José Mourinho claims he is sorry about Manchester United's plight

• United are nine points shy of fourth place in Premier League
• Mourinho says it is possible for David Moyes to close the gap

José Mourinho has stated he feels sorry for Manchester United and their manager, David Moyes, as the Premier League champions continue to labour this term. Sunday's draw with Fulham left United a distant nine points off fourth place as they prepare for Wednesday's tomorrow's trip to Arsenal, with the prospect of failing to qualify for the Champions League looming large.

"I feel sorry for them," said Mourinho. "I never enjoy it when somebody is having some problems, like they're having. But United are United. David is experienced enough to cope with the situation, and the future will be better for them. Yes, he's the right man for the job. They can still make the top four. It won't be easy, they know that. They know they are in the limit for the top four, and they also know that teams like us, Liverpool and Arsenal are doing OK. So it won't be easy for them to close such a big gap. But it's possible."

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