QPR 1 Everton 1 - as it happened

QPR took an early lead but could not hold onto it, while Everton survived Steven Pienaar's second-half red card

Kick-off is at 4pm and Simon will be here with the pre-match build-up and team news from 3.45pm. In the meantime, here's John Ashdown's match preview.

Two managers at opposite ends of the spectrum meet at Loftus Road – QPR's Mark Hughes is the even-money favourite to be the next Premier League manager to leave his post, while bookmakers reckon only Sir Alex Ferguson is safer than Everton's David Moyes. Three successive defeats have put Hughes on the ropes, his team are without a win this season, and his cause won't be helped by lingering injuries in defence. Everton will hope to give a debut to Thomas Hitzlsperger, who signed on a free transfer on Friday.

3.37pm: Hello! I've just hotfooted it from the Stadium of Light, and come with a team sheet, which looks a bit like this:
QPR: Julio Cesar, Bosingwa, Diakite, Nelsen, Traoré, Mbia, Granero, Park, Taarabt, Hoilett, Zamora. Subs: Green, Ferdinand, Cissé, Wright-Phillips, Mackie, Onuoha, Faurlín.
Everton: Howard, Coleman, Distin, Jagielka, Baines, Mirallas, Neville, Osman, Pienaar, Jelavic, Anichebe. Subs: Mucha, Heitinga, Oviedo, Naismith, Hitzlsperger, Gueye, Duffy.
Referee: Jon Moss (W Yorkshire).

3.40pm: Several players on both sides have refused to wear Kick It Out T-shirts for the warm-up, including Anton Ferdinand.

3.43pm: Mark Hughes logic: "Things will turn around, because they have to." Um, things will turn around if you and the players make them.

3.55pm: The teams are in the tunnel. This is happening.

3.57pm: Only two members of QPR's first-team squad, and one of the starting XI, were involved in last week's internationals. This seems unusually, even extraordinarily low for any Premier League club. So they should be refreshed today. Or rusty.

1 min: Peeeeeeep! We're off! QPR get the game under way, going from right to left as the TV cameras look at it. Everton, all in black, will be trying to stop them.

2 mins: Everton win an early corner. And another.

GOAL! QPR 1 Everton 0 (Hoilett, 2 mins) From the second corner QPR break, and Hoilett carries the ball towards Everton's penalty area and from left to right. Finally he shoots low, it clips Baines' heel and loops past the wrong-footed Howard.

6 mins: Trickery of the day – Taarabt's 360 to slip away from Distin's challenge and into space. Good to see he's in that kind of mood. Talking of being in a mood, Tom Shaw writes: "Hughes is just another Ron Manager, destined to go from one non-descript club to another before finally fading into obscurity like so many before him (Curbishley, Gregory, O'Leary, etc)" We'll seed, Tom. I thought he looked pretty useful at Blackburn.

8 mins: The ball is played back to Howard, with Hoilett closing him down, and at the crucial moment Howard slips over. He just about recovers to avoid ignominy but his rushed clearance falls to Taarabt, who passes to Traoré, whose low centre skims across goal and out the other side.

13 mins: QPR remain on top, though Zamora is yet to fail to give the ball away, I think. David Moyes has sprung a tactical masterstroke by playing Mirallas on the left wing, when Hughes would surely have been expecting the Baines-Pienaar double act to be running amok. On the positive side, this might throw QPR for a while. On the negative side, it means the Baines-Pienaar double act are not running amok.

17 mins: Everton win a free kick, not 25 yards from goal. Jelavic and Baines stand over it, everyone surely expecting the latter to pop the ball over the wall and into the unguarded half of the net. Instead he runs over it, and Jelavic slams a shot more or less straight at Julio Cesar.

20 mins: To be fair to Howard, he's not the only one who thinks the pitch is a bit slippery: Park just ended a brief outbreak of slapstickitis on half-way by collecting the ball and falling over in one fluid movement.

21 mins: Park takes on Pienaar; Pienaar sticks out a leg; Park plants his foot on Pienaar's ankle and falls over; QPR have a free-kick.

22 mins: ...which is crossed into the box, where Ryan Nelson heads over.

27 mins: Players are now expecting rival players to slip over. At least, that's one way of explaining the number of passes that are being sent straight to the feet of opponents. Granero did just fall over, although it was the sudden arrival of an Everton player's foot that made his leg give way. Free kick.

30 mins: "QPR are playing like Mark Hughes has been hairdryering them for two weeks non-stop," writes Gary Naylor. "I suspect Everton will get 15 mins of the same from Moyes if they keep being second to the ball."

32 mins: David Moyes has abandoned his tactical masterplan and allowed Pienaar to go wide left, where his combination with Baines has been such a feature of Everton's last three seasons (except for that bit in the middle).

GOAL! QPR 1 Everton 1 (Julio Cesar own goal, 33) A free kick 10 yards into the Rangers half is scooped into the penalty area and finds Distin five yards from goal and mystifyingly unmarked (presumably some off-screen blocking going on). He heads it into the base of the post, it bounces back into Julio Cesar and back over the line.

35 mins: In the 90 seconds since the goal Everton should have been given a penalty for Bosingwa's foul on Jelavic, and Jagielka – sorry, Yaggy-elka – has free-headed against the bar from a corner.

37 mins: Granero collects the ball a few yards into his own half. Osman tries to take his legs away, but the Spaniard stays on his feet and runs forward, as Osman waves an apology towards the referee. Then Osman pulls his shirt, and again Granero stays on his feet. He then gives the ball away, QPR end the move with no free kick at all, and Osnam remains un-ticked-off. So much for diving foreigners.

41 mins: Chance for QPR! The ball is played low into the penalty area from the right, Zamora lays it into the path of Hoilett and he, falling backwards, scoops it over the bar.

44 mins: A nice move for QPR breaks ends with Hoilett passing just behind Taarabt, when a better pass would have created a good shooting chance. Instead Taarabt has to turn back, and the momentum is gone.

45 mins: Anichebe runs 15 yards to challenge Ryan Nelsen for a header. Nelsen heads the ball; Anichebe heads Nelsen and the Everton player needs lengthy treatment on the resulting sore bonce. The two minutes of stoppage time originally signalled are 10 seconds shy of being over before there's any play.

45+4 mins: Peeeeep! QPR spend two minutes attacking but get no closer than Taarabt's emphatically off-target shot with the last kick of the half. Half time.

Half-time: Looking back at the goals, it seems that Distin's free header wasn't created by cunning Everton blocking, just by utter Rangers incompetence. For the opener, Hoilett picked up the ball five or six yards outside his own penalty area, and struck his shot a couple of yards outside Everton's. That's a long way to run, at pace, with the ball under control. Well done, that man. Oh, and the referee got that Jelavic penalty call right.

46 mins: Peeeeeeep! They're off! Again! "Gary Naylor makes an interesting point,' writes Ryan Dunne. "Mark Hughes does have the whole Sounessesque, hard-bastard-in-an-expensive suit vibe, but surely, in any haidryering clash, the Glasweigan (especially one, like Moyes, who has a Malcolm Tucker style death-gaze) will come out on top?" All I know is that if ever saw Hughes and Moyes get into a fight, I'd start crying before either of them did.

49 mins: Phil Neville seems to make about half a dozen friends among the QPR supporters in the time it takes him to prepare for a throw-in. What a tremendously likeable man he must be. Anyway, quite a bright start.

51 mins: CHANCE! Diakité crosses from the right towards Park, but Yagg-Yelka splendidly blocks the shot.

53 mins: The game briefly pauses while Hoilett is treated for a sore knee, Yagg-Yelka complains about a sore hand and Steve Naismith comes on for Anichebe. "Well done to Hoilett for running a long way with a football?" blasts Matt Dony. "A professional footballer, who practices every day, and has a team of sports scientists to condition his fitness? I should bleeding well think he can run a long way with a football!" Your argument may have some force, Matt, but most of them don't seem to like doing it.

56 mins: QPR break up an Everton attack and Hoilett picks up the ball not far outside his own penalty area and takes off towards the other end. If he'd managed it twice he really would have deserved even Matt Dony's congratulations, but this time he checks back, waits for support and then loses the ball.

57 mins: Phil Neville is booked for a foul on, I think, Hoilett. Pienaar had already been booked for a foul on the same man.

62 mins: RED CARD! Pienaar tackles Hoilett again and gets a last warning from the referee. A moment later Bonsingwa goes down and Pienaar gets a second yellow card. It looked to me very much like a dive from the Portuguese full-back.

65 mins: Everton, who had been second best this half even before Pienaar's red card, now have their work very much cut out, with half an hour still to play. Having said that, they have just had an effort on goal, Jelavic heading Baines' cross well over. Replays of Pienaar's "foul" on Bosingwa prove that it was never, ever a yellow card.

67 mins: It's all about Jon Moss's pockets at the moment, with the yellow card now emerging from one of them and shown at Diakité, for fouling Mirallas.

70 mins: Mirallas's shot from 20 yards might not have been going in, but Mbia made sure of it by heading it over the bar.

70 mins: The corner goes long, where Distin heads the ball back across goal to Yaggy-yelka, whose unmarked header from six yards out flies too close to Julio Cesar and is well saved. QPR replace Bobby Zamora with Djibril Cissé, just to keep Moss on his toes.

72 mins: QPR take off Armand Trioré, with Nedum Onuoha coming on.

76 mins: Hoilett's low shot from 20 yards forces Howard into a full-length diving stop. Granero blasts the rebound into space from a silly angle.

77 mins: Park prods the ball through to Cissé, but the ball is overhit and Howard comes out to clear with his legs. Gary Naylor is suggesting that the fact the referee shares his name with the drummer out of Culture Club and the fact he bought Bosingwa's silly fall are somehow connected. Nonsense, though he could easily have used these lyrics from Culture Club's finest song (Victims, since you ask) by way of a warning to the misbehaving Pienaar: "And I keep on telling you, please don't do the things you do. When you do those things, pull my puppet strings, I have the strangest void for you." But then, Pienaar would have been a bit confused.

81 mins: QPR are unsuccessful in two penalty claims and another decent Hoilett effort, theatrically tipped round the post by Howard. The home side want a winner here.

83 mins: Taarabt curls a free-kick past the wall but a good six yards wide of the post, and Everton bring Heitinga on for Jelavic, while QPR replace Nelsen with Ferdinand. Lots of people are whistling and shouting. I think it's called a heated atmosphere.

87 mins: Djibril Cissé has only been on the pitch for five minutes but he's already been caught offside more than any other player. He's a phenomenon, he really is.

88 mins: Julio Cesar spends two minutes taking a free-kick. Two minutes! And I thought his team was the one trying to win this.

90 mins: We're surging into four minutes of stoppage time.

90+2 mins: Diakité's shot catches Park on the big toe and rolls gently into the most dangerous part of Everton's penalty area. The heroic Yagg-Yelka is first on the scene to clear.

90+4 mins: Granero is booked for a silly foul on halfway, and Everton have to survive another 20 seconds to claim the draw.

90+5 mins: Peeeeeeeep! It's all over!

Final thoughts: Still no league win for QPR, but the performance will provide a measure of encouragement – there was energy and quality, of not many good chances even against 10 men. Everton looked like a better side, but not 16 places better. There's some levelling out to do in this here league, methinks.

So that's it for another super Sunday – two games, two red cards, two draws, four teams, four goals. There's been a lot of running about, but I've witnessed a lot of effort and not a lot of excellence. But hey, that's what makes the Premier League so special – you're always guaranteed at least one of 'em.

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