Fan travels 7,000 miles for his first Everton game ... and it is called off

Ric Wee travelled from Kuala Lumpur to Goodison for a match that was postponed 35 minutes before kick-off. Have you ever been disappointed after making an epic trip to watch sport?

After 30 years of supporting Everton, Ric Wee finally made it to Goodison to see them play on Wednesday night. The excited supporter had made the journey from Kuala Lumpur and was very excited about visiting the ground for the first time.

After settling down with his programme and match ticket, Wee was informed that the game was postponed due to severe winds howling around the north of England. To his credit, he took it in good humour, tweeting: “Dream to watch EFC play will continue to be on hold.”

Wee’s plight was picked up on Twitter by football fans who sympathised with his plight. When Everton discovered that one of their supporters had made a 7,000-mile trip to sit in a blustery stadium, they invited him into the dressing room to meet Roberto Martínez and his players.

Wee seemed to enjoy his night, but he won’t be able to stay in Liverpool for Everton’s FA Cup tie against Swansea on Sunday. He works as a lawyer in Malaysia and has his return flight booked. His dream to watch Everton will have to live on a little longer.

Have you ever made an epic journey to see a sports event and been disappointed?

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