Juventus 3-0 Atlético Madrid (agg: 3-2): Champions League last 16, second leg – as it happened

Cristiano Ronaldo was the hat-trick hero as Juve sensationally turned this tie around to reach the quarters.

So Juventus join Ajax, Manchester City, Manchester United, Porto and Tottenham Hotspur in the quarter finals. Here’s the report of a glorious evening for Cristiano Ronaldo. Thanks for reading. Nighty night!

Now that was a match of football. In fact, two wonderful legs. Atletico were by far the better team three weeks ago in Madrid, and were good value for their two-goal lead coming into this game. But tonight they were forced onto the back foot from the get-go, Juve flying out of the traps and asking questions from beginning to end. Juventus were fantastic to a man, causing Atletico all manner of problems. No small feat, seeing the Spaniards hadn’t conceded a goal in their previous five matches. They deservedly turned this tie around. The headlines will go to the evergreen Cristiano Ronaldo, of course they will, but Federico Bernardeschi and Leonardo Spinazzola also caught the eye with magnificent displays. Poor old Atletico had no answer; their long wait for a European Cup goes on.

The Juventus players celebrate their victory.
The Juventus players celebrate their victory. Photograph: Alberto Lingria/Reuters
Juventus’ supporters celebrate the victory.
And the fans celebrate on the terraces. Photograph: Andrea Di Marco/EPA
Juventus players celebrate the victory.
The celebrations continue in the Juventus dressing room. Photograph: Daniele Badolato/Juventus FC via Getty Images


FULL TIME: Juventus 3-0 Atletico Madrid (agg 3-2)

And that’s it! Juventus deservedly complete a spectacular comeback, Cristiano Ronaldo the hat-trick hero! Atletico’s dream of contesting the final in their own stadium lies in ruins.

90 min +4: A long ball down the middle. Correa contests it on the edge of the box with Chiellini. Correa barges him in the back ... or did Chiellini step across him? Either way, Juve are getting the decision, and their captain takes the opportunity to roll around in the theatrical style.

90 min +3: Nothing comes of the corner. Atletico try to break. Cancelo intercepts a long ball but flicks it nervously at Godin. But Godin runs the ball straight out of play. This is all most acceptable for Juve, who are eating up this added time without drama.

90 min +2: Ah, it was Vitolo who took Ronaldo down. He’s booked as a result. From the free kick, Can wins a corner. The clock ticks on, with Juve in total control.

90 min +1: Ronaldo goes on a wander down the right and earns a free kick off Koke. That’s a chunk of time run down.

90 min: There will be five added minutes. Can Atletico find the away goal that’d silence the Juve faithful?

89 min: Ronaldo backflicks a pass down the left. The blood’s pumping now. What a performance. That’s what Juve paid the big bucks for.

88 min: That’s Ronaldo’s eighth hat-trick in the Champions League. He now shares the record with ... nah, I reckon you’ve already worked that out.

GOAL! Juventus 3-0 Atletico Madrid (Ronaldo 86 pen); agg 3-2

Ronaldo’s not missing this one. He slams the penalty into the bottom left, sending Oblak the wrong way. A sensational hat-trick, and yet another Champions League comeback is on! The roof of the Juventus Stadium frisbees off towards the Alps.

Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus fires home from the penalty spot.
Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus fires the ball goalwards from the penalty spot ... Photograph: Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images
Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo scores their third goal from the penalty spot to complete his hat-trick .
He sends Jan Oblak the wrong way and a remarkable comeback is complete. Photograph: Massimo Pinca/Reuters
Cristiano Ronaldo (right) celebrates after scoring his, and Juventus’, third goal.
Ronaldo (right) celebrates his hat-trick. Photograph: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images
Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring their third goal.
Cue lots of happy faces. Photograph: Luca Bruno/AP


85 min: VAR takes an age to check. This is football now. But it’s a penalty. Gimenez is booked for trying to put Ronaldo off as he waits to take the spot kick.

84 min: Penalty to Juventus! Bernardeschi tears down the left wing, then sashays into the area. He’s always ahead of Correa, who eventually panics and shoves the Juve man in the back. Bernardeschi goes over, knocked off balance. The referee doesn’t hesitate, pointing straight at the spot! What a sensational run by Bernardeschi, though Correa really lost the plot there.

Atletico’s Angel Correa, right, pushes Juventus’ Federico Bernardeschi in the back to give away a penalty. What an idiot.
Atletico’s Angel Correa, right, pushes Juventus’ Federico Bernardeschi in the back to give away a penalty. What an idiot. Photograph: Quality Sport Images/Getty Images


82 min: Nearly! Chiellini hoicks a clearance up the left wing. Gimenez is way out of position, and Kean is romping clear down the channel! He shoots across the retreating Oblak towards the bottom right, but the ball’s always curling away from the post. Just wide!

80 min: Mandzukic is replaced by the 19-year-old Moise Kean, who scored twice at the weekend. Is yet another Champions League fairytale about to be told?

79 min: Vitolo and Saul combine well down the left, but the resulting cross is easily cleared by Bonucci. Atletico come at Juve again, winning a free kick out on the same flank. Griezmann floats it in, gifting Szczesny an easy pick. Atletico just beginning to ask one or two questions, as the nerves kick in.

77 min: Morata goes a-dribbling in the middle of the park. Can trips him up. He should go in the book, but the referee is in a pretty lenient mood tonight. Before the game can restart, Arias is repalced by Vitolo.

75 min: Now there’s a free kick for Atletico, out on the right. Koke sends it into a packed area. Pjanic clears after a fashion. The tension is now palpable, seeing we’re almost at the point of next goal wins. A lot of players worried about becoming the fall guy.

74 min: Pjanic loops the free kick to the left-hand corner of the six-yard box. Mandzukic stoops, trying to guide a header into the bottom left, but the ball clanks out off his thigh. He appeals half-heartedly for a penalty, Juanfran on his shoulder, but there’s nothing doing.

73 min: Ronaldo is in the process of dribbling past Juanfran when the full back brings him down in cynical fashion. A clear free kick, out on the right, and a booking for the Atletico defender. Pjanic is over it, with the box loaded.

71 min: It’s beginning to get tasty. Godin drags Dybala back. It’s a clear free kick. Koke slams the ball away in disgust. The referee is by far the coolest individual on the park, and he really can’t be bothered to acknowledge any of it. Again we play on.

69 min: An off-the-ball brouhaha between Morata and Chiellini. A childish shoving match. Morata pushes his opponent over twice, the big man taking a spectacular tumble under the lightest pressure. Grown men, the pair of them, and all. The referee tells them both to stop being so bloody stupid, and we move on.

Atletico Madrid’s Alvaro Morata reacts towards Juventus’ Giorgio Chiellini.
Atletico Madrid’s Alvaro Morata reacts towards Juventus’ Giorgio Chiellini. Photograph: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images


67 min: Cancelo zips down the right, a wonderful run that has Juanfran in a panic. But the resulting cross isn’t accurate. Then Juve make their first change of the evening, Dybala coming on for Spinazzola. An attacking substitution, with Matuidi filling in at left-back.

66 min: Chiellini, quarterbacking from deep, rakes a pass down the inside-left channel. Ronaldo, racing into the box, is inches away from taking it down and shooting. Not quite.

64 min: Bernardeschi catches Arias in the face with his fingers. It looked accidental, but that’s the first booking of the evening.

Atletico Madrid’s Santiago Arias goes to ground after being caught by Juventus’ Federico Bernardeschi.
Atletico Madrid’s Santiago Arias goes to ground after being caught by Juventus’ Federico Bernardeschi. Photograph: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images


62 min: Correa works his way down the inside-right channel and tries to send a heatseeker into the top right from 25 yards. It’s overly ambitious, though you can see the logic: an away goal, out of nothing, would change the atmosphere in a second.

60 min: The Juventus Stadium is on a rolling boil. Two-pass moves are suddenly at a premium. Atletico will be happier at the sudden chaos, because Juve were beginning to build up a head of steam.

Is that a cheeky winkf from Cristiano Ronaldo? He has got form for that kind of thing.
Is that a cheeky winkf from Cristiano Ronaldo? He has got form for that kind of thing. Photograph: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images


58 min: Ronaldo blooters the free kick straight into the wall. Atletico look to break up the other end. The ball’s loose in the midfield. Matuidi’s attempted hoick back upfield hits Correa on the arm. Correa tears clear, then is caught and crunched by Cancelo. Atletico want the foul; Juve get it for the earlier handball. Atletico are none too happy, the match suddenly threatening to boil over. The ref does well to calm everyone down.

57 min: Chiellini slips a pass down the left for Ronaldo, who is immediately clipped to the ground by Gimenez, a little to the left of the D. Free kick. Ronaldo fancies this.

56 min: Atletico can’t string more than a couple of passes together. The collective noggin’s gone. Something has to change, so Lemar is replaced by Correa.

54 min: Atletico are hanging on by their fingernails. They can hardly get out of their own box. Can crosses from the right. Bernardeschi sends a weak header wide left from close range. Right now, a third Juve goal seems just a matter of time.

52 min: Spinazzola dribbles down the left and sends yet another cross towards the far post. Bernardeschi can’t quite get on the end of it. Juve look in the mood.

50 min: The atmosphere in the stadium is now off the scale. As things stand, we’ll be going to extra time and maybe penalties. But Juve have plenty of time to look for the third goal that’d see them through. Atletico could really curdle the atmosphere with an away goal, of course, but they don’t look likely to score one at the moment. They’ve been very passive all evening. By way of further illustration, Griezmann has another run, this time down the right ... but again there’s nobody up with him.

Juventus fans cheer.
Juventus fans cheer. Photograph: Filippo Monteforte/AFP/Getty Images


GOAL! Juventus 2-0 Atletico Madrid (Ronaldo 48); agg 2-2

Bernardeschi crosses from the right. Ronaldo rises highest, and plants a header towards the top left. It looks as though Oblak has clawed it out and away, but after a pause the referee points at his watch. It’s buzzed, and the ball’s crossed the line! Only just, but a couple of millimetres is more than enough! Juve have levelled up the tie!

Ronaldo of Juventus scores his side’s second goal.
Ronaldo of Juventus powers a header goalwards ... Photograph: Chris Brunskill/Fantasista/Getty Images
Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak fails to stop Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo’s second goal.
Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak claws the ball away but not before it’s gone over the line. Photograph: Antonio Calanni/AP
Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring their second goal with teammates.
Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring their second goal with teammates. Photograph: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images
Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates scoring their second goal with teammates.
The Juventus players congratulate Ronaldo in front of some rather happy fans. Photograph: Massimo Pinca/Reuters


47 min: Griezmann heads off down the left. Juve are a little light at the back, but there’s nobody up in support of the Atletico striker, and he’s forced to turn tail. Juve win the ball, go up the other end, and ...

And we’re off again! Atletico get the second half underway, and give up possession in short order. Juve are immediately on the front foot. Ronaldo bursts into space down the right and sails a cross towards Mandzukic, who prepares to nut home from six yards. But Gimenez does extremely well to eyebrow away from danger.

HALF TIME: Juventus 1-0 Atletico Madrid (agg: 1-2)

Just enough time for Atletico to threaten Juve’s goal, Morata getting on the end of Koke’s right-wing cross and heading over from eight yards. And that’s the end of a whirlwind first half. After which ... well, this is poised rather nicely, isn’t it?

45 min: Bernardeschi’s shot from distance is deflected over. From the corner on the right, Chiellini sends a powerful diving header towards the top left. Oblak tips over, a sensational reaction save. Chiellini’s taken an accidental whack in the face for his trouble. Blood everywhere. But the big man’s good to continue. Nothing comes of the next corner.

43 min: Spinazzola hoicks another fine cross into the mixer from a tight spot on the left. Ronaldo rises at the far post but flashes his header wide right. By his lofty standards, that was a good chance, and a poor miss.

42 min: Bernardeschi spins down the inside-left channel and very nearly releases Mandzukic into the box with a cute pass forward. Not quite. Bernardeschi has been very lively tonight.

40 min: Atletico needed a breather, and they get it, with a little period of possession behind Juve lines. They don’t really threaten to open up the hosts, but that’s not really the point. And they’re irritating the home fans, who respond to their rare sortie upfield with a cacophony of whistles.

38 min: Morata rises off the back of Pjanic, and that’s a free kick for Juve out on the right. Pjanic takes and loops long. Ronaldo probes down the left, but can’t beat his first man with the cross. Atletico continue to bend but not buckle. But they can’t continue like this, surely.


36 min: On the touchline, Diego Simeone is beginning to look slightly concerned. Ponderous. His team have been second best so far, their defence tested to the limit.

34 min: This has been a wonderful match so far, with Juve really going for it. Their fans are making plenty of noise. And the roof would have come off the stadium had this one gone in. Ronaldo flies down the left and slips a pass inside for Spinazzola, who - yes - elegantly spins 180 degrees and flicks a cross towards Bernardeschi. And somebody’s been studying Ronaldo in training, because Bernardeschi attempts to whip a bicycle kick into the top right! It’s not far off. Just over. That would have been some goal!

Federico Bernardeschi goes close in an acrobatic styleee.
Federico Bernardeschi goes close in an acrobatic styleee. Photograph: Tullio M Puglia/Getty Images


32 min: But it’s Bernardeschi who steps up and takes it. His effort is decent, whipped over the wall and back down towards the top right ... but it just clears the bar.

31 min: Bernardeschi makes his way down the inside-right channel and is clipped to the floor by Rodri, 25 yards out. This is a free kick in Ronaldo territory.

30 min: A free kick for Atletico out on the left. Griezmann wafts it into a packed Juve box, but it hangs harmlessly in the air and that’s easy pickings for Szczesny.

29 min: Juve’s penalty claim was for handball, Godin having climbed onto his own man Arias and headed down onto his team-mate’s arm. It was never a penalty ... and then Chiellini half-wrestled Godin to the ground. But the ref said that wasn’t a foul either. At which point Juve came again, and got the reward they deserve for their strong start to this match.

GOAL! Juventus 1-0 Atletico Madrid (Ronaldo 27); agg 1-2

Juve come straight back at Atletico. Bernardeschi makes good down the inside-left channel and curls a glorious cross towards Ronaldo at the far post. Ronaldo nips in ahead of Godin, and plants a header past Oblak. Game on!

Cristiano Ronaldo, right, heads Juventus back into the game.
Cristiano Ronaldo, right, heads Juventus back into the game. Photograph: Alberto Lingria/Reuters
Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus celebrates after scoring the opening goal.
Ronaldo celebrates his goal. Photograph: Tullio M Puglia/Getty Images


26 min: Spinazzola wins a corner down the left. From the set piece, there’s an awful scramble and Juve want a corner for something or other. They’re not getting it. But no matter, because ...

24 min: Atletico spend a little time in the Juve half, their first prolonged spell in enemy territory this evening. Griezmann glides in from the right and welts a fine long-distance shot towards the middle of the Juve goal. It’s swerving around, and Morata’s in the way, causing Szczesny to flap a bit. He just about parries it away from danger, and the flag goes up against Morata anyway. He’s offside. Hearts were in Juve mouths for a second there.

22 min: Koke has a crack from 20 yards. His rising effort isn’t too far away from the top right, but it’s just that little bit too high. Szczesny probably had it covered, too. But a reminder that it’ll only take one Atletico flash of brilliance for Juve to find themselves in a four-goal hole.

21 min: Bernardeschi floats a cross into the Atletico box from the right. He’s hoping to find Mandzukic, six yards out in the middle, but Godin reads the flight perfectly and bashes a header away.

19 min: It’s all Juve in terms of territory and possession. But Atletico aren’t giving up any space in the final third. A little bit for Cancelo down the right. He cuts back for Bernardeschi, who tries a shot from 25 yards. It’s blocked brilliantly by Juanfran. The first howl of frustration from the home fans.

17 min: Another storming run by Spinazzola, who tears 50 yards up his wing and very nearly gets the better of Arias. But he can’t burst clear, the defender sticking out a leg and not only winning a tackle, but also deflecting the ball off the Juve man for a goal kick.

15 min: Matuidi finds Spinazzola in a lot of space down the left. His cross isn’t all that and cleared by Godin. He takes another run along the flank, but runs out of space and it’s a throw to the visitors. Spinazzola is seeing a lot of the ball early doors. Juve have definitely targeted this left wing.

13 min: Another long pass to the Juve right, and Cancelo traps well this time. He looks to have earned a corner off Juanfran, but the referee says no deflection. Atletico go up the other end, Griezmann having a dig from distance. It’s blocked the second it leaves his boot. But at least Atletico have finally shown something in attack.

11 min: Juve are concentrating on this left wing. Ronaldo probes again. Once more, there’s nothing doing. He switches play towards Cancelo on the other flank, a fine raking pass, but the right-back lets the ball roll under his foot and out for a throw.

9 min: Juve are seeing most of the ball, though it’s all a bit nervy and scrappy. Matuidi and Ronaldo very nearly work some space down the left, but the one-two doesn’t quite stick.

7 min: One minute and 40 seconds, though. On the touchline, Diego Simeone looks reasonably content, his team having perhaps gotten away with one.

6 min: After one minute and 40 seconds of waiting, the decision stands. No goal. There didn’t seem an awful lot in Ronaldo’s challenge on Oblak - some uncharacteristically slack defending by Atletico, as the ball pinballed around - but it remains goalless. There goes Juve’s perfect start.

4 min: Bonucci flicks the corner on. Ronaldo challenges Oblak on the goalline. The ball breaks back to Chiellini, who stabs home from the edge of the six-yard box. Juve celebrate the early goal, but the referee says no. Juve are livid. This is going to VAR.

Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo stretches for the ball grabbed by Atletico Madrid’s keeper Jan Oblak.
Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo stretches for the ball grabbed by Atletico Madrid’s keeper Jan Oblak. Photograph: Isabella Bonotto/AFP/Getty Images
Giorgio Chiellini of Juventus has goal disallowed.
Ronaldo collides with Oblak as Giorgio Chiellini puts the ball into the net. Photograph: Paul Currie/BPI/Rex/Shutterstock
Come on Ref! Juventus’ Giorgio Chiellini (centre) and Joao Cancelo (R) contest referee Bjoern Kuipers’ decision to not allow Chiellini’s goal.
Come on Ref! Juventus’ Giorgio Chiellini (centre) and Joao Cancelo (R) contest referee Bjoern Kuipers’ decision to not allow Chiellini’s goal. Photograph: Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images


3 min: Spinazzola makes good down the left and pulls back for Matuidi, who shoots first time from 15 yards. Godin hacks clear, but Juve come back and earn a corner on the left. From which ...

2 min: Ronaldo’s first run of the evening, out on the left touchline. He makes good ground but Koke and Arias ensure there’s no gap to dribble through.

Here we go, then! Juve get the ball rolling, as they go in search of the two goals they need to level this tie. Within 25 seconds, Matuidi reaches the byline to the left of the goal and pulls back for Mandzukic, but Gimenez is there to intercept and clear. A lot of noise.

The teams are out! Amid a rare old noise at the Juventus Stadium in Turin - 30,000 flags have been handed out and are fluttering like crazy - the players take to the pitch. Juventus are kitted out in their world-famous black-and-white stripes, while Atletico sport a change strip of blue. We’ll be off in two shakes!

Hot pennant action. Here’s what Juve captain Giorgio Chiellini will be handing over to his opposite number Diego Godin before kick-off. It’s pretty much impossible to decide who has the better crest, isn’t it.

Juve kit and merch.
Juve kit and merch. Photograph: Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Who’s walking the disciplinary tightrope? Blaise Matuidi is the only player up there in black and white stripes. A booking would rule him out of a possible quarter-final. Atletico have three players teetering on the wire: Antoine Griezmann, Jose Maria Gimenez and Angel Correa.

Juventus might become desperate for goals at some point this evening. With this in mind, they’ve named their 19-year-old prodigy Moise Kean as a smash-glass-in-emergency sub. Kean scored twice against Udinese last weekend, on his first Serie A start of the season, becoming the youngest player to bag two in a game for the Bianconeri since Giuseppe Galderisi in 1982. Our man Paolo Bandini was suitably impressed and penned the following love letter ...

Massimiliano Allegri makes four changes to the Juve team named in the first leg in Madrid. João Cancelo, Leonardo Spinazzola, Emre Can and Federico Bernardeschi come in for Mattia De Sciglio, Alex Sandro, Rodrigo Bentancur and Paulo Dybala.

Diego Simeone makes three changes to his Atletico team from the one sent out at the Estadio Metropolitano. Filipe Luis, Thomas Partey and Diego Costa make way for Santiago Arias, Thomas Lemar and Alvaro Morata.


The teams

Juventus: Szczesny, Cancelo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Spinazzola, Can, Pjanic, Matuidi, Bernardeschi, Mandzukic, Ronaldo.
Subs: Perin, Caceres, Dybala, Kean, Rugani, Bentancur, Caviglia.

Atletico Madrid: Oblak, Arias, Godin, Gimenez, Juanfran, Griezmann, Saul, Rodri, Koke, Lemar, Morata.
Subs: Adan, Kalinic, Correa, Savic, Vitolo, Carro, Montero.

Referee: Bjorn Kuipers (Holland).



It wasn’t supposed to be like this for the grand Old Lady of Italian football. Juventus didn’t splurge on Cristiano Ronaldo in the hope of winning a 35th Serie A title, even if that’s what they’re going to do. They spent those 100 million euros to win a third European Cup, having come so close in recent years. The signing of Ronaldo would get them over the line. But instead, here they are on the precipice.

Atlético Madrid were by far the better side in the first leg of this round-of-16 tie at the Metropolitano. Late goals by Jose Maria Giménez and Diego Godín only tell half the story. Diego Costa missed a sitter, Antoine Griezmann hit the crossbar, and Alvaro Morata had a perfectly good goal chalked off by VAR for his part in a very light tussle with Giorgio Chiellini. The 2-0 result didn’t flatter Atlético at all.

Now Juve have it all to do, and the omens aren’t good. Their last two Big Cup campaigns have ended in defeat by Spanish opposition, while Atlético haven’t lost in Italy for more than seven years, and have won eight of their last ten matches against sides from Serie A. And should the Italian champions concede an away goal, they’ll be in all sorts of bother.

On the other hand, an early goal for the home heroes and you never know! Especially as comebacks are all the rage in the Champions League this year; just ask Ajax, Manchester United Real Madrid and PSG. Can Juve salvage this situation and keep alive their dream of becoming European champions for the first time since 1996? Or will Atlético close it out, in the hope of eventually righting the wrongs of 1974, 2014 and 2016? Another big club is going out tonight ... perhaps after extra time and penalties if the score’s 2-0 after 90 minutes. It’s on!

Kick off: 8pm GMT, 9pm local in Turin.