England v Poland postponed: Fans react to farcical scenes in Warsaw

Supporters are angry about their treatment and many will have to fly home before Wednesday's rescheduled game

Brian Wright, Coventry

"The fact we're here and we're getting told information by friends at home that the game is off is a disgrace. We couldn't hear anything. There was only one announcement in English all night. Why didn't they shut the roof? We knew it would rain. We haven't seen an England player apart from the goalkeepers who came to warm up. I haven't missed an England game since we were banned from travelling to Turkey in 2003. They can't even come out and say thanks for coming and supporting us. That is really disappointing."

Warren Sadler, Southend

"We're on a chartered flight with a group of 12, and it's probably cost £400 or so in total, plus the time off work that we've all taken. We were up at 3am to fly out, and we fly back at 3am on Wednesday, so them rearranging for the afternoon is no good to us. We won't be here."

Richard Clark, Nottingham

"This is the first time I can remember this happening. A game in a major Fifa competition in a stadium built for a tournament this year being called off because of the weather – it's crazy."

Julian Morris, Nottingham

"We've probably each paid £500, what with tickets, flights, hotels and a bite to eat. We'll not see the replay [on Wednesday], and we don't think we can get any of that money back."

Calvin Goffin, Yarmouth

"I just can't believe it. They must have known the weather forecast because we did. I honestly can't believe it. You wouldn't play a Sunday League match on that pitch."

Brian Baldwin Hackney

"I've got to go back, so there's no chance of me staying for the game. It's absolutely stupid. It's the fans who are made to suffer again."

Nobby Clarke, Great Yarmouth

"It's just rubbish. What's the roof for if they don't use it. There's 20 of us come out. We go to all the games and this is just nonsense.

Gareth Pummery, Southend

"It's ridiculous. We flew direct from Gatwick. If you've got a roof – use it. Which bit don't they get?"

Gary Davenport, London

"It's not just us England fans is it? A lot of the Poles have come a long way too. Obviously not as far as us, but a whole load of them have come long distances."

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