Mark Rylance amputates the hand that feeds

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Mark Rylance says “I do not wish to be associated with BP … Nor, I believe, would William Shakespeare” (Rylance quits RSC in protest over sponsorship by ‘destructive’ BP, 22 June). Shakespeare would certainly not wish to be associated with Mark Rylance, who continually endorses the theory that his plays were written by Francis Bacon. This is not to bite but to amputate the hand that feeds you.
Brian Vickers

• How could two fighter jets possibly be able to make any difference in an incident involving a disruptive passenger (Woman arrested after Jet2 plane intercepted by Typhoon fighters, 22 June)? I estimate that the cost of scrambling these two aircraft would be over £100,000. What justification could be given for such a response?
Roderick Reynolds
Livernon, France

• Mark Field says he was worried the protester might have been armed (Minister suspended for grabbing the neck of Greenpeace protester, 22 June). No, Mr Field, it’s the tux that can hide a shoulder holster, not a long red evening gown. Are James Bond films part of the training for a Foreign Office minister?
Naomi Standen

• It puzzles me as to why when female thespians are now routinely referred to as “actors”, female footballers are called “Lionesses” (Neville’s England emerge intact from bruising last-16 encounter, 24 June).
Jane Moth
Snettisham, Norfolk

• Did anyone get a prize for the start of the sentence that said “Fox, a Hunt supporter…” (Hunt piles pressure on Johnson over police visit, 24 June)?
Eric Ogden
Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire

• Is it “an emborisment of Tories”?
Jim McLean