The Football Association is to review Harry Redknapp's comments about the referee Mark Clattenburg's role in Manchester United's second goal during their 2-0 win against Tottenham Hotspur yesterday.

Redknapp described it as a "scandalous" and "farcical" goal, accusing Clattenburg of making a "total mess of it". The Tottenham manager was incensed Nani's goal was allowed when the goalkeeper, Heurelho Gomes, placed the ball on the ground because he mistakenly believed a free-kick had been awarded against the United player for handball.

The FA's disciplinary department will study Redknapp's comments to see if there is any suggestion he is accusing Clattenburg of showing a lack of integrity or impartiality.

In particular they will focus on Redknapp's response when he was asked whether he had been to see Clattenburg after the game for an explanation. Redknapp said there was no point knocking on the referee's door because he suspected the match officials would "go in there now and come up with a story that will make it look all right".

Clattenburg had decided to wave play on because the ball had run through to Gomes but Redknapp argued that Nani should have been booked and a free-kick awarded.

"He [Clattenburg] made a real cock‑up, there's no doubt about that," Redknapp said. "Whatever he says, he can come out and say what he wants, but he should have made the situation clearer. If he's not given the free-kick he should be saying to the goalkeeper: 'Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.'"

Sir Alex Ferguson, the United manager, had a different version of events, blaming Gomes for "making a real mess of it" by not playing to the whistle.

Redknapp responded: "We all tell the players that from when they're kids but he [Gomes] just thought it was a blatant handball. Everybody saw it and he [Clattenburg] has to give the handball decision."

He claimed that Clattenburg had privately conceded he made a mistake. "I know he's said to people he should have blown his whistle and given a free-kick," he told the Sun of an incident that Redknapp described as "one of the worst refereeing decisions ever".