Euro 2012: 'Girly' Mark van Bommel pinched me, says William Kvist

• Denmark's Kvist says Holland captain pinched him
• 'He pinched me in [the stomach] . I didn't mind too much'

As if losing to Denmark was not bad enough, the Holland captain, Mark van Bommel, has now been accused of pinching the midfielder William Kvist 30 seconds into the game on Saturday.

Denmark won the Group B encounter 1-0 and afterwards Kvist, who plays for Stuttgart, told Danish media that Van Bommel had walked up to him and "pinched him in the 'fat' [stomach]".

"He pinched me in the 'fat'. Maybe he had seen that I have put on some weight. But I didn't mind too much."

Asked by a Danish newspaper whether he thought the Holland midfielder's actions had been a bit "girly", Kvist said: "Yes, and you can always laugh a little [about it]. I just think it is a little bit funny, especially as he did it after 30 seconds. But we weren't intimidated and there were no other dirty tricks in the game."

Holland were criticised for their aggressive approach during the 2010 World Cup, with Johan Cruyff saying after the 1-0 final defeat by Spain: "Sadly, they played very dirty. This ugly, vulgar, hard, hermetic, hardly eye-catching, hardly football style... If with this they got satisfaction, fine, but they lost."

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