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Full-time: City 1-3 Bayern

Bayern are bidding to become the first team to retain the Champions League and it's going to take a far better team that City to stop them.

90+1 min: Bayern are playing keep-ball now.

89 min: Strong play by Milner, who created space for a cross and then produced a fine one for Negredo, who rose well and headed fractionally wide. It's too late for City to get a point but they are at least salvaging a shred of dignity here.

87 min: Silva curls the freekick against the crossbar! Boateng's villainy is justified. I've said it before and I'll say it again: fouls like that should be punished with a penalty regardless of where they take place. The loophole needs closing.


Boateng sent off!

86 min: Kirchhof missed an attempted header and Touré quickly seized on the ball and drove at goal. Boateng chopped him down at the edge of the box and had to go.

84 min: Ribéry, upon seeing that Gotze is waiting on the sidelines to replace him, insists on taking the freekick ... and he duly curls it into the wall. The the substitution takes place.

83 min: Bayern have been stunned out of their complacency and they react by tearign forward anew. Muller wins a freekick 20 yards out. Danger here ...

GOAL! City 1-3 Bayern (Negredo 80)

Excellent goal! Pellegrini's changes pay off as Silva slips a pass through to Negredo, who turns brilliantly past Boateng at the edge of the area and curls an exquisite shot into the top corner. That's why he should have started instead of Dzeko. And also why City should have reinforced midfield ages ago.


78 min: Bayern substitution: Robben off, Shaqiri on. Shades of the Brazilian Ronaldo at Old Trafford all those years ago as he's clapped off by the home fans.


77 min: Bayern hit the bar! Muller crashes a shot past Hart and off the bar after City were again opened up with ease. And then - hold on to your hats! - City race down the other end and GET A SHOT ON TARGET! Milner's fine effort from 20 yards was tipped over by Neuer.

76 min: Milner booked for something I didn't see - I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest a frustrated hack and an opponent who was gliding past him.

75 min: Ribéry skitters down the left and into the box. With no support - a real rarity, that - he decides to have a ping from an acute angle, perhaps reasoning that there is a good chance of Hart dropping in into the net. But the keeper holds it.

73 min: Boateng catches Silva late, nearly bringing a premature end to the Spaniard's return.

70 min: Pellegrini decides it's time to spring into action: he hauls off Aguero and Nasri, throws on Milner and Silva.

69 min: Nasri carded for a petulant kick at Nasri. "If this was an English manager coaching Manchester City, we'd be saying he's naive," notes Gary Neville on Sky.


67 min: Bayern fans are providing a buoyant soundtrack to this massacre as their City fans sit in stunned silence. The home players seem similarly helpless. Pellegrini, too - it's amazing he hasn't tried anything different given the comprehensive failure in progress. Meanwhile, Rob Jacques has composed an ode to Bayern's superiority:

Etihad a little lamb

Its fleece was white as snow

Ev'ry time City passed the ball

Schweini said "I don't think so"


65 min: Muller tries to round Hart but is forced wide by the keeper, who stood up well. Muller's cross is intercepted and City scramble the ball away. But Bayern will be back, you can bank on that.

63 min: Again a City corner leads to a Bayern counter-attack and the Germans find themselves with a 5 on 3 at the edge of the City box. Their arrogance overcomes them and they fail to take proper advantage, Rafinha firing straight at Hart from 18 yards. The keeepr parries.


61 min: Bayern want to add to City's humiliation here. Robben runs at the defence again and curls a low shot from outside the box. Hart saves unconvincingly but clambers to his feet to snaffle the ball before Muller can pounce.

GOAL! City 0-3 Bayern (Robben 60)

Kroos wins the ball off Fernandinho in midfield and feeds Robben, who skedaddles past Nastasic and beats Hart at the near post. Again the keeper got a hand to it but again it was feeble.


57 min: Pellegrini reacts at last, replacing Dzeko with Negredo – but is that going to make any difference? It's in midfield that City are being schooled and they could surely do with reinforcements in there.


GOAL! City 0-2 Bayern (Muller 56)

Nothing Hart could do about that. Clichy, on the other hand, has a lot to answer for after allowing Muller to run off him and collect a long diagonal ball from Dante. Face to face with the keeper, Muller sidesteps him easily and slots into the net from close range. Auf wiedersehen, City.


53 min: But Rafinha and Alaba are still causing bother down the flanks. A Rafinha cross leads to a corner that Ribéry takes and Aguero half-clears. Bayern regain possession and Robben swalps passes with Muller before sending a low curler just wide thanks to a deflection off Kompany.


52 min: Superb skill by Ribéry to flip the ball over Richards and nonchantly knock it to Muller. But City soon win it back - they've improved in the second period, applying a bit of Bayern-style pressing.

50 min: A Navas cross is deflected out for another City corner. Dante rises to head it clear at the edge of the six-yard box.


47 min: City win another corner. They've got a little head of steam going here ... but not enough to muster an accurate delivery, and their corner provokes a lightning counter-attack by Bayern. City regroup to stifle it. "This awful commercial for Dewar's White Label (almost) put me off my wee dram," bawls Ewan Benson. "The fake accent grates like fingernails on a blackboard."

46 min: City will try again. And they actually win a corner in the first minute. It produces nothing.



"As someone who lives in Vienna and sees Alaba coverage all the time - not only is he best left-back in the world by a pretty hefty margin, he also comes across as the nicest, most down-to-earth footballer on the planet," gushes Nathan Fowler. "Maybe it's his upbringing (the child of Filipino and Nigerian immigrants), but he's as likable a truly great player as I can remember."

Half-time: City have been given a lesson here, but Pellegrini doesn't appear to know what it is. Boos accompany the home team to the dressing room, where the players may sit down and quietly sob. "The chocolate bar advert Math Scott remembers was actually for a Twirl," nitpicks Nicholas Cotter. "The slogan being 'take 5 for a cadbury's twirl'. The fact I remember this I suppose shows the power of advertising. On a side note, the recent KFC advert depicting a young couple bickering about sharing a meal is awful."


44 min: Kross takes otu Navas on half-way to curtail the threat of a break. He's rightly booked.

42 min: Aguero booked for a sly foul on Rafinha, borne entirely of frustration.


41 min: Pelligrini, meanwhile, should have changed something. Apparently he is totally nonplussed by Bayern's dominance and can't think of any way to improve matters. Replacing Dzeko with another midfielder might be an idea. Whatever, do something, man.


40 min: City may look about as dangerous as a punctured water-pistol but Guardiola must still fear that his side could be punished for not increasing their score. They should have put City out of their misery by now.

38 min: Clichy avoids a booking after clattering into an opponent, the first time he has got close enough to one of them to commit a foul. "Is Alaba the best left back in the world today?" asks Philip Podolsky. I'd say he is ..... and he's also one of the best midfielders, as anyone who's seen him play for Austria can tell you. He could do the job that Guardiola has assigned to Lahm. Totalfussball.

35 min: Freekick to Bayern, about 24 yards out. City mount a five-man wall ... but Schweinsteiger apparently didn't notice and just slotted the ball straight into it. "There was an ad in about 1991 for a chocolate bar called Take Five, a bar I'd previously enjoyed, that featured a group of ballet dancers dancing to - imaginatively - Dave Brubeck's 'Take Five', all powered by said bar, and not Marlboro Lights and amphetamines, as one would have thought," recalls Math Scott. "No problem there, I don't mind Brubeck and enjoy a bit of modern dance, but the dancer at the front pulled some ridiculous face which was the spit of my idiot flatmate who stole my food and worshipped a ram's skull. I never touched one again, and they were withdrawn from sale shortly afterwards. So stick with your betting ban, it just might work."

32 min: It's getting very embarassing for City. They just don't know what to do as Bayern seem to have more men all the time. Dumb luck saved them just now as Richards was left to deal with both Ribéry and Alaba and, of course, couldn't. Alaba banged a ferocious cross into the six-yard box and it rebounded off Kompany and into Hart's grateful arms. 


31 min: City escape! This time it was a long ball to Muller that opened City up, as the forward outjumped Clichy and nodded down to Robben, who should have at least made Hart work from 15 yards but instead dragged his shot wide. "This game is passing by Fernandinho: City still miss De Jong," snorts Paul Ruffley. Maybe, the game is passing Touré by tonight too: the problem really is that City's midfield duo are constantly outnumbered.

28 min: City's best friend here is Bayern complacency. Total dominance has dulled the German team's instincts and they are starting to mislay passes: there might just be a way back into this game for the home team.


26 min: Nastasic makes up for that imprecision with an excellent tackle to prevent Muller from turning the ball into the net from close range after Ribéry fizzes the ball across the face of goal.

24 min: Fernandinho chips as long ball into the corner for Aguero to chase. The Argentine gets their first but decides against taking on Boateng and instead knocks it back to Nasri. City come forward in numbers but without any clue ... and wind up passing the ball all the way back to Nastasic, who donks it out of play for a throw-in.

21 min: Bayern have colonised the Ethihad, lording about as they please. City are scampering around them but can barely get a touch. "Can someone please explain what Joe Hart has to do to get dropped?" chunters Phill Wainwright. "Is Pantilimon that bad?" Perhaps he is. Perhaps, in fact, it's the lack of credible competition that has caused Hart's form to deteriorate? That's what his fans would have you beleive anyway.

18 min: A spurt of glee from the home crowd as City mount a threat for the first time in a long time, Navas receiving the ball in a promising position wide on the right. But the Spaniard's weak cross pricks that balloon of optimism.

17 min: Alaba and Rafinha are regularly joining in the Bayern attacks, proving dangerous width. The Austrian has just flashed in another vicious cross. Hart, showing admirable decisiveness despite hie earlier error, throws himself at it and punches clear.

15 min: Ribéry rushes down the right-hand side of the box, then does an about-turn and tees up Schweinsteiger, whose low shot is saved - yes, saved! - by Hart.

13 min: Bayern are asserting their superiority here. City can hardly keep the ball, Bayern are slicker, sharper and stronger, and most of the match is being played in the City half. Now the hsots have another corner to defend. "Joe's cost us another Euro goal there," sobs J Emmery. "Very poor hands." Yes. He got one hand on it but it wasn't strong enough to have any effect.

11 min: Richards leaps high into a challenge with Kroos and wins the ball cleanly but also clatters Kroos. Bayern are unhappy but it was top play by Richards, who got up higher than his opponent, who got a shoulder in the face.

9 min: City haven't got into the game yet; Bayern are more dynamic and cutting.


GOAL! City 0-1 Bayern (Ribéry 7)

Oh Joe Hart! Ribéry was given time and space to take down a crossfield ball and size up a shot. He fired a low skimmer from 25 yards but Hart had it comfortably covered ... but he dived with floppy hands and barely slowed it down on its way into the net!


5 min: Corner to City. Nasri delivers to the edge of the six-yard box. Dante nuts it out. Nasri sends it back in and Richards leaps high to bop it towards goals, but it lacked enough power to ruffle Neuer.


3 min: Bayern's pressing is working. Navas recceived the ball on half-way just now and was immediately engulfed by three opponents. Bayern tore forward and Ribéry swapped passes with Lahm, who crossed from the left. Robben ghosted into space and met the delivery eight yards out but headed badly wide.


2 min: It's a high-tempo start, with Bayern's pressing frantically to prevent City from finding any rhytmn. 


1 min: We have kick-off.

Stomp, stomp, stomp!

Out galumph the gladiators. City fans are holding up blue and white cards, presumably in an attempt to generate an intimidating atmosphere but, really, it just looks like some primary school play.

Question: what ads have succeeded in altering your behaviour in unintended ways? I only ask because this season I have stopped having my usual little wager on matches, in the hope that my little gesture will get the likes of Ray Winstone out of my face. In their zeal to grab our lolly, the bookies have really become unbearable.

So Guardiola has gone for the strikerless formation, preferring to attack with a cyclonic approach rather than the conventional linear model, the daredevil. City go with Dzeko rather than Negredo, the fools.


City: Hart; Richards, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy; Touré, Fernandinho; Navas, Aguero, Nasri; Dzeko

Subs: Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Lescott, Milner, Javi Garcia, Silva, Negredo

Bayern: Neuer; Rafinha, Boateng, Dante, Alaba; Lahm; Robben, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Ribéry; Muller

Subs: Starke, Van Buyen, Kirchhoff, Conteno, Shaqiri, Gotze, Mandzukic

Ref: B Kuipers (Holland)


Paul will be here from 7.15pm.

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