Kolo Touré says Manchester City can emulate Arsenal Invincibles

• Defender says City must focus on winning game by game
• Arsenal can end trophy drought, says Touré

Kolo Touré believes Manchester City can emulate the Arsenal Invincibles of 2004 and go a whole league season unbeaten.

Asked if City can be the new Invincibles Touré said: "Yeah, we started very well but now we just need to forget about it. Just try to win game by game, and as long as you play, win game by game, it's fantastic. We don't think about this record. We just want to play as well as we can every single game. When you start thinking about it, you play without control. For me, we just need to relax, go out, do our best and win the game. At Arsenal, we never thought about it, it never came in my mind. It was taking game by game and trying to win."

Touré added that it would be difficult to remain unbeaten as City attempt to progress in all three domestic competitions and the Champions League. "Definitely," he said. "It's a long way. Now we try to focus on each game and try to win it."

Despite captaining City to a 1-0 win over Arsenal on Tuesday at the Emirates courtesy of a cool 83rd-minute finish by Sergio Agüero that took them into the Carling Cup semi-final, Touré believes Arsène Wenger's team can win silverware.

It is now six years since a trophy was claimed and, as Arsenal are 12 points behind City and do not appear to have a strong enough squad to claim the Champions League, the FA Cup may be their best chance. Touré said: "Definitely [they can win something]. They have young players working really hard, they played very well. It's magic: Mr Wenger brings in any player and makes them better. Credit to him because he's a fantastic manager. It's different. He knows how to see young promising players and that's a great quality for him. Emmanuel Frimpong was fantastic, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was good as well. All of them were fantastic – they made us work really hard but at the end we had the killer goal."

Touré also played down the reception Samir Nasri received on his return. The Frenchman was booed whenever play neared him, and he was involved in a clash with Frimpong in the tunnel after the tie. But Touré claimed the animosity from home fans was due to their affection for him. "Fans do that when they love you," he said. "They saw him playing for the other side and they weren't really happy but they love him and they know he was a great player for Arsenal. He is very intelligent and he knew that would happen, that's why he never had any bad reaction, which I give him credit for. The fans they had love for him and it makes them react like that more.

"We all enjoy coming back. It was a good return, good game. We played a really good Arsenal side and we knew the game would be really tough to come to the Emirates and try to win. It doesn't matter which team the manager picks – for us, and especially for me, I'm very happy we won the game."

Oxlade-Chamberlain was Arsenal's best performer and the 18-year-old believes he has already improved since joining from Southampton in the summer. "It has been in my all-round game. I have been working on my defensive stuff, but that comes with games and experience.

"You learn that as you go along [and] also working on my technical side of the game, you do that every day at Arsenal because you have to when you are working with some of the best technical players in the world like Robin van Persie."

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