Netherlands 3-1 Cameroon: Women's World Cup – as it happened

Arsenal’s Vivianne Miedema scored two goals, to become her country’s all-time leading goalscorer with 60, as the Dutch booked their place in the last 16

And here are the top scorers in the tournament.

Here’s Suzanne Wrack’s match report.

Confirmed, the Dutch are through

Full-time: Netherlands go through to the last 16

Vivianne Miedema’s two goals have done the damage here. Cameroon were a threat until her second, a lovely finish to make it 3-1, with Onguene, the pantomime villain, the pick of their players. Cameroon are not done yet; they can beat New Zealand and still go through.

The players shake hands at the final whistle.
The players shake hands at the final whistle. Photograph: Robert Cianflone/Getty Images


90+2 min: Leuko pushes over the lively Beerensteyn, who has been a threat since coming on. The free-kick will be taken slowly. Spitse smashes it in what may well be a shot, and the goalkeeper flaps at it, but the ball goes out the other side for a throw...and that’s it.

90 min: There will be just two minutes added on at full-time.

89 min: The Dutch looking so much more confident now. Spitse, from long distance, has a hearty dig. The ball flies over, but vital time is being eaten up.

88 min: Cameroon, who can go through if they get a decent win against New Zealand, have been a little too vulnerable in defence, specifically the flanks of their defence.

86 min: Miedema’s finishing has been the difference, and in a game where she has onky flitted in and out of proceedings.

Goal! Netherlands 3-1 Cameroon (Miedema, 85)

Miedema finds the ball in space down a left-hand channel, and unleashes a shot. That makes her the record Dutch goalscorer at 22, and that will be that. The Dutch will be in the last 16.

Vivianne Miedema fires in the third.
Vivianne Miedema fires in the third. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


83 min: A Dutch break is rather spoiled by Miedema slowing down its pace by playing an overly casual ball. Her team retain it, which is their best route to seeing this game out. Cameroon, though, soon force the Dutch to go back to the goalie.

81 min: Close for Cameroon! Onguene has switched side and cuts in from the right, beating Bloodworth for pace, and then Akaba gets a shot in. It is deflected narrowly wide. The Dutch are living on their nerves and look tired, too.

Henriette Akaba’s shot is deflected just wide.
Henriette Akaba’s shot is deflected just wide. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


79 min: Like so many games in the tournament, aside from you know what, this has been a close contest, with the overriding favourite unable to put the underdog away.

77 min: Both teams a little ragged at this point. The Dutch look nervy while Cameroon are struggling to piece much in the way of attacking moves together. Onguene and Nchout are having to try solo efforts to force matters.

75 min: Final Cameroon sub: Enganamouit, who has tired, is replaced by Akaba.

73 min: It’s a corner to Cameroon. Can they exploit it? Nchout drills the ball low and the Dutch have little problem clearing their lines.

72 min: An Onguene break is tackled well by Dekker, to many cheers from the Dutch fans. Miedema gets a sighter at goal, but cannot get enough purchase on the ball.

71 min: Dutch substitution: Van de Donk, who has been quiet, comes off for Jill Roord, yet another Arsenal player.

70 min: Beerensteyn, down that Cameroon left, makes an impressive dart but is unable to find a team-mate. Cameroon break, with Nchout, who has played well since coming on, causing trouble.

68 min: Another Cameroon yellow. Martens cuts inside and is hacked down by Feudjio.

66 min: Dutch sub: van de Sanden for Beerensteyn.

Cameroon sub: Mbelek off for Menene.


65 min: Onguene charges down the left, finds Nchout, but Yango’s shot is miles over.

64 min: Martens, who has been quiet since the opening moments, shows off her skills with superb control to make room to get in a cross. The left-hand side has not seen much traffic in this game.

63 min: More needle as van de Donk buys a foul by her own goal-line, receiving the expected clattering.

62 min: A look at that Miedema goal if you fancy.


60 min: Cameroon sub: Abam goes off for Nchout.

59 min: The Dutch sitting back now, and looking to go the break. “We Will Rock You” rings out from those in Oranje, with backing of a band, which seems to have much more of a repetoire than that group of atonal Englishmen.

57 min: Cameroon mount a rare passing move in the opposition half but cannot get the ball to Onguene. Van de Sanden cuts into the box at the other end, but is tackled just at the moment of release before Miedema, on the end of a Groenen cross, slashes a volley wide. She couldn’t get her foot over the ball.

55 min: Another Dutch attack down their right, Cameroon’s left, but this time they can’t exploit that weak spot. Van de Sanden tries to find Miedema but the pass is cut out.

53 min: Rather unsporting jeers for Onguene as she leaves the field, though she will soon be coming back on, and to more unsporting jeers.

Dutch fans at Stade du Hainaut.
Dutch fans at Stade du Hainaut. Photograph: Joosep Martinson/FIFA via Getty Images


51 min: The Dutch fans back in full voice, and booing Onguene for staying down after another tackle on her. She looks in genuine pain this time as well. Van Lunteren came across her and knocked her to the floor. The Cameroon coach again up in arms on the sideline. An elbow is the claim made, but that doesn’t look to be the case.


49 min: That Cameroon defence has definite weak spot down its left and that’s twice the Dutch have used it to score goals. It didn’t help that the defence went to sleep.


Goal! Netherlands 2-1 Cameroon (Bloodworth, 48)

A well-worked free-kick, as the ball is played out to the right, the cross comes in for Bloodworth, who gets a second bite and scores from close in.

Dominique Bloodworth scores from close range.
Dominique Bloodworth scores from close range. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


46 min: Let’s hope for more of that needle. Both teams have really been mixing it, with the Dutch getting distracted by all the shenanigans. Makes for good viewing, mind you. How Mbeleck was not sent off for that high kick I still can’t tell you.

Off we go for the second half...

Half-time: Netherlands 1-1 Cameroon

That is probably a fair scoreline on the balance of play, as Onguene has been excellent for Cameroon and the Dutch were a little off their game. Miedema’s finish was superb, but she has not seen enough of the ball.

45+3 min: Spitse’s free-kick is cleared by the Cameroon defence, which is the last action of the half.

45 min+1: First corner of the game and it’s gone to Cameroon, which is cleared. The Dutch blaze to the other end and Miedema gets on the ball. She takes too much time on the ball and is crowded out.

45 min: Well, well. The noise in the crowd is now coming from the Dutch fans. There will be three minutes added on at the end of this half.

Goal! Netherlands 1-1 Cameroon (Onguene, 44)

The thorn in the Dutch side equalises just 150 seconds after their goal. A long ball is launched down the centre of their defence and Onguene seizes on it and finishes smartly.

Cameroon’s Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene slots in the equaliser.
Cameroon’s Gabrielle Aboudi Onguene slots in the equaliser. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


42 min: Just as it looked Cameroon had knocked the Dutch off their game, Miedema, so quiet before, scores her first ever World Cup goal. She was unmarked and was never going to miss from there.

Goal! Netherlands 1-0 Cameroon (Miedema, 41)

Van de Sanden finally gets some space down the right and her cross is headed in by the Arsenal goal machine.

Vivianne Miedema finds space to head in the opening goal.
Vivianne Miedema finds space to head in the opening goal. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


40 min: Cameroon pressing high and are cutting off the Dutch’s attempts to play across the back.

38 min: Yellow card! The Dutch have lost their mojo and the game is being reduced to a pitched battle. Mbeleck’s tackle on Groenen was decent enough but it was followed by a high follow through that reminds of Paul Gascoigne on Gary Parker in 1991. That could have been red as it looked like a loss of control. Gazza should have been sent off, too. He doubtless now wishes he had been.

Cameroon’s Genevieve Ngo Mbeleck goes high on Netherlands’ Jackie Groenen.
Cameroon’s Genevieve Ngo Mbeleck goes high on Netherlands’ Jackie Groenen. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters


34 min: Van Lunteren leaves the field but comes back on again, but only after a delay during which Cameroon mount an attack but fail to get a shot in.

33 min: Van Lunteren jumps for a high ball but comes over the top of Enganamouit and crashes to the floor. She is being given the concussion test, as she does look dazed.

31 min: Van de Sanden looked to have escaped down the right side of Cameroon’s box, only for Leuko to rob her.

30 min: Alain Djeumfa, the Cameroon coach, has calmed down from before, but continues to prowl the sideline. His team are responding to him at the moment.

28 min: A long, through ball is aimed at Miedema but doesn’t reach its target. The Dutch resorting to going long already?

26 min: Ongueune down the left, skips past one, but cannot beat a firm challenge from Van Lunteren. Cameroon causing real problems now, and the Dutch team has lost its previous fluency.

25 min: Van de Sanden, she of the leopardskin hair, changes her boots. She needed to, since she has kept slipping over.

Shanice Van de Sanden.
Shanice Van de Sanden. Photograph: Paul Currie/BPI/Rex/Shutterstock


24 min: Spitse takes out Onguene with a tackle, and the forward stays down to heavy boos. She is the central figure in the game so far. She gets some magic spray and will be OK to carry on, though that never looked in much doubt.

22 min: Onguene, being booed by the Dutch fans, finds space down the left-hand channel and gets a shot in. There are signs that the Cameroon attack can present some danger for the Dutch defence, which looks ropey to say the least.

20 min: There are ructions, and the ref has to come over to warn Onguene, who it seems was guilty of throwing water over the Dutch subs’ bench. Seems to be a bit of needle out there, and perhaps the game might be the better for that.

18 min: Van de Sanden escapes what looks like a ready booking for a heavy tackle. The Cameroon coach is not happy at all with that decision.


16 min: First chorus of Dj Otzi’s Hey Baby from the Dutch hordes. The original version was Brian Channel, no less.

15 min: Yellow card. Van de Donk is fouled by Manie, and a card is unsheathed and waved in her direction. Spitse takes the free-kick and the ball is hacked away.

Cameroon’s Christine Manie is shown a yellow card by referee Casey Reibelt.
Cameroon’s Christine Manie is shown a yellow card by referee Casey Reibelt. Photograph: Bernadett Szabó/Reuters


12 min: Close for Cameroon! Onguene launches one from long range and it goes narrowly wide.

10 mins Martens takes the ball down with a neat touch, cutting inside off the left with her right foot in the Dutch style of inverted wingers. This time, as keeps happening, she runs into heavy traffic.


9 min: The Dutch are ever pushing onwards while Cameroon, as they did against Canada, are sat deep, which seems a waste of their attacking qualities.

7 min: Van de Donk takes a sighter at goal. It drifts over but she is fully in the mood today. Then, Cameroon goalkeeper Ngo makes something of a mess of a lofted ball and Miedema was lurking. Ngo clasps the ball with some relief.

Netherlands’ Vivianne Miedema is denied by Cameroon’s Annette Ngo Ndom.
Netherlands’ Vivianne Miedema is denied by Cameroon’s Annette Ngo Ndom. Photograph: Bernadett Szabó/Reuters


6 min: Martens’ solo run takes her deep into the Cameroon box, and there is panic as the ball loops its way back to van de Donk. Last-ditch stuff already from the African team.

4 min: This is a very noisy affair so far. Every Dutch attack is greeted with a roar.

2 min: The Dutch settle into a passing rhythm and try to get van de Donk away, but the ball is overhit.


And away we go...and Miedema gets knocked over immediately when a Cameroon pass hits her firmly in the chest. That looked painful.


Something of a shock to see Dominique Bloodworth line up at centre-back when she has played in midfield for Arsenal. That’s total football for you.

The teams line up and the scene is set at Stade du Hainaut.
The teams line up and the scene is set at Stade du Hainaut. Photograph: Robert Cianflone/FIFA via Getty Images


Here come the teams, and they are greeted by a Seven Nations Army chorus. There is something of “O Little Town Of Bethlehem” in the Dutch anthem.


The Dutch support is making all the noise, with 13,000 estimated to be in Valenciennes, which is in the French north and highly accessible from the Netherlands.

The teams have arrived in Valenciennes, and a few of the Cameroon players are grooving away to a boombox as they get off the coach.

There is that possibility that one of these teams might face England in the next round. Here’s Suzanne Wrack’s analysis of last night’s 1-0 defeat of Argentina.

Those teams in a more analogue fashion.

Van Veenendaal, Van Lunteren, Bloodworth, Dekker, Van Es, Spitse, van de Donk, Groenen, van de Sanden, Miedema, Martens.

Subs: Kop, van Dongen, Pelova, Renate Jansen, Kaagman, Ellen Jansen, Kerkdijk, Roord, Beerensteyn, van der Most, Geurts.

Cameroon: Ngo, Feudjio, Leuko, Manie, Johnson, Meffometou, Abam, Yango, Ngo Mbeleck, Onguene, Enganamouit.

Subs: Mambingo, Nchout, Ejangue, Ngono Mani, Awona, Menene,
Abena, Sonkeng, Akaba, Ngo Ndoumbouk, Takounda, Ongmahan.

Referee: Casey Reibelt (Australia)

The Dutch fans seem up for it.

Here are the teams.


It has to be said that the Dutch team rather disappointed in their opener with New Zealand, but Jill Roord’s late winner was a real fillip. Win this game as expected - Cameroon are 25/1 for the win - and the knock-out stages beckon. Japan look the most likely opposition for the winners of Group E, barring a Phil Neville-helmed disaster in England’s final group game. Four Arsenal stars and WSL champions in Sari van Veenendaal, Vivianne Miedema, Daniëlle van de Donk and Dominique Bloodworth are expected to start, though the latter has now fled the Gunners nest to join Wolfsburg and the goalie is without a club after her contract expired.

Cameroon, meanwhile, need a win to keep hopes alive, having lost 1-0 to Canada in their opening match. The Indomitable Lionesses showed that they are decent in defence but could do with some attacking quality if they are to do some damage to the Dutch.

Kick-off: 2pm BST and in Cameroon (3pm local).