Manchester United's Wilfried Zaha rejects loan talk

• Zaha insists he wants to stay and fight for place
• Winger joined up with new club before Asian tour

Wilfried Zaha, leased back to Crystal Palace for the second half of last season following his £15m move, is clear he does not want to go out on loan again from Manchester United.

"I've grafted to get here so Manchester United is where I want to stay," he told "I have moved away from most of my family and friends but it's progress. Everyone understands that. I wanted to make the move here because it's what is best for my career."

Reflecting on his first day of training with United last week, Zaha said: "I just stayed in my corner of the dressing room really and looked about and tried to get used to everyone. Everybody jokes around in the changing room and all that kind of stuff so it was just enjoyable really. I was a bit nervous coming in but everyone is cool so it was nice.

"I would've preferred starting with everyone else [the previous week] so I could make a good impression and put in a good effort so I'm just glad I was here before the [south-east Asia] tour started."

Zaha had been given a few extra days off after his participation in the European Under-21 Championship for England.

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