Rio Ferdinand afraid to leave home due to 'embarrassing' Manchester United

• Ferdinand claims he is wary of critical fans
• 'It's embarrassing – it becomes a personal insult'
• United fans planning fly-past protest during Aston Villa game

Rio Ferdinand has branded Manchester United's season "embarrassing", with the veteran defender claiming he is reluctant to leave his own house due to a dismal title defence that sees them 18 points behind the leaders, Chelsea.

With some angry United fans planning to hire a plane to fly over Old Trafford during Saturday's lunchtime game with Aston Villa to protest at David Moyes, Ferdinand's comment will further increase the pressure on the manager. His decision to speak publicly will also be noted by the club executives who so far have remained firm in their backing of Moyes.

"It's embarrassing – it becomes a personal insult. I don't want to go out when the game is finished and you even stop watching TV," he told BT Sport. "I don't want to take my kids to school. I don't want to walk on the school path and think I'm hearing things or seeing people look at me because we lost a game.

"I don't want to fill my car up with petrol or go to the shops," he continued. "It gets personal with everyone looking at you and talking about the results and the form and stuff. You don't want to live like that. You want to live freely and comfortably. You don't want to see other people lifting titles. That's what we're used to. That's what we want. That's what we train for and work for.

"We've got no divine right, don't get me wrong, you've got to earn that right. And this season we simply haven't done that."

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