bring the smiles back."

"I'd like to thank David Moyes for giving me my first chance in coaching."

And we're off!

Giggs is on the mic!

The player manager is one of football's lost joys. Hope he does put himself in.

Player/managers are the ultimate combo. Love the idea of a manager surveying his team on the pitch, shaking his head with dismay at their dismal performance and coming to the realisation: "I know what we're missing! .. ME!"

'Is Scholesy in charge of tackling in training?'

Butt: "No"


"The Class of '92 thing gets on my nerves a bit. But it's a massive thing for all of us.

"The game against Norwich is an evening game, which should help. The fans will have a few more beers inside of them.

"The players in that changing room know how good they are. And they'll show that on Saturday."

"He's been working towards coaching for the last few years. With Sir Alex, and David Moyes, he's been tapping into some of those things. He's not a foolish man, he's clever.

"He won't think he's a superstar, he'll speak to anyone."

"I've humbled to work at this club. It will be difficult for Ryan, he's always been one of the lads. But he's got the respect of the players, he's got that twinkle in his eye. But you do have to have that distance as a manager."

Nicky Butt exclusive MUTV interview

Here's a few more snips ...

Mark Judd on the email

'Giggs must be slightly tempted to pick himself given he has scored in every Premier League season thus far. He might come on to take a pen if one is awarded.'

Maybe if they are 4-0 up in one of their games, but I expect that record isn't that important to him. He's got a few.

Giggs could well retire from playing at the end of the season, and a goal at Old Trafford would be a lovely way to go out.

Just to reiterate, all these quotes are from an exclusive MUTV interview this morning, not the press conference which is due to start at 10am.


"I've had great support from the fans, staff and the players. And I'm very grateful."


Team news

"Only Rafael and Robin van Persie aren't fit. Everyone else is ok."

"We're Manchester United. We're at home against Norwich and we're expected to win.

"We have three home games, it's a great chance for the players. I want to give the fans something to shout about."


"Everyone involved this season hasn't been to the standards of Manchester United. And we're going to do something about that now.

"I've spoken to Sir Alex, and I wanted advice. Who better to ring?"


"I've had a bit of stick. I had a gaffer sign over my seat in the changing rooms."


Message to the players

"I trust you. Play with speed. Play with tempo. Get stuck in."

First dodge

What will happen at the end of the season?

"My mindset is on Norwich, nothing else. After that, who knows what happens."

"I asked Butt to come up from the reserves and my first phonecall was to Scholes. I know how much it means to them to work for this club."

"The place will be rocking, I know that the fans will get behind us. The team have looked sharp all week – I can't wait for kick off."

The big man is on at 10am, but there's a few snippets from a MUTV's exclusive interview this morning:

"It's the proudest moment of my life. I've been a United fan all my life and I'm happy, a little bit nervous and just like playing, can't wait for the game on Saturday.


Morning everyone. It's nice to have a player manager back in the Premier League again isn't it. Remember the good old days: Hoddle at Swindon. Gullit at Chelsea. Strachan at Coventry.

But Ryan Giggs probably won't play himself in the final four games of the season he is in charge. This morning is his first step into the breach – his first press conference as interim manager.

We're very close to getting started. Shall we have a sweepstake on the first question? "Would you like the job permanently?" is my guess. Please do get involved via email and popular social media website Twitter.


Michael will be here shortly. In the meantime, here's what René Meulensteen, one of the coaches who left after David Moyes took over at Old Trafford, has had to say for himself on the past week's saga:

Meulensteen described it as "too crazy for words" that Moyes had left United seventh in the Premier League, 23 points off the top, and blamed it on Ferguson's successor trying to make too many changes too quickly. "You have to look at Manchester United and the job that David Moyes took on," he said. "United were a very successful team, with many successful years behind them. The strategies in place worked. But David ignored the advice that was given to him by many of the staff in place at the time.

"He opted to put his own plans in place, which he was perfectly entitled to do, but I think it backfired on him. I always strongly believe the performances and the results are a reflection of what is actually happening behind the door and that wasn't good enough, as simple as that.

"Don't forget David was a respected manager in the Premier League who worked for 11 years at Everton in a very good way. But I did warn him: 'Do you realise, after everything at Everton, you're going from a yacht to a cruise liner? That's how big the difference will be.' It's not just necessarily the work on the pitch. It's everything that surrounds Manchester United, the players, the performances, the pressure, the style, the identity. And I think he underestimated that. It's always easy in hindsight but unfortunately it's cost him his position."

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