Fulham v Tottenham Hotspur - as it happened

Fulham thrashed Tottenham 4-0 in the FA Cup fourth-round tie at Craven Cottage, Danny Murphy scoring twice from the spot to take advantage of Spurs' shoddy defending

Afternoon all: Welcome to coverage of Fulham's fourth-round tie against Tottenham. The year ends in one so there's some people out there who think it's Spurs' year, forgetting 1971 and 2001 when the Cup did not go to Tottingham. Funny season for Fulham this has been. I expected them to be a top 10 team but while they have been difficult to beat – 11 Premier League draws in 24 games – they have found it difficult to win and their form on the road has been as woeful as ever. Still, Mark Hughes has won the FA Cup four times as a player to Harry Redknapp's one as a manager. Harry must be hoping his strikers find some form, well Jermaine Defoe, Peter Crouch and Robbie Keane, who have been poor in domestic competitions, at least. Spurs have won the last three games between the two and have won all five FA Cup ties, two after replays, so the odds are with them.

Your teams:
Fulham: Stockdale, Pantsil, Hughes, Hangeland, Salcido, Duff, Sidwell, Murphy, Dempsey, Andrew Johnson, Dembele.
Subs: Etheridge, Kelly, Baird, Gera, Kamara, Dikgacoi, Davies.
Tottenham: Gomes, Hutton, Bassong, Dawson, Assou-Ekotto, Lennon, Sandro, Modric, Pienaar, Van der Vaart, Defoe.
Subs: Cudicini, Jenas, Pavlyuchenko, Gallas, Crouch, Kranjcar, Corluka.
Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffordshire)

FA Cup fifth-round draw: Conducted by Neil Ruddock and the comedian Mark Watson. Why, oh why? It's like the Simpsons' Academy Awards spoof pairings.
West Ham v Burnley
Notts Co or Man City v Aston Villa
Stoke City v Brighton
Birmingham City v Sheff Wed
Leyton Orient v Arsenal
Everton or Chelsea v Reading
Manchester United v Crawley
Fulham or Spurs v Bolton or Wigan

Tomorrow's back pages: Were going to be about Murray. Now they'll feature Crawley Town quite prominently. They're already rich (and disliked) by non-League standards, but that has just been a Midas moment for them and their potential future.

1 min: "It's the FA Cup brought to you by Keith, Ian and Andy." Grrrr! It's the FA Cup brought to you by Charles Alcock, says I. Re Mark Watson, Stewart Jackson writes: "They're both fronting the Respect FC campaign. But why they're doing that is anyone's guess." Spurs throw-in virtually straight from the kick off and Brede Hangeland plays it back to Stockdale and whooosh, it goes up and back. Hutton up the right, wins a corner, his cross blocked.

3 min: Van der Vaart takes it short to Lennon but Duff read it and raced out to clear. Now Spurs ahve a free-kick 30 yards out, taken too quickly as the wall is being set. Van der Vaart shoots, blocked and Pantsil clears.

5 min: Bitty start – long clearance from Assou-Ekotto, goes out. Fulham throw, up to Duff wide on the right, fed by Johnson making space behind the left-back. Duff crosses and Dempsey's looping header is tipped over by Gomes. Fulham corner.

7 min: Corner met by Dempsey just behind the penalty spot. Firm header but goes wide to the right of Gomes' goal. Spurs fans singing that very slow 16RPM version of "When the Spurs go Marching In". It's good.

9 min: Very good movement from Spurs diddy trio of VDV, Lennon and Pienaar, interchanging positions on the left, all three playing triangles with each other and Assou-Ekotto. Fulham again eventually clear and burst up the right, getting in another cross for Dempsey. They obviously think Spurs are a bit susceptible to crosses.

Penalty Fulham!!! Dempsey running into the box, wide on the left, not especially dangerous position, Hutton brings him down.

GOAL!! Fulham 1-0 Tottenham (Murphy, pen)

12 min: Daft challenge considering Dempsey's position, Hutton having a prod at the ball with his left leg going across Dempsey's run.

Penalty to Fulham and Dawson sent off

GOAL!! Fulham 2-0 Tottenham (Murphy, pen) And Spurs fall apart at the back. Dawdling a little, Dawson wraps his arms around Dembele's waist on the left of the box, clear goalscoring opportunity, red card. Murphy chips it to Gomes' right, having scored 90 seconds earlier with more power to the keeper's left.

16 min: And Dempsey almost put Fulham three up when Duff and Johnson combined to skin Assou-Ekotto, Johnson centred it to Dempsey who scooped it over on the slide.

17 min: Sandro off for Spurs, Gallas on. Two minutes at centre-half for the Brazilian and he looked shaky in the one attack Fulham launched in that spell. He's off so Spurs, at least, should be tighter at the back.

19 min: "Looks like Spurs are literally concentrating on the league(s)," writes Gary Naylor. Indeed it does, Gary. Both full-backs, who are first choice, have been targeted by Fulham and have made mistakes. Dembele there getting on the end of Duff's cross from the right that Assou Ekotto failed to cut out.

21 min: Gomes has to race out when Johnson beats Gallas to the ball and flicks it into Dempsey's pass. They're all over the place defensively, understandanbly now there's only 10 men on but they were with 11.

GOAL!! Fulham 3-0 Tottenham (Hangeland) Gallas and Bassong spring the offside trap but Assou Ekotto isn't up to speed and he lets Fulham in. Gomes again comes out. Then a minute later Gomes lets Salcido's cross go harmlessly across the box but Assou Ekotto, trying to shepherd it out has to concede a corner. In it comes, nodded on by Johnson at the near post, unmarked, and Hangeland prods it in at the far post. Crazy days.

25 min: Dembele storming up the middle with good control flicks it with his toe on to Demspey who turns and almost gets the space to shoot but Gallas, at least, is concentrating, and squuezes himm out. Van der Vaart rather petulantly barges Murphy off the ball and gets booked. Defoe got hit in the face earlier in the passage of play but I missed the replay. Might have been 10 v 10 there, says Craig Burley.

28 min: Fulham fans are giving it the "olés" already. Mark Judd exclusively reveals: "Spurs are a shambles. Looks like Bale will be submitting a transfer request tonight." Spurs corner, Van der Vaart one-two with Lennon, or vice versa more accurately, across from Lennon to Modric running on to the ball to the right of the box about 20 yards out and he squuezes a shot through the packed defence but just wide.

30 min: Andy Johnson hits a 30 yard shot, not Massively powerfully, and it hits a bobble and bounces to hit Gomes on the chest as he stooped to gather. "Is this another great ruse by Harry to convince Daniel Levy to open his wallet before the end of the month in order to sustain Spurs chances in the Champions' League (both this year and for next)? What a cunning schemer he is, I can envisage the post-match press conference already," opines David Wall. Scheming? 'Arry? Perish the thought.

33 min: Lovely pass from Murpy to Sidwell who runs up the middle, veers slightly left unchallenged and hits a low shot into Gomes' arms. Glass-half full for Simon Essex and Robin Hazlehurst: "Bugger. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to focus on the Champions League this season. Sigh..." writes Simon. "So has 'Arry decided to focus on the League and the Champions League this year and told the team not to waste their time in this Cup?" is Robin's quip who I don't think is a Spurs fan.

36 min: Spurs were 2-0 down at the Emirates, if I remember, and came back and got three against Inter when 4-0 down and with 10-men though many correspondents argue that that doesn't count as Inter took their foot off the gas.

37 min: When I say many correspondents I mean you Patrick Jones and Stella Carter. Not many, sorry. Two. Anyway. The opposite view is Rod McLaughlin's: "We get a man sent off after 12 mins, 3-0 down after 22 mins. Remember what happened to Inter
Fulham have no chance..." Van der Vaart tries a chip from a free kick a yard inside Fulham's half but Stockdale, off his line, had it covered.

39 min: "Torres might have shown himself to be as fickle as the next footballer," writes Ian Copestake. "But we'll always have 07/08." Indeed you do Ian. Though some Liverpool fans' treatment of Guillem Balague over his inside info on the story was truly astonishing. What's happened to people? I'm very fond of my club and have been for nearly 40 years, but the hysterical chippiness that seems to be the hallmark of some fans today is absurd. Not you, of course, you're a gent.

42 min: That Liverpool interlude was brought to you by some mud in the eye for the linesman Darren Cann, courtesy of Bassong's boot and a subsequent long delay.

44 min: Robbie Keane's gone to West Ham on loan for the rest of the season, according to ESPN. It's gone a bit quiet on the pitch.

GOAL!! Fulham 4-0 Spurs (Dembele) Murphy must have been a dream to play alongside this past two seasons, always available for the ball. He just saw Pantsil motoring forward then, anticipated that he might get into trouble and dropped five yards into the best position to recveive. Spurs have given up. Dembele gets the ball in the centre circle with Bassong infront of him, he sells him a dummy and goes the other way, burst forward and Bassong just jogs in his wake. Dembele moves on, pulls Gallas left with his movement and hits a superb shot from 20 yards into the back of the net.

Half time:Who'd have thought that? Cakewalk for Fulham so far. Back in 10 minutes. "Re: Rod Mclaughlin on 37 minutes. But you still lost. Just saying," writes David Ruan. Ian Markey, on the other hand: "Excellent! 4-0 down and only 10 men on the pitch. got Fulham EXACTLY where we want them!" There's already huge gaps at the back and Spurs haven't gone for it yet. May have to be 7-6, Ian. And here's another Ian, Ian Copestake: "Personally I blame the reaction to 9/11. If Bush had just turned the other cheek and been truly Christian about the whole thing Torres would never have wanted to leave Liverpool." Hmmm! David Flynn is looking at the bigger picture: "Eh, seeing as the only thing keeping Spurs in the Cup is the time on the scoreboard, maybe it's time Spurs bring off Van der Vaart so as to not risk and injury or a second yellow that carries over into the league. Bite the bullet 'Arry, this game is over."

Substitution: Crouch on for Defoe. News that Spurs have had a £10m bid for Scott Parker turned down today.

46 min: Looked very good has Dembele today, picking up the ball from deep and just running at Spurs back four. Dan Hamilton wriotes: "Are Spurs fans doing their club any favours with their anti-Stratford protest songs? Outside the ground, fine. Inside, should be focused on supporting the team on the pitch. They've played terrible since the protests started. Spurs keep playing like this and they'll be soon be singing 'Mid-table is ours, mid-table is ours, Gareth Bale's just a memory, mid-table is ours'." It's a point Dan. But you've got to make yourself heard at the best opportunity when a change as integral to your identity like that is mooted, n'est-ce pas?

48 min: Crouch has a header in the box but gets underneath it slightly and can't get it on target. Pienaar and Lennon have switched wings, with Lennon on the right, now.

50 min: Great run from Hutton, playing a one-two with Lennon in the tightest of spaces on the whitewash then going on a storming run forward, almost to the byline, and cutting back a decent cross but Crouch can't get there and is edged out as Fulham concede the corner, which Spurs squander.

52 min: Aizaaz Ali Khan is "watching the game on Al Jazeera. They've got Ray Wilkins, Graeme Souness and some guy called Gary on the panel. Souness was sneeringly making the point that Tottenham are doing so badly because they were playing too many foreigners. Apparently, these continental types don't understand the magic of the Cup, conveniently ignoring that it Fulham's best player has probably been the Belgian Dembele and Spur's worst man has undoubtedly been Dawson." Sounds like a daft argument to me, too, Aizaaz.

54 min: Neat little combinations on Tottenham's left by Fulham's Sidwell, Duff and Dembele but the space worked is wasted when the ball is knocked back to Hangeland who overhits the ball into the right-back channel and Spurs get it back.

55 min: "West Ham should sell [Parker]," says Mark Judd. "They are going down, so they could top up their parachute payment by £10m." Shooby Taylor questions the sub Van der Vaart proposal: "Good point by Flynner regarding Van Der Vaart, but then again he is the only player on the pitch that can change the game for Spurs." Fulham are holding possession fairly well so far.

58 min: Wayward pass from Van der Vaart is cut out and Fulham break at pace with Duff up the Fulham right, cuts inside, Johnson steps over the pass and lest it run to Dembele who shapes to shoot but Gallas gets his toe in to clear.

60 min: Modric showed the excellence of his control then took the ball with the outside of his right foot on the dribble and sprinted forward into space – his pass to Hutton, though, was overhit and skips out for a throw.

63 min: Pienaar's certainly given Assou-Ekotto more cover than Lennon did in the first half. And Fulham have found it trickier to double team the left-back as they did in the first half when Lennon's shoe-gazing tendencies meant he lost concentration. Fine shot by Demspey from 25 yards, Gomes diving to his left to parry wide.

65 min: "A good point by Shooby but seeing as we are sitting 3ft apart in the same room with our laptops on our laps i think maybe this is a conversation we could have verbally instead of flooding the Guardian website with emails." Thus writes David Flynn, conjuring up the question, what are you doing sitting side by side watching a match of a Sunday afternoon playing duelling laptops. Are you working for Opta?

66 min: And Flynn gets his wish. Off goes Van der Vaart, on comes Jenas. Ian Copestake writes on the subect of Graeme Souness on Al Jazeera. His "dinosaur attitude should see him put on a heap along with Gray and Keys."

68 min: Fulham substitution. Andy Johnson off, Zoltan Gera on.

70 min: I feel like I'm playing Chinese whispers here with Flynn and Taylor: "Damn you Flynner, you ruined the mystique! I'm moving out." I'll pass it on, Shooby.

72 min: Back to the match after deciding not to print your accusations about Graeme Souness for fear of legal reprisals given I've not caught what he said on Al Jazeera myself. One thing I will say, though. I'm sure he wears a piece. Jenas hits a volley from about 25 yards that looked brilliant from the sidelines but when you saw it from behind it was clear it was mile wide.

74 min: Greening, who wasn't on our original list of substitutes but replaced Baird when the Northern Irishman fell ill minutes before the game, comes on for Danny Murphy.

77 min: "Do we know if dinosaurs were sexist? I guess not," says Gary Naylor. "But we do know lions are sexist. 'Keys and Gray - two lions of broadcasting' – that can't be right, can it?" It can't, Gary. Did I print that? Oh dear. Libelled lions, there. Two Lynams of brodacsting? Two linos of broadcasting? Two pompous prats of broadcsating? This game is petering out somewhat.

79 min: Fulham keepball continues. ESPN's Champion and Burley are bored stiff. "I've just noticed from the Tv guide that Redknapp is scheduled as one of the guests on Adrian Chiles' new Sunday night programme. Is that filmed live, so it might be worth tuning in? I'm starting to get suspicious now, that this result has been manufactured to drum up interest and ratings to try to salvage something from Chiles' ITV move. Pressure being applied by his occasional employers?" I think it was recorded yesterday, David. Shooby, Flynn's getting the curries in and is happy to pay for yours. What do you want? Text him.

81 min: More on our prehistoric metaphors from Edward Taylor: "I would like to protest. Extinct reptiles are being portrayed by commentators as patronising misogynists, particularly galling since when they were roaming about (presumably in some swaggering boorish manner), women didn't actually exist." Hutton crosses deep and Crouch takes a touch instead of heading it towards goal, allowing Pantsil the opportunity to nick it off him.

84 min:I suppose this has been more about averting humiliation for Spurs than trying to get back into it and to that end, they've succeeded so far, though Bassong just had a swing with his left to clear and air-kicked after prodding the ball with his right. Not his day, at all.

86 min: Fulham corner, won by Duff using Pienaar as a wall pass, rebound victim. First corner causes confusion before Crouch and Assou-Ekotto bundle it out for another from which Hughes rattles the crossbar with a powerful header.

88 min: Gera denied by Gomes's feet-first dive. Robin Hazlehurst asks: "Don't mean to belittle you, but I'm genuinely curious, would someone like Graeme Souness or Gray and Keys actually bother to sue you for a passing insult on an MBM? Are they that petty? At least if it is not rumours which were actually true but hush hush involving small furry animals and major favours for Sepp Blatter, then surely they ought to be above caring what is said here?" They ought to be, but then you've got to be careful given how much it costs to defend yourself. I can't say X is a racist unless there was categorical proof. The employer would go nuts.

Full time: Fulham 4-0 Tottenham Hotspur. They'll play Bolton or Wigan at the Cottage in the last 16. Excellent performance from Fulham, dreadful from Spurs who looked completely out of sorts at the back, poorly organised and major lapses in concentration. Thanks for all your emails. Good night.

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