Paris Saint-Germain 1-3 Manchester United (3-3 agg): Champions League – as it happened

A controversial late penalty sent United through as PSG suffered dramatic European heartbreak once again

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So big congratulations to Manchester United, who join Tottenham Hotspur, Ajax and Porto in the quarter finals. Daniel Taylor was our man at the Parc des Princes, as PSG found yet another way to exit Europe in spectacular fashion. Thanks for reading. Nighty night!


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer speaks! “It was fantastic. The belief in the boys was what we hope for. It was a great start, we set out a plan to get the first goal but didn’t expect it after two minutes. That made it more open for us. We wanted many goals in the game. I was in the Champions League with Molde and we got a penalty in the last minute against Basel, but my player missed and we went out. So this time ... normally Paul takes the penalties, but this time Rashford took it, he’s only 21 and nerveless. Him and Rom were fantastic tonight. Real Madrid and Ajax was our team-talk. We always know it’s possible, and this club, it’s what we do, that’s Man United! I haven’t seen the penalty, the referee had a big call to make. My staff say he made himself bigger and it was a clear penalty.” And is he going to get this job or what? “No no no no. Wait until the summer, we’ll see what happens.” We all know what’s going to happen, though, right?

Man-of-the-moment Marcus Rashford speaks! “I just tried to keep a cool head. It’s the sort of thing you practice every day, I wanted to take it. The wait before was the hardest thing, but we live for those sort of moments, and we were smiling after. That’s pretty much all I could make out of the interview, as Ashley Young was in the background screaming in the excitable style. Fair enough, if you can’t interrupt the post-match banalities after a game like that, when can you?

None of the ex-players in the BT Sport studio thinks that was a penalty. Michael Owen, Rio Ferdinand and Owen Hargreaves your jury there. It was a very contentious decision, for sure. Kimpembe’s back was turned, the ball having flicked off his elbow as Dalot shot. His arm was sticking out a little bit, but not so much that it was a clear and obvious offence. However, former referee Peter Walton, also on BT Sport, thinks it was the correct decision, sure that Kimpembe’s arm was in an unnatural position and that he wasn’t in control of the situation while turning his back. They call this sort of thing a talking point these days, don’t they?

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer capable of doing something, anything wrong? All current evidence suggests no. At the final whistle, United teared off towards their supporters en masse, the sort of celebration you usually see at the end of a final. They’re happier than Real Madrid were in Kiev last spring, put it that way. Sheer delight on their faces. Poor old Presnel Kimpembe is understandably distraught, and he’s hugged by Romelu Lukaku, who has a word of comfort for the young shell-shocked defender. But it’s all about Solskjaer, whose smile could light up every arrondissement in Paris. He’s got the job now, hasn’t he.

FULL TIME: PSG 1-3 Manchester United (agg: 3-3, United win on away goals)

Yep! A witless Verratti free kick is headed clear by Lukaku, and United have closed out one of the most sensational comebacks in European Cup history! PSG have become the first club to win a first leg 2-0 away from home, but not advance. United are in the quarters ... and all of a sudden, anything is possible!

90 min +9: Shaw is booked for a clumsy challenge on Verratti, 40 yards from the United goal on the right. Surely this is PSG’s last opportunity?

90 min +8: The ball’s flung into the mixer from the left. Paredes goes up for a challenge with Shaw, and over. He wants a penalty but he’s not getting it. Plenty of added time here for the VAR controversy!

90 min +7: The United supporters are singing their song again. Ole’s at the wheel! But the game goes on.

90 min +6: The corner’s half cleared. Di Maria whips a cross in from the left, but it’s overcooked and out for a United throw on the right. Blessed relief for the visitors!

90 min +5: A desperate PSG send on Edison Cavani for Dani Alves. A final throw of the dice. The ball’s flung into the mixer. De Gea elects to punch clear, allowing Di Maria a chance to shoot from a tight angle on the left. A corner! This is some drama!

GOAL! PSG 1-3 Manchester United (Rashford 90+4 pen)

Rashford lashes it into the top left! Buffon went the right way, but had no chance whatsoever, so well was the penalty struck!

Rashford takes aim after a long wait.
Rashford takes aim after a long wait. Photograph: Benoît Tessier/Reuters
Rashford scores their third goal from the penalty spot.
Rashford scores their third goal from the penalty spot. Photograph: Christian Hartmann/Reuters
Rashford jubilates after scoring.
Rashford jubilates after scoring. Photograph: Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images


90 min +3: Paredes trots into the box to put Rashford off. Some brief shoving. Eventually calm breaks out, and...

Penalty to Manchester United!

90 min +2: After a long look at the VAR, the referee points at the spot! Kimpembe holds his head in his hands. Thiago Silva is beyond livid. That was a very tight call, one that could have genuinely gone either way. Marcus Rashford will have the chance to put United into the quarter finals!

90 min +1: Kimpembe was turning his back, though his right arm was sticking out a bit. Was his arm in an unnatural position?

90 min: A bit of space for Dalot to run into, down the inside-right channel. He shoots from distance, and it’s deflected out off Kimpembe for a corner! And from the set piece ... ah hold on ... they’re going to have a look at the VAR, seeing if the ball came off Kimpembe’s arm! What a decision this could be!

89 min: Meunier breaks down the right, but he’s got nobody with him in attack. He does very well to hold up the ball, and eventually Verratti is dribbling his way into the box on the other flank. But he can’t make space for a shot.

87 min: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is hell bent on writing a fairytale for the ages tonight! He takes off Young and sends on 17-year-old Mason Greenwood for his United debut! What a story this could be.

85 min: Shaw crosses deep from the left. The ball drops to Dalot on the right-hand edge of the six-yard box. But Dalot can’t connect! It looks like Marquinhos might have got a little something on the ball to deflect it away from the United man. But that was very, very close. The tension in the Parc des Princes is palpable!

83 min: An outrageous escape for United! Dani Alves slips a pass down the middle, hoping to release Mbappe. It’s too strong, but hits Smalling, dropping perfectly for Mbappe! The striker tries to round de Gea on the left, but stumbles, the keeper getting a little fingertip to it. The ball breaks to Bernat, running in from the left. He shoots ... and hits the base of the left-hand post! Whisper it ... but could this be United’s night? They just need one goal to complete an outrageous comeback!

82 min: Di Maria slips a pass down the right for Meunier, who shoots from a tight angle. De Gea batters it away.

80 min: ... nothing occurs, Di Maria playing a ridiculous pass back up the right flank towards the centre circle, allowing United to evacuate the box! That was really daft. Then Pereira is replaced by 19-year-old Tahith Chong. A fairytale in the making here?

79 min: Dani Alves wedges a cute pass down the inside-right channel for Meunier, who tries to hook into the centre, but his cross is bundled out of play by Shaw for a corner. From which ...

78 min: A little bit of possession for United, a rare commodity this evening. They don’t really go anywhere, unable to press forward with the hosts holding their shape well. “This is just about the only time when one goal takes you straight from losing to winning,” notes Curtis Ruder. “Is the away-goals rule sort of stupid? Yes. But it creates a higher level of drama that would be sad to lose.”

76 min: A poor Dalot throw puts Young in trouble on the halfway line. Di Maria strips him of possession, then sends Mbappe racing down the left. Mbappe takes a clumsy touch and runs the ball out of play for a goal kick, with United ragged in the centre. The crowd groan, those European nerves kicking in once again.

75 min: Paredes is booked for a poor slide on Pereira. Thomas Tuchel isn’t too happy about it, and is told to pipe down by the ref.

Paredes goes in the book.
Paredes goes in the book. Photograph: Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images


74 min: Dalot caresses the ball down the right and nearly releases Lukaku. The striker’s swarmed by black shirts and is forced to turn around, but just for a second it looked like he might break clear. Promising for United, who will be throwing a few more men into attack now we’ve reached the business end of the tie.

73 min: Mbappe romps into the United box, chasing after Verratti’s sliderule pass down the right channel. He traps and shapes to shoot, but the flag goes up for offside, correctly.

72 min: Mbappe and Alves one-two down the inside-right channel, the former then whipping a low cross through the six-yard box. Di Maria is waiting to tap home, but Young slides in to hook clear. What an intervention! PSG had opened United up there.

70 min: Draxler is down, his left hamstring pinged. He’ll be replaced by Leandro Paredes. Also going off is Kehrer, who makes way for Thomas Meunier.

68 min: Lukaku wriggles out of a thicket in the centre circle and suddenly he’s tearing towards the PSG box with options either side and the home team short in defence. He should drive on and shoot, but instead attempts to thread a pass towards Dalot on the right. It’s intercepted with ease, and a fine chance to go for the goal United need to progress wasted.

66 min: Mbappe is sent scampering into a lot of space down the right. He’s got Di Maria in the middle, and United are light at the back, but the cross is hopeless and mopped up easily.

64 min: It continues to tip down. PSG continue to hog the ball, but do very little with it. Here’s Dan C: “Why is Ole wearing a substitute bib? I know United are short on the bench, but surely he’s far too ol... actually, put him up against Kehrer.”

62 min: Now it’s de Gea’s turn to whack a short goal kick straight out of play. It’s not exactly been a technical masterclass, this match, but it’s been a hell of a ride nonetheless.

Injured Neymar watches from the the stands.
Injured Neymar watches from the the stands. Photograph: Yoan Valat/EPA


61 min: Draxler loops a cross into the United area from the right. Young’s acrobatic high-kick diverts the ball away from the lurking Mbappe. A fine interception. Then McTominay sticks out an arm in a challenge with Marquinhos, and chops the PSG midfielder across the throat. It’s an accident, though for a second it threatens to kick off. Young and the referee take turns to play peacemaker, and we move on.

60 min: Di Maria has a strike from 25 yards, just to the right of centre. De Gea could have claimed that one in his sleep.

59 min: PSG are beginning to up the tempo. Dani Alves barges Shaw out of the way and nearly sets up Mbappe in the centre. Not quite, and United clear their lines. This to-and-fro tie is wonderful fun.

58 min: Lukaku goes down holding his leg having fallen awkwardly in a tussle with Marquinhos. He looks worried, but hauls himself up off the wet turf and limps his way back into action.

56 min: It looks as though PSG have scored a potentially decisive goal, and a very pretty one to boot. Verratti slips a pass down the inside-left channel. Mbappe, with his back to goal, flicks it on towards Di Maria, who is free in the box! He draws de Gea and chips elegantly over the keeper and into the net. But the flag goes up for offside, correctly. A quick check with VAR, and it’s still 1-2 on the evening.

Di Maria scores a goal that is disallowed.
Di Maria scores a goal that is disallowed. Photograph: Benoît Tessier/Reuters


55 min: PSG’s nerves betray them yet again, Buffon nearly rolling a goal kick straight out of play, a simple rolled pass to the nearby Kehrer beyond him. Kehrer does very well to keep the ball in play, with Rashford lurking.

53 min: More space for Bernat on the left. His cross hangs in the air. Beneath it, Smalling barges into Dani Alves, who falls to the ground and wants a penalty. But it’s a fair charge, and the play is waved on as United clear.

51 min: Dani Alves crosses deep from the right. Young takes no chances and heads behind for a corner. From the resulting set piece, Dani Alves shapes to shoot from distance, but Fred is all over him like a cheap suit and smothers the danger.

50 min: Young curls a long pass down the right, hoping to release Rashford. It’s a fine ball, and PSG are light at the back, but the striker’s too eager and the flag goes up for offside.

48 min: It’s all PSG in the early exchanges of this second half ... but there’s no zip or ping to their play, and the slow pace allows United to keep them at arm’s length without too much bother.

46 min: PSG knock it about for a bit, then Verratti sends a simple pass towards Bernat on the left flying out of play. An early sign of the jitters?

OK, here we go again! This promises to be a dramatic second half. As PSG come out of the tunnel, Buffon wears a thousand-yard stare. The shaky hosts get the party re-started. “My loyalties lie further along the M62,” begins Matt Dony, “but I (almost) always like to see any British team do well in Europe. It’s good for the Premier League. And, although PSG have some excellent and likeable players, they are a pretty difficult club to like. There’s still a long way to go, and it’s probably still unlikely, but I’d be very happy to see United pull this off. (Even though the United fans in work will be unbearable tomorrow.)”

Looking at the replay of the first United goal ... Lukaku was clipped from behind by Thiago Silva, slide-tackling in desperation. He could easily have opted to go down. It would have been a red card and a penalty. But he wanted his goal, so stayed on his feet and rounded the keeper instead. Hats off to the big man.

Half-time hubris with Lizz Poulter. “Just remembered that as I was driving home this evening, France Inter radio’s newsreader (I live in the Gard) was talking about tonight’s match. He referred to PSG’s opponents in the quarter finals. For that alone, they deserve to lose.”

HALF TIME: PSG 1-2 Manchester United (agg 3-2)

Rashford nearly romps clear down the centre, but he’s hounded out of it. And that’s the end of a very strange, very entertaining, very unpredictable half. United still need another goal, but they’ll be delighted with the way this is going. Could PSG become the first team to give up a first-leg 2-0 away lead in European Cup history? You can be sure they’ll be thinking of the worst right now, given their past troubles in this tournament.

44 min: A farcical moment as Dalot, under no pressure out on the right, floats a pass backwards, towards his defensive chums. But he only manages to send it straight to Mbappe, who tears up the field. He’s got Di Maria to his left, and an option to shoot ... but he stands on the ball and loses possession! What a fiasco. Neither of these teams are playing great football, there have been a lot of elementary mistakes ... but who cares when the game’s as entertaining as this?

42 min: Verratti hoicks a long pass down the middle of the pitch. For a second it looks as though Di Maria might latch onto it and shoot inside the area, but Young stays strong and shepherds the ball back to de Gea. United go straight up the other end through the attack-minded Dalot, who dribbles into the area and crosses low and hard. PSG benefit from a game of pinball and the ball deflects back to a grateful Buffon.

40 min: Rashford is down having been accidentally nutted by Kehrer. He rubs his noggin for a bit, but it looks like he’ll be good to continue. He’s up and about eventually.

38 min: Dani Alves nearly finds Mbappe in the United box with a floating curler of a cross. It’s an inch or two over the striker’s head. For a second, United hearts were in mouths. Good luck predicting which team is going to score the next goal.

36 min: A United free kick near the centre circle. Young lofts it down the inside-right channel. Rashford is clear! But he sends a bobbling effort across Buffon and wide of the left-hand post. A poor miss, but the flag goes up for offside, so it wouldn’t have counted anyway. And Rashford can take succour from the fact that United, under the cosh for so long, have started creating chances.

35 min: Bailly took a kick from Verratti a few minutes back there, and it looks like he’ll be forced to go off. His place will be taken by Diogo Dalot.

33 min: Verratti slips a ball down the inside right to release Draxler into the United box. He crosses deep for Di Maria, who gets his volley all wrong. Then McTominay hoicks a clearance upfield, accidentally kicking Di Maria in the process. He goes down in pain; that’s a stinger. But he’s up soon enough. Di Maria then receives a booking, having done not much.

32 min: Just before that goal, PSG’s share of possession had risen to 81%. Stats, eh?

GOAL! PSG 1-2 Manchester United (Lukaku 30); agg 3-2

Rashford makes up for all that in short order! He’s 30 yards out, and takes a speculative shot towards the bottom left. Buffon should gather, but inexplicably lets the shot ping off his chest, and that’s teed up for Lukaku to slot the rebound home! When you’re on form, you’re on form, and Lukaku is on a streak all right. This is on again!

Lukaku scores his second goal.
Lukaku scores his second goal. Photograph: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images


29 min: Rashford may still have been thinking about that weird shank when, racing free down the left, the uncertain Kehrer having slipped on the greasy turf, he sends a weak low diagonal shot wide right. Lukaku was clear in the middle, screaming for the pass. He’s still screaming.

28 min: Rashford takes one of the worst free kicks of all time. Out on the left wing, by the halfway line, he turns and sprays it into touch on the opposite flank, down near his own penalty area. That’s really strange. But PSG don’t take advantage of the territorial gift.

26 min: ... Dani Alves lashes high and wide from a tight angle on the left.

25 min: Mbappe floats a pass wide left, just over Bailly’s head. That’s such a tease, and Bernat has space to attack. He wins a corner. From which ...

23 min: Di Maria teases the all-at-sea Bailly down the left. He slips a ball to Bernat on the overlap. A deep cross falls towards Dani Alves, who attempts to meet it with a flying kick. It’s a fresh-air swipe. But Paris are causing United bother every time they pile forward.

21 min: It’s Di Maria’s turn to have a ramble down the left. He sends a screamer inches wide of the top right. Not sure de Gea would have got to that, had it been on target. United are clinging on a bit here.

20 min: More acreage for Bernat out on the left, found free by Di Maria’s cute slide-pass from the right of the D. He’s got time in the United box, with Bailly once again nowhere to be seen. He slams a shot straight at de Gea, gifting United a let-off.

18 min: PSG have enjoyed 80 percent possession so far. Lukaku’s goal, timed at one minute 51 seconds, seems an awfully long time ago. Celtic scored here after 57 seconds last season and ended up losing 7-1. Time to regroup.

16 min: Mbappe chases after a long pass down the right. He’s ahead of Lindelof, but the defender manages to just about stick to his shoulder, and his presence forces the striker to slap a shot into the side netting from a tight angle. United do not look secure.

14 min: Di Maria skitters down the left and scoops towards Dani Alves, coming in from the other flank. Alves opts for the spectacular volley, even though he’s got time to take the ball down and control. He slices wildly over the bar. This is a sensational response to the shock of conceding so early, and so sloppily. PSG could so easily have been overcome by nerves and doubt.

GOAL! PSG 1-1 Manchester United (Bernat 12); agg 3-1

And so after causing United so much bother down the left, PSG undo United down the right. Dani Alves slips a pass down the channel for Mbappe, who is ahead of the United back line in the area. He whips a ball across the face of goal, and Bernat is on hand to tap into an unguarded net from a couple of yards out.

Bernat scores for PSG.
Bernat scores for PSG. Photograph: Benoît Tessier/Reuters


11 min: But they’ll need to do something about this, because Bernat has yet another opportunity to cross from the left. He finds Mbappe in the centre; Smalling does very well to ensure the striker can’t get a shot away.

9 min: A lot of time for Bernat out on the left. Bailly is all at sea out on this flank. Fortunately for the United makeshift right-back - it looks as though they’re playing a flat back four - Bernat balloons a cross to safety on the other side.

7 min: PSG appear to have cleared their heads. Di Maria and Bernat combine down the left twice in 30 seconds, Mbappe nearly poking home a low fizzing cross but missing by inches, the same player getting closed down when shaping to shoot having controlled a second cross. It’s been a highly entertaining start to the game.

6 min: That early goal’s taken the heat out of the Parc des Princes. Only the United fans can be heard right now. PSG clear their heads by stroking it around in the midfield for a bit.

4 min: Rashford’s pressing had forced Kehrer into that awful mistake, and here he is racing past him, causing PSG more early bother. Rashford zips down the left and crosses. It’s cleared, then Pereira clanks into Dani Alves, and the pair go nose to nose. It all calms down soon enough, but this is a game alright!

GOAL! PSG 0-1 Manchester United (Lukaku 2); agg 2-1

What a start for United! PSG stroke it around the back a bit. Kehrer, dozy, strokes a terrible pass from the United left into the centre. Lukaku sniffs danger, and he’s got the spring on Dani Alves. He intercepts and races clear, rounds Buffon on the left, and slides the ball into the box from a tight angle! Exactly what United needed! This is on!

Lukaku gets round Buffon.
Lukaku gets round Buffon. Photograph: Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images
Lukaku shoots from an acute angle.
Shoots from an acute angle. Photograph: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images
It's in!
The ball nestles in the corner Photograph: Benoît Tessier/Reuters


And we’re off! United get us underway. Lindelof launches it long, giving up possession quicksmart. Fred knocks Di Maria to the ground, and though there’s not much in it, the PSG winger rolls around a bit in pain. He’s up again soon enough, PSG knock the free kick backwards to restart play and get a feel of the ball, and that’s the first minute over and done with.

The teams are out! A rip-roaring atmosphere at the Parc des Princes, PSG’s beautiful brutalist bastion. Fergie’s in the crowd, and so is Eric Cantona, Peaky Blinders cap shielding him from the rain that’s tipping down. PSG are in their European-only home colour of black, while United sport a very natty second-choice pink, one of the shirts of the season in my book. We’ll be off in a minute!

The beauty of brutalism.
The beauty of brutalism. Photograph: Chloe Knott - Danehouse/Getty Images

Ole’s not at the wheel right now; he’s on the mic, talking to BT Sport. “We go into this game positive, knowing the players who are starting are all full internationals. There are 11 internationals. You have players there who are fresh, who haven’t played too much. So you have to look at the positives in the circumstances. When you go to places like this, you need to make sure you stay in the game. We have to defend first and foremost, make it difficult for them to score. We need the first goal, we can’t give them the first goal, then the tie would probably be over. We have players who can create moments of magic, and hopefully that will happen tonight. Set piece deliveries, we have quite a few strong players in the box. So we are confident that we can cause them problems, and hopefully we can take our chances.”

While we’re waiting for meaningful action, here’s something that’ll while away those nervous moments before kick-off. That Rob Smyth knows a thing or two about Manchester United, and he recently spoke to the Roy Keane Versus podcast about the 1996 FA Cup final. An appalling match to watch, of course, but our Bobbie can turn water into wine, and this makes for some real good listening. United fans, slake your thirst.

The quarter-finals (or next season’s group stage). Thilo Kehrer, Marco Verratti, Juan Bernat and Julian Draxler are all walking the disciplinary tightrope. They’ll miss the next match for PSG if they pick up a yellow card. Only Ashley Young of United’s contingent need worry about this.

Manchester United make a couple of changes to the side named for the 3-2 win over Southampton on Saturday. Alexis Sanchez is injured while Paul Pogba is suspended, so Eric Bailly and Fred come into the starting XI instead.

United appear to be going 3-5-2, with Bailly joining Victor Lindelof and Chris Smalling at the back, Ashley Young and Luke Shaw providing support from the flanks. It’s an inexperienced bench, featuring Mason Greenwood, James Garner, Tahith Chong and Angel Gomes ... but then youth is what United are all about, so.

Paris Saint-Germain won 2-1 at Caen on Saturday thanks to a couple of Kylian Mbappe goals. Mbappe is one of only five players from that match who keep their place in the starting line-up. In come Gianluigi Buffon, captain Thiago Silva, Presnel Kimpembe, Marco Verratti, Juan Bernat and Julian Draxler. They take the places of the benched Alphonse Areola, Leandro Paredes, Thomas Meunier and Layvin Kurzawa, and Christopher Nkunku and Moussa Diaby, who miss out altogether.

A lot of changes, though that’s the same PSG side that started at Old Trafford. Edinson Cavani returns to the bench after injury.

Mbappe warming up before the match.
Mbappe warming up before the match. Photograph: John Sibley/Action Images/Reuters


The teams

Paris Saint-Germain: Buffon, Kehrer, Thiago Silva, Kimpembe, Bernat, Verratti, Marquinhos, Dani Alves, Draxler, Di Maria, Mbappe.
Subs: Areola, Paredes, Cavani, Meunier, Choupo-Moting, Kurzawa, Dagba.

Manchester United: de Gea, Bailly, Smalling, Lindelof, Young, Andreas Pereira, Fred, McTominay, Shaw, Lukaku, Rashford.
Subs: Romero, Rojo, Dalot, Garner, Chong, Gomes, Greenwood.

Referee: Damir Skomina (Slovenia).



It’s fair to say Manchester United are up against it here. They’re 0-2 down after the home leg, and that’s a specific scoreline you simply don’t come back from in the European Cup: not once in the 63-year history of the tournament has a team extricated themselves from bother after losing 0-2 at home. A total of 106 teams have tried it; a total of 106 teams have failed.

Not only that, half of the team is missing through suspension, illness or injury. So we’ll not see Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Alexis Sánchez, Ander Herrera, Jesse Lingard, Juan Mata, Nemanja Matic, Phil Jones, Matteo Darmian or Antonio Valencia tonight.

And Paris Saint Germain will take some toppling if United are to make it to the quarters. They’ve lost only two of their last 50 European home games, and those defeats were at the hands of eventual champions Barcelona (in 2015) and Real Madrid (last year). Additionally, they’ve only ever lost once at home to English opposition in nine matches, Chelsea beating them in the 2004-05 groups. Yes, it’s fair to say Manchester United are up against it here.

And yet, and yet ... les garçons, c’est le PSG. The Parisians are famously fond of a collapse, having been on the receiving end of the greatest turnaround in Champions League history, Barcelona wiping out a four-goal first-leg deficit in 2017. They’ve got form. Meanwhile only last night Ajax showed United how anything’s possible, humiliating Real Madrid on their own turf 4-1 to sashay into the quarters. Something’s in the air.

United have staged the odd European recovery mission too, Turin ‘99 and all that. If they get an early goal tonight, they may start to believe the improbable is possible ... while PSG may start to experience some very sickening flashbacks. It’s the Champions League! Ole’s at the wheel! It’s on!

Kick off: 9pm local time at the Parc des Princes, 8pm back in Blighty.