Estonia v England: Euro 2016 qualifier – as it happened

England made hard work of it against 10-man Estonia but earned their fourth successive win thanks to a Wayne Rooney free-kick

Full-time: Estonia 0-1 England

Watch out, Europe.

90 min+3: Rooney should wrap it up for England - well, make England win 2-0 instead of 1-0 - after being released by a fantastic pass from Wilshere, but his attempted dink over Pareiko is saved by the Estonia goalkeeper.

90 min: There will be four more minutes of this.

89 min: Oxlade-Chamberlain hangs a cross to the far post from the byline but a stretching Rooney volleys over.

88 min: Does anyone know if this referee takes bribes? I’ll give him cash money to pay up now.

87 min: Wilshere promptly loses the ball in England’s half and picks up a booking as he tries to rectify his error. That’ll teach me for doling out praise.

86 min: A rare sortie forward from Estonia is halted by Wilshere, who’s had a good game.

83 min: Kruglov replaces Vunk. That is all.

80 min: Estonia make another change, Ojaama replacing Zenjov. England respond by bringing on Rickie Lambert for Danny Welbeck.

77 min: Roooooooooooooooooooooney.

75 min: Including his own, it seems. Apparently Rickie Lambert was getting ready to come on for Rooney before the goal.

GOAL! Estonia 0-1 England (Rooney, 73 min)

This is what Wayne Rooney can come up with, although Pareiko will be kicking himself that he couldn’t keep it out. Rooney whipped the free-kick over the wall, towards the bottom-right corner, and Pareiko couldn’t get across quickly in time to make the save. He pushed it against the post but despite his best efforts to bundle it away, he ended up in a heap in the back of the net staring sadly at the ball. It’s a cruel world. But England’s captain has spared a few blushes.

73 min: Sterling has his ankles rapped inches outside the area on the left. This is a good position for England. What can Rooney and Baines come up with?

72 min: “I’m starting to get the feeling we won’t score even if there were 90 minutes left on the clock,” says Michael Chilcott. “We’re looking so sluggish up front.” We haven’t seen much from Thierry Welbeck. But there’s still time. He’ll probably score the winner now.

70 min: Rooney curls in an overhit cross. Pareiko gathers. England have been limp since Klavan’s red card.

69 min: Chambers welps a cracking cross into the area and for a moment it seems that Oxlade-Chamberlain is going to head it in, but he mistimes his jump and the ball sails over his head. D’oh.

67 min: A corner for England on the right. Will the aimless pressure tell? Not yet. Cahill nods over from Baines’s delivery.

66 min: Suddenly Zenjov is running clean through on goal - ! - and ... the flag’s up. It was tight, though. Baines stepped up just in time.

64 min: Raheem Sterling has had a nap and now feels refreshed enough to come on in place of Jordan Henderson.

62 min: I think that Estonia might just be playing for a draw now. “Is Nathaniel Clyne on the bench tonight?” says David Wall. Yes. “Chambers is having another pretty poor game (highlighted by the standard of opposition in these internationals). Considering he did pretty well early in the season against some tricky opponents, not least away against Besiktas, is he showing himself up to be a flat-track patsy?”

61 min: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - known as Oxlade by Glenn Hoddle - replaces Fabian Delph.

60 min: Jaager, the star of minute 28, goes for goal with a free-kick from 25 yards. At least it didn’t go out for a throw this time.

59 min: England are yet to make this one-man advantage count. Oxlade-Chamberlain will be on soon. More pace is required.

57 min: England have another free-kick. This time Baines steps up, having seen enough of Rooney. His effort deflects off the wall for a corner, which leads to some flapping from Pareiko. But can England take advantage? No.

55 min: Rooney drops a sublime pass over the Estonia defence to Henderson, who cushions the ball into the six-yard, only for Welbeck to fail to read the situation. He ends up fouling a defender in his haste to reach the ball.

53 min: Henderson is booked for clipping Lindpere from behind. It came because of a poor pass from Chambers, who has had a few sloppy moments on the ball.

52 min: “I pick my nose with my specially-grown big toenail as it is, but toes for fingers would make it easier, particularly during socks-on situations such as late-night intimacy,” says Mac Millings.

50 min: Eventually a very miffed Klavan departs and we can get on with things, which allows Rooney to whip the free-kick over the bar. We waited a good two minutes for him to do that.

Editorial use only. No merchandising. For Football images FA and Premier League restrictions apply inc. no internet/mobile usage without FAPL license - for details contact Football Dataco Mandatory Credit: Photo by Michael Zemanek/BPI/REX (4191756u) Wayne Rooney  of England shoots at the goal 2016 UEFA European Championship Qualifying Group E Estonia v England Le Coq Arena, Tallinn, Estonia - 12 Oct 2014 2016UEFAEUROPEANCHAMPIONSHIPQUALIFYINGGROUPEESTONIAVENGLANDLECOQARENATALLINN12OCT2014WAYNEROONEYSHOOTSATGOALSportPersonality25429824
A free-kick two minutes in the making. Photograph: Michael Zemanek/BPI/REX/Michael Zemanek/BPI/REX


49 min: Klavan is taking his time leaving us. Suffice to say, he doesn’t agree.


48 min: Now then! Klavan, already on a booking, cynically barges Delph over after being beaten by the midfielder thirty yards from goal, and the referee does not hesitate showing him a second yellow card. Off you go! What a start to the second half for England!

Football - Estonia v England - UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying Group E - A. Le Coq Arena, Tallinn, Estonia - 12/10/14 Estonia's Ragnar Klavan is shown a red card after receiveing a second yellow by referee Marijo Strahonja Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Carl Recine Livepic EDITORIAL USE ONLY.2014Soccer
Estonia’s Ragnar Klavan is shown a red card after receiveing a second yellow by referee Marijo Strahonja. Photograph: Carl Recine/Action Images


47 min: Anier crosses from the left. No one is in the middle.

46 min: Off we go again. Estonia have made a change, Lindpere replacing Vassljev.

Half-time: Estonia 0-0 England


45 min: There will be one minute of added time. Which leaves Leighton Baines enough time to pick up a harsh booking for catching Antonov with a stray arm. “A quick web search revealed that Brian Mayden, the Baltic’s top Queen/Iron Maiden tribute, are gigging in Tallinn tonight,” says David Seare.

44 min: The Estonia fans are upping the volume. They know their team doesn’t have too much longer to hold out before half-time. Though they do watch anxiously for a moment when Henderson whacks a long-range volley goalwards. But it’s straight down Pareiko’s throat.

41 min: What else is on in Tallinn this evening? “I haven’t bothered with Jamie T’s album, as I was too busy being disappointed in his appearance on Later...,” says Matt Dony. “Mind you, the frontman from Future Islands rendered everyone else vaguely irrelevant that night, dancing like Prince and yelping like Beefheart, while looking like a telecoms sales manager.”

39 min: Fabian Delph creates a good chance for Rooney with some fine work on the left, cutting back and digging a cross into the middle, where an unmarked Rooney heads wide. He had to generate his own power, yes, as there wasn’t much pace on the cross but he’ll be annoyed not to have worked Pareiko. “This is all very confusing,” says Phil Sawyer. “I’ve just put my roast potatoes on for Sunday tea and would normally be comtemplating a quiet evening in front of Antiques Roadshow or some such. Instead there’s an England match going on. I blame Greg Dyke. Or possibly Kevin Pietersen.” Indeed. What would Roy Keane make of all this?

37 min: England need to work on their shooting. They’ve been in good positions but their finishing has been disappointing. More composure is required. “Well, this game may stink to high heaven but at least I can hear a super fun sounding band in the background,” says JR in Illinois. “Ah, who am I kidding? Forget this nonsense. At noon there is a channel that for some reason will be showing yesterday’s Cambridge-Oxford game. I’m going to watch that. As far as I know they have never showed a league 2 game over here.”

36 min: Wilshere assumes responsibility now, powering into the area, forcing the Estonia defence backwards, but pinging a weak shot just wide.

35 min: Welbeck twists and turns and drills a cross-shot across the face of goal, a deflection just taking it away from Lallana, who was waiting at the far-post for a tap-in. These are promising moments for England. Soon Lallana is dribbling into the area on the left but his cross is too close to Pareiko.

33 min: Vassiljev’s shot from the right dribbles harmlessly across the England area and the visitors counter, a long pass over the top releasing Rooney, who’s onside this time. The England captain has acres of space to attack but doesn’t quite have the pace to get away from Klavan and his attempt to dribble his way through leads him into traffic. Estonia get enough men back to quell the danger.

31 min: Not much is happening. Is anyone else pretty disappointed by Jamie T’s new album?

29 min: Klavan is booked for impeding Welbeck, who had both outpaced and outmuscled the Estonia centre-back on the right. Welbeck was getting ready to motor there.

28 min: Jaager tries to score with a volley from 35 yards. Throw-in to England.

27 min: How’s your Sunday been? I’m hungover.

26 min: The Estonia fans are singing Hey Jude.

25 min: A free-kick to England over on the right touchline. Henderson hangs a deep cross to the far post. It’s headed down by Jagielka to Lallana, whose volley is deflected wide. Estonia are awarded a goal-kick, much to England’s annoyance.

23 min: Rooney almost releases Welbeck with a raking pass, but Pikk hangs out a leg to deny him. Moments later Mets fouls Wilshere, who loses his boot. He looks annoyed but the referee plays advantage and so England attack. A Lallana dummy sees the ball roll to Rooney on the edge of the area. He gets himself in a tangle but manages to lay the ball back to Delph, who blasts one miles over.

21 min: Estonia are in England’s half. But not for long. A pattern has formed.

18 min: Zenjov is down after being fouled by Cahill on the ankle. He felt that one.

17 min: England continue to dominate. Baines clips a teasing cross into the near post. It finds Rooney all alone, six yards out, but he completely misses his kick and the ball pings behind for a corner, which comes to nothing. Rooney won’t be happy with himself. He should have scored. “Fingers for toes every time,” says David Seare. “I could be unwrapping sweets with my foot fingers and eating sweets with my regular fingers. I’d be snacking smart.”

15 min: This was almost brilliant. Wilshere, who’s feeling a lot better now, dinks a glorious ball into the area towards Rooney, who dashes away from two defenders before letting the ball drop over his shoulder and lashing an awkward first-time volley just over the bar. That would have been a great goal if Rooney’s volley had flown an inch lower.

England's forward Wayne Rooney takes a shot at goal during the UEFA 2016 European Championship qualifying group E football match between England and Estonia in Tallinn, Estonia, on October 12, 2014.  AFP PHOTO / GLYN KIRKGLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images
Nearly a good goal. And it’s the trying that counts. Photograph: GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images


14 min: Chambers is having plenty of joy on the right. He fires in another cross but Rooney clatters into an Estonian defender as he challenges for a header and a free-kick is awarded, so that’s that.

13 min: Wilshere is challenged from behind by Klavan. Then he crumples in a heap. I’m not sure why. He stays down for a while but he rouses himself eventually. I think he took a blow to the head.

11 min: It’s been a while since Estonia got into England’s half. We’ve got this, guys.

10 min: Would you rather have fingers for toes or toes for fingers?

8 min: A free-kick to England on the left. Baines drops it into the area. It misses everyone in the middle but finds Henderson at the far post. Estonia are in trouble momentarily but Antonov does brilliantly to fling himself in front of Henderson’s shot and the danger is averted.

7 min: England are dominating now. What a team! Lallana, buzzing around mischievously, darts in from the right and plays a one-two with Henderson before dancing into the area. But his shot from 16 yards or so is blocked.

6 min: Wilshere injects some urgency into an England attack, bursting through a couple of challenges before looking for Rooney on the edge of the area. England’s record-seeking hero gets the ball stuck under his feet but manages to win a corner with his persistence. It’s dealt with comfortably enough.

5 min: England have settled after that early Estonian flurry. They’re attacking a lot down the right and Chambers whips in a cross that just evades Welbeck. That’s better.

4 min: England’s brass band appear to have a bit of competition tonight because it sounds like there’s an Estonian who’s armed with a trumpet of his own and he’s playing some jaunty tunes. This means war. England duly step their game and respond with whatever tune it is they play that’s not the Great Escape.

2 min: So, a corner to Estonia, over on the left. It’s swung to the far post and again England are all at sea. Anier can’t get any purchase on his header but the ball drops to again and he swipes an awkward volley over the bar. My, that’s another escape for the visitors who have started awfully slowly. Have they maybe been enjoying the delights of Tallinn a little too much?

England huddle - there’s that famous team spirit - and then they get the ball rolling! They’re in red shirts and white shorts and they’re kicking from left to right in this first half. But they’re quickly on the back foot after Vunk gets away with what looked like a shove on Delph. Suddenly Estonia are running at an exposed England defence, the ball moved along to Zenjov on the left. He takes on Cahill, cuts inside and sees a low drive deflected just past the near post. Wakey wakey! “So, a Liverpool player said he felt tired, and Roy listened and adjusted his plans accordingly?” says Matt Dony. Brilliant. Few weeks too late. (For both Liverpool and my until-recently-strikerless fantasy team.)

Estonia’s turn. A man with a haircut leads it a steady melody. He closes his eyes a lot to show that this means everything to him.


And here come the teams! It’s a long walk from the tunnel to where they’ll stand for the anthems, though, so we get a long blast of that music the BBC used for their Euro 96 intros. What a lovely tune.

Then it’s time for the anthems. England’s is, to be brutally honest, a poor effort, the fans a good step or two ahead of the fans, which had a jarring effect. No one realised. No one did anything. They can’t afford such poor communication on the pitch, that’s for sure!

Mr Roy has said that Raheem Sterling was feeling a bit tired during training yesterday, which is why he’s been rested. He’s only young.

Here are five things we learnt from England’s win over San Marino:

And here are those teams

England have made three changes. Leighton Baines, Fabian Delph and Adam Lallana are so in right now, Kieran Gibbs, James Milner and Raheem Sterling are so out right now.

Estonia: Pareiko, Jaager, Morozov, Klavan, Pikk, Mets, Antonov, Vunk, Vassiljev, Zenjov, Anier. Subs: Aksalu, Lindpere, Barengrub, Kruglov, Dmitrijev, Saag, Hunt, Ojamaa, Kams, Artjunin, Teniste, Londak.

England: Hart, Chambers, Cahill, Jagielka, Baines, Wilshere; Henderson, Delph; Lallana; Welbeck, Rooney. Subs: Foster, Clyne, Gibbs, Shelvey, Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Townsend, Sterling, Lambert, Forster.

Referee: Marijo Strahonja (Croatia)


The early team news is that Raheem Sterling has been replaced by Adam Lallana in the England side. No word on any big changes in the Estonia line-up. I’ll have the full teams shortly.


Afternoon. England haven’t played Estonia since 13 October 2007. They won 3-0 thanks to strikes from Shaun Wright-Phillips, Wayne Rooney and a Taavi Rahn own-goal. Paul Robinson was in goal, Micah Richards was at right-back, Joe Cole was in midfield, Michael Owen was up front and David Bentley was on the bench - ah, how times change. It was an important win for the lads, one that put them in a decent position in their qualifying group for Euro 2008. But four days later, they went to Russia, Joleon Lescott played at left-back, Paul Robinson did his Paul Robinson thing and Roman Pavlyuchenko did his Roman Pavlyuchenko thing. End result: no England at Euro 2008, summers ruined, national inquests held, root and branch reform, England emerging from the doldrums, to, er ... well ... er ... hmmm.

Anyway here we are, seven years later, and England are on a roll having humbled Norway, Switzerland and San Marino. That’s a mighty three-game winning streak and few will be expecting them not to make it four against Estonia, who are ranked 81st in the world. England do tend to win these matches with relative ease and they haven’t lost a qualifier since the Croatia game in 2007. This group is in danger of turning into a procession for Hodgson’s men. But wait! Although Estonia lost 1-0 in Lithuania on Thursday, they did win their opening qualifier, beating Slovenia 1-0 last month. Maybe this is going to be tougher than everyone assumes. After all, we have had some funny results in the past few days, Slovakia beating Spain, Poland beating Germany, Brazil winning a match.

There. We have some dramatic tension.

Kick-off: 5pm.