The Germany captain Philipp Lahm has added to his team-mate Bastian Schweinsteiger's criticisms of quarter-final opponents Argentina, accusing them of being bad losers. Schweinsteiger had called the Argentinians "disrespectful", and accused them of trying to influence referees.

"Bastian said what he said. We know South Americans are impulsive and temperamental and cannot lose," said the usually softly spoken Lahm. "We will see on Saturday how they will lose and how they will behave after a defeat."

Germany beat Argentina in the 2006 World Cup quarter-finals on penalties before a violent brawl broke out at the end of the match, drawing in most players and coaches from both teams with punches and kicks flying.

"We have to concentrate on our football only," said Lahm. "The South Americans are temperamental. We know that and we will see how they will deal this time with a defeat."

The German comments appeared to be aimed at destabilising the Argentina coach, Diego Maradona, who is known to have a fiery temperament. However, Maradona responded by today insisting Schweinsteiger was "nervous" and said his players were looking forward to "revenge."

"We don't have time to think about Schweinsteiger," Maradona told Fox Sports Argentina. "The players are thinking about going onto the pitch, in getting their revenge.

"I'm not worried about what they say about the penalties, the kicks. We're going to go and beat them in their half."