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I reckon FC Bayern München are the best club in the world atm.

FC Barcelona are over-rated, accept for Messi.
are you talking form-wise? or player quality and ability-wise?
man city will be unbeatable next season
wow you were right for the first 14 games
cows hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaaaahaahhhahahahahahahaaahahaahahahaa get it? if you do thumBs U.,P lo1l rosswocs
with Tottenham overtaking Chelsea in the league come may, plus the new stadium finally taking shape why in heavens name would modric go to chelsea. unless he is going to either of the manchester clubs, anything other than Tottenham is a step down... in terms of progression ...

keep telling that to yourself...and be happy
you know what chelsea is better than totenham or modric doesnt exist anymore happy
LOL..funny, Tottenham better than Chelsea...hahaha...that was funny kid..
well chelsea is playing cl. Tottenham is not atm. That may be the deciding factor.
Listen, Modric would be a fool to join chelsea and we all know it, Them jose days are long gone!! hahahahahha
I'm not saying Spurs are gonna win the title but what people don't understand is that, where as a few seasons ago I would go into a game against any of the Top Six thinking "oh dear this is gonna be difficult, I hope we can get a point" now their just isn't that fear anymore. We do take 3 points away from the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool and no longer throw away points against the lower teams. We deserve to be where we are in the league. End of.
chelsea is falling apart
Dear God..Let Chelsea buy another overpriced attack minded brazilian defender!
Last summer it can be argued that it was about more than just money, this summer he wouldn't have that excuse.
Hope in the January window Chelsea get modric
good luck.
Seriously.. Mourino sucks!! wit Khedria n Di-maria!!!.. PEPE tooo..
Barca are the best!
Madrid top by 10 points, 18/03/2012 who'd of thought it ;)
how is that fabregas true potential is showing now? thats just all BS. hes playing in a team of 100% quality players. ofcours hes gona be more confident to express himself at barce. its just that the load is taken off his back
sick leach
Isn't that kind of the exact definition of true potential? Playing in the right environment for his abilities to be showcased? So yeah, right now his true potential is showing...
It seems that Fabregas' true potential is only showing now; does one have to question Wenger's Coaching abilities?
What are you on about mate? SSHHH
You have to admit that it is bizarr that Arsenal never managed to get his full potential out of him, no?
Fabregas never wanted to play to his full potential. I don't think Wenger is a terrible coach. Seems like the players that leave Arsenal are headcases. There isn't much loyalty to clubs anymore, save Gerrard.
Fabregas is only playing well because half of Spain team plays on Barcelona. Think about an English club with half of the England squad on it. Maybe internationally they would do better, no?
funny..if not for arsene willingness to play fabregas. there is no fabregas that u mentioned playing his full potential today milan9...oh yeah without his full potential he manage to score against milan in arsenal shirt :p......
if it was not for wenger they would not have bought him.dam i need to wash my mouth out but its true.
I agree with the Arsenal fans on this, (can't believe I'm saying that) there is no doubt about Wenger, he is a football genius. He creates players. The potential they show at a young age he sees like no one else can. People seem to be forgetting that he did pretty well in the premiership. With Barcelona he is playing alongside better players and against much weaker oposition. he always ran the show for the gunners.
looks like the arab league, i mean premier league will be performing well this season internationally.

ye I am raking silly votes. Thanks for that englishmen but then tell me this how many clubs can you name finishing in the top 5 the last years in the premier league that are not foreign owned mostly by rich oil tycoons/ sheiks.
premier league is one of the best in the world...very entertaining and classy
no doubt. will be interesting to see how the new financial fair play rule will effect competition.
I just realised not a single Stadium in England seems to have a running track. Even those built decades ago. Never very fond of track and fields?
No we just like to be close to the action! Makes it easier to yell abuse..
arab league? seriously?
Well I see the english respond with silly votes in their leisure time.
Fact is the premier league is largely foreign owned.
Or how many clubs can you name finishing in the top spots that were not foreign owned?
Also no comment on the new financial fair play ruling? Just silly votes?
I get crap from folks saying the Bundesliga is rubbish. We've all seen the financial crisis, the debt crisis, the euro crisis. Each Bundesliga club is owned by the club's management and the fans and they are not a nickel in debt.
Anyone here ever played footbaall manager? How much sense does it make to give yourself 1 billion euro (or pounds), win everything and feel like you are the top and earned it?
So just silly votes huh?
Whats up mate? can't figure out that the richest people want to buy the best? I don't see your point about foreign owners. Is that supposed to be a bad thing. Football is about entertainment. If is was a Man City fan and some1 said "I want to spend ££££££££ making your club into one of the best in the world" I would say yes please! and for your info Spurs are completely British owned and Arsenal, apart from Kroenke are mostly too. And I've heard Borussia and Schalke are having financial problems??
its not a point of foreign ownership so much that its the fact that the business and MONEY aspect of the game is starting to infringe on nostalgiac values like club loyalty and, plus the fans can always oust owners they dont like what with the 50+1 rule. id like to see arsenal try that with kroenke.
i mean itd be awesome if bayern could afford gotze eto'o and robbens medical bill (lol) but not at the cost of sacrificing the soul of the club
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